After 30+ years of service to AFCC, Executive Director Peter Salem will be stepping down next June 2024. AFCC’s search is officially launching. The search is being lead by Viewcrest Advisors and they would like to connect with anyone you believe would be a potential candidate or network “source.” Kathleen Yazbak is reachable at: [email protected] AFCC’s announcement:The incoming ED will have the opportunity to: build on a talented team’s outstanding work; step into an organization in a strong financial position (with an annual operating budget of over $2 million and assets of $5 million); and drive programmatic impact and growth
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In this episode of the Law Firm Marketing Decoded podcast, we take a look at some ways to help your law firm optimize the benefits of People Also Ask so that you can develop your online presence and, as part of the process, convert more leads to clients.
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Kari Lake does not have the right to get Maricopa County early voters’ ballot affidavit envelopes with their signatures, a judge ruled today.After an unusual two day public records request trial in September, Superior Court Judge John Hannah waited until the end of his 60 days to issue his opinion. The 12-page Minute Entry (below) explains why he concluded that Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer was correct in denying Lake’s PRR for the envelopes.Hannah indicated that he had earlier denied the County’s Motion to Dismiss the Special Action lawsuit because the parties had not clearly defined whether the envelopes that
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Reckless driving is a dangerous driving behavior that lawmakers in Arizona wish to discourage by imposing harsh fines and penalties against perpetrators. If you are convicted of a reckless driving charge in Arizona, you could face consequences such as fines, points against your driving record and driver’s license suspension. You may also be at risk of insurance increases, a permanent criminal record and potential jail time, depending on the circumstances.
What Is Arizona’s Definition of Reckless Driving?
Under Arizona Revised Statutes Section 28-693, reckless driving means to operate a vehicle with a reckless disregard for the safety of other
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given to drivers who commit serious moving violations, such as drunk or reckless driving. Getting a criminal traffic ticket can negatively affect your driving record by assessing points to your driver’s license. It may also result in higher insurance rates.
Arizona’s Points Assessment System 
Arizona uses a point system to encourage safe driving practices. Under this system, a driver can receive a certain number of points assessed against his or her permanent driving record upon being convicted of a traffic violation. If eight or more points are accumulated within a 12-month period, the driver may suffer license suspension or be
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The power of lifting up others cannot be overstated. Mentoring and supporting colleagues or subordinates fosters an environment of growth and productivity. This practice not only benefits the individual being supported but also enriches the overall team dynamics and organizational culture. When individuals are lifted up and empowered, they gain confidence, skills, and insights that contribute to their professional development and chances for greater individual and organizational success. This often leads to increased innovation, higher job satisfaction, and a stronger sense of loyalty to the company.

Accountability plays a crucial role in lifting up others. Encouraging accountability within a team
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 (This is a breaking story. Please check back for further info.)UPDATE: The indictment has now been set in Maricopa County (CR2023-008495).WORTH NOTING: The activity allowing it to proceed in Maricopa – rather than Cochise – County is that their actions “affected the Secretary of State’s ability to complete the canvass/certification.”
This article was reported by AZ Law founder Paul Weich. “AZ Law” includes articles, commentaries and updates about opinions from the Arizona Supreme Court, U.S. Supreme Court, as well as trial and appellate courts, etc. AZ Law is founded by Phoenix attorney Paul Weich, and joins Arizona’s Politics
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In recent times, the United States has witnessed a significant uptick in car repossessions, with a 20.4% increase nationwide, as reported by Cox Automotive. This surge indicates a concerning trend, underscoring the necessity for consumers to make informed and prudent financial decisions, especially when it comes to auto loans. At McCarthy Law, we focus on […]
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Hiring your children in Arizona could provide notable tax advantages. Over the past few years, new changes made by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have made this an increasingly attractive prospect. In fact, hiring your children is one of the most straightforward ways to experience tax benefits in Arizona. Family businesses should consider these benefits […]
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If you are preparing for a criminal trial in Phoenix, AZ, understanding the process can help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty associated with it. Being well-informed about each stage of your trial allows you to assist in making adequately informed decisions regarding your defense strategy. This information can also help you ensure that your due process rights aren’t violated.
Here’s an overview of the basic steps involved:
Jury Selection 
The first crucial step – even before commencing the actual trial – is jury selection. This process involves “voir dire,” and the purpose is to assemble an
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Understanding the roles and responsibilities of Arizona criminal lawyers is important, given their essential function within our justice system. They’re responsible for ensuring justice and due process while representing defendants facing criminal charges. 
Here’s what they’re responsible for and what steps they’ll take to help you:
Client Consultation
One of the first duties of a criminal lawyer is to meet with potential clients. During this initial consultation, they evaluate your situation and explain how they can help. This meeting helps in determining if you are comfortable with them representing you.
The attorney wants to understand all aspects related to
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Brutalizing Times A swirl of emotions. I read a recent David Brooks piece in the Times a few weeks ago. Mr. Brooks published How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen soon before then. He focuses, in the column, the book, and in many columns, on living successfully in […]
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Maintaining a safe following distance between motor vehicles is crucial for preventing car accidents. Adequate distance can allow a driver to stop in time to avoid colliding with another car in changing roadway situations. Understanding what a “safe” distance between two cars is can help you reduce your risk of getting into an accident while driving.
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Trump Redux [Note: Looking for a file, I ran across this piece, first posted on July 23, 2016 and titled, then: Superman Trump: Got It All Covered. The essay seems quaint, given its lament for times when our leaders asked us come together for the greater good. Leaders? Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Obama, and Clinton. Hardly […]
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Understanding the laws surrounding consent in Arizona is of significant importance, whether you’re navigating personal interactions or you become involved in a related legal matter. 
The concept of “consent” plays a crucial part in various criminal cases, particularly those involving sexual offenses. Understanding these laws allows you to make informed decisions and protects you against accusations. Additionally, this understanding is critical if you find yourself facing criminal charges. 
Age of Consent in Arizona
The age of consent in Arizona is 18 years old. This means that individuals who are at least this age can legally give their consent to
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