Transcript in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, argued December 1. Justice Thomas in particular gets in a dig that the liberal wing is so enthusiastic about a right not mentioned in the bill of rights, when it had no problem trying to curtail the express right contained in the 2A:

(Sotomayor, long speech, ending) Will this institution survive the stench that this creates in the public perception that the Constitution and its reading are just political acts?


JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: I — I — I don’t see how it is possible. It’s what Casey talked about
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An appeal of an administrative agency’s decision now leads to a fresh trial in Superior Court, where the agency’s decision is disregarded.


Under older versions of A.R.S. § 12-910, the decisions of administrative agencies received deference from the Court. That is to say, in any close question of fact or law, the Court was required to defer to the agency’s decision or interpretation.

The Court’s duty to defer to administrative agencies began to erode a few years ago. In 2018 the Legislature amended A.R.S. § 12-910 to remove
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Medical studies indicate that staying aware of the present moment can improve your focus and performance in stressful situations. It doesn’t take a deserted forest lake (although that sounds really nice), perfect lotus posture, or hours of a silenced mind to achieve mindfulness. It’s a skill useful for everyone, and particularly worthwhile for law students who maintain a busy schedule with overlapping work and academic deadlines as well as networking and social commitments.

Awareness of the present moment can not only dull stinging worries about the future. It can improve an attorney’s concentration, active listening, and understanding when meeting with
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Wrong site surgeries are in the news again.  Wrong site surgery occurs when a surgeon operates on a part of the body that was not intended to be the target of the surgery.  While most cases of wrong site surgery involve operating on the wrong side of the body – think left knee instead of right knee or right eye instead of left eye – there are other forms, such as where a spine surgeon operates on the wrong level of the spine.  Whether they are in the news or not, wrong site surgeries are a vexing and continuing problem
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Earlier this year Quinn volunteered to pack food boxes at St. Mary’s Food Bank and was impressed with their mission and operations.  Currently, 1 in 4 Children live in poverty, and food insecurity rates are nearing 30% in Arizona.  This holiday season DeAngelis Legal has teamed up with the St. Mary’s Food Bank to fight against hunger. We will be holding a food drive from now until December 16th, should you want to make a donation, you can drop off nonperishable foods and monetary donations to our office. With the support of generous donors, and the help of 700
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It’s even more BS. He didn’t pull the trigger. It was a Colt single action Army, I think, which means he cocked it and pointed it at someone, at a minimum. If he let the hammer loose before it was fully cocked, the safety notch or the half-cock notch should have prevented firing. Those have been known to fail, but that’s just another reason not to get stupid with a firearm.
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If you have a case before the Arizona Office of Administrative Hearings, an administrative subpoena can help you get the information you need to support your argument.


Mickell Summerhays


Jamie Hanson

In an administrative proceeding, there are two types of subpoenas: One compels a witness to attend the hearing, and the other – more common and often more useful – compels a party to produce documents.[1]

Obtaining a Subpoena.

Getting either type of subpoena is a two-step process.

First, you create the actual subpoena document, which includes the title of the case, what the subpoena is asking
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Many homeowners in Arizona don’t realize that the vast majority of fires and burn injuries each year occur right at home. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there were 354,400 residential fires in the U.S. in 2019, compared to only 110,900 nonresidential fires. It is wise to be cautious of burn injuries in your own home, especially if you are a parent with small children. Use these tips to prevent at-home burn injuries, as well as what to do if you or your child suffers a burn injury.
Teach Fire Safety
Knowledge is power when it comes to preventing
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A burn injury describes damage to the skin – and sometimes the deeper tissues and muscles – from contact with a dangerous item. Identifying your type of burn injury, as well as the severity of the burn, can help you know what to do after you get injured, such as whether you need to go to the hospital. Use this guide for basic information about burn injury types and severities.
Five Types of Burn Injuries
First, there are different types of burns according to the source or cause of the injury. Although burns from sources of fire or heat are
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An accident and injury can happen at any time, including while you’re staying at a hotel, motel or inn. If you get injured at a hotel, such as in a slip and fall accident or an assault in the parking lot, it is important to do certain things to protect your rights. Being prepared and knowing what to do in the event of an injury at a hotel can allow you to take the right steps to move forward.
Report the Incident
First, tell someone in a position of authority at the hotel about the accident. Do this without delay,
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If you trip and fall while walking in Glendale, Arizona, you could suffer a serious injury such as a sprain or broken bone. If the sidewalk or street has a defect, such as an uneven surface or crack, you may be able to hold the owner or controller of the premises accountable for your accident. Learn who might be responsible for your fall on a public or private piece of land in Arizona.
When Can You File a Premises Liability Lawsuit?
A premises liability lawsuit holds a property owner accountable for hazards or defects on a property that injure visitors.
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If you decide to frequent a public pool in Arizona, know that the entity that owns the property or is in charge of the pool has a responsibility to keep the swimming pool and surrounding area, including the pool deck, reasonably safe for guests and visitors. If you get injured in a public pool slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation, depending on the circumstances. Learn more about when you can and cannot hold someone liable for a public pool slip and fall in Arizona.
Poor Pool Maintenance and Liability
Not every slip and fall accident
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