On Thursday, we focused on the aftermath of October 7th in a few different ways.  One was recovery—how were the institutions and people of Israel moving forward in helpful ways.  Another was the law and law schools which I will cover in the next blog. And then, finally, how to equip students to come home…  First, recovery:
We were so happy to have the opportunity to visit Schneider Children’s Medical Center (not a relative but very proud of my name here!)  Schneider Children’s Medical Center was the hospital that welcomed almost all of the children hostages that were released in
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Jury selection – also called Voir Dire – has been in the news this week. With the first criminal trial of a former President getting underway, the process of finalizing the 12 individuals who will return a verdict has become an item of intense interest. Lawyers and court watchers were surprised t…
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Celebrating anniversaries and milestones in business is more than just a tradition; it’s a strategic practice that fosters a sense of accomplishment, unity, and motivation within the company. They serve as significant markers of progress, reminding owners and employees alike of their journey together and the goals they’ve achieved. Recognizing milestones acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the team and reinforces a positive company culture centered around achievement and growth. It’s an opportunity to reflect on past successes, learn from challenges, and set new targets for the future.

For a law firm, commemorating anniversaries and milestones holds particular importance.
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Having a criminal record with a DUI (driving under the influence) conviction can affect your career, your eligibility for housing and financial aid, and your reputation. Until recently, it was not possible to expunge a DUI conviction in Arizona. However, new laws now allow qualifying individuals to clear their records through expungement.
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After coming back to Tel Aviv, we had our last day of the trip—day 4 of what already felt like a 4 week trip.  No visit to Tel Aviv is complete today without a stop to the courtyard of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, now known as Hostages Square.  We visited the art installations and met with a cousin of one of the hostages from the Nova Festival still in Gaza.  The part that really stuck with me was how “lucky” his family was since they received video of his cousin’s video very early in the crisis and did
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As many of you know, Pace Law School, largely due to the extraordinary efforts of Pace Prof. Eric Bergsten, founded the Vis Moot competition more than 30 years ago. Prof. Bergsten passed away last summer at the age of 92. I am passing along the below call for tributes to Prof. Bergsten from Pace’s International Law Review.

The Pace International Law Review is looking to incorporate tributes dedicated to the memory of Prof. Dr. Eric E. Bergsten, a long-time fixture of the international program and founder of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot in its next blog publication. Whether
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Being convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in Arizona can lead to significant penalties, including mandatory jail time and the loss of your driving privileges. A diversion program is a type of alternative sentence that is available to first-time offenders in some states.
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After a very long day at sites of destruction, we were so blessed to have time with freed hostage Liat Atzili.  Liat was kidnapped by Hamas and returned after 54 days in one of the exchanges last fall.  Liat had already written quite beautifully about her experience for the New York Times in February in a piece called Choosing Rebirth over Revenge After my Release from Gaza .  I was looking forward to meeting someone who was so clearly cognizant of many conflict resolution principles having served as an educator at Yad Vashem for years.
She, and her entire
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Companies increasingly opt for independent contractors instead of employees due to the financial advantages they offer, but many businesses often fail to categorize their staff correctly; for instance, according to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), 10% to 20% of employers misclassify one or more employees either deliberately or by accident. Despite the difficulties in recognizing […]
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A closely held corporate client had previously established a sophisticated shareholders agreement that provided for the purchase and sale of the entity’s shares upon certain triggering events. The purchase price was funded with large insurance policies on the lives of the shareholders.  Unfortunately, instead of naming the third-party trustee as the owner, the insurance agent named the entity as the owner of the policies, which caused a myriad of tax and valuation issues for the entity and its owners.  DeAngelis Legal created a new limited liability company to hold the policies and provide liquidity to the surviving shareholder upon the
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Spring training was back in full swing this year, which meant agents were working hard and players were setting up their entities to hold endorsement deals and updating their estate plans before the season started.  DeAngelis Legal created several new entities for players to assist them with managing their endorsements and drafted new estate plans for a couple young players.  Proper estate, business and career planning will provide them and their loved ones with peace of mind and security while preventing unnecessary headache and expense later.  Go Diamondbacks!
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A few weeks ago, a dear friend and close relative of my wife woke up one morning to find herself becoming paralyzed below the waist.  Her husband took her to the hospital where doctors struggled to figure out what was going on.  Almost all of the diagnoses they entertained involved some component of autoimmunity.  In autoimmune diseases, the body’s immune system goes haywire and attacks healthy organs or systems.  The final working diagnosis was Neuromyelitis Optica,  an autoimmune disease with a spectrum of presentations.  Her immune system was attacking her spinal cord.

There are over 80 different autoimmune diseases.  Some
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Lovely to see so many colleagues this past weekend at the ABA!  And back to reporting from last month’s trip to Israel:
We had started day three by visiting Kibbutz Urim with Julia Chaitin, which miraculously escaped harm from Hamas.  We stopped in the middle of the day at Kibbutz Nirim, where we visited with Bar Heffetz, a kibbutz leader and avocado farmer, who took us around his kibbutz.  Kibbutz Nirim was mostly spared as Hamas could not get in the front gate and “only” was able to attack a few homes and kill four residents.  We were now heading
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Keeping up with Arizona LLC laws can be tough. Arizona recently implemented a new Limited Liability Company Act. The new law went into effect on September 1, 2019 as to LLC’s created before that date.
As of September 1, 2020 it will govern all LLCs formed in Arizona, regardless of formation date.
What you need to know about the law
A major change in the law has to do with distributions and voting rights. The new law states that distributions are made in equal shares.
Unless an operating agreement says differently, members will receive distributions in equal shares, regardless of
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