Furry friends are loyal to human beings and our family members who do not allow us to stay alone and show off their affection. But, their aggressive behaviors may create big trouble for those unfamiliar with them. Dog bites can be a painful and terrifying situation. If you or your loved one has faced an … Continue reading “Why You Must Hire a Notable Phoenix Dog Bite Lawyer”
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In a twist this afternoon, a judge issued an Order compelling Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma and Senate President Warren Petersen to sit for depositions in the long-running battle about whether an Arizona law can ban transgender girls from playing school sports on girls teams.The Speaker and President told the Court that if they were to be deposed, that they would also seek to depose the minor girls who brought the lawsuit against State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne. The Judge agreed to allow the girls to be deposed, with strict limits on what could be asked.U.S. District
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 “BREAKING UPDATE: 9th Circuit Wastes No Time In REJECTING Kari Lake/Mark Finchem Call To “Recall Mandate” In Voting Machines Case”It only took one week for a panel of 9th Circuit judges REJECTED Kari Lake and Mark Finchem’s unusual “Motion to Recall Mandate” in their dismissed 2022 case challenging Arizona’s use of electronic machines in elections.In the Motion, Lake and Finchem brought their same batch of purported new evidence that Maricopa County had done things incorrectly and had misled previous courts. It was similar to the claims that the U.S. Supreme Court had quickly rejected earlier this year.Maricopa
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 BREAKING UPDATE: @GovernorHobbs Files Special Action Petition To Defend Work-Around Agency Director Appointments MORE, READ Petition: https://tinyurl.com/AZlaw1984*********************UPDATE: AZ Supreme Court’s Administrator SOFTENS Proposed Bar Complaint Rule Change, But Could Still Limit Public Information About Election-Related Complaints (NEWS ANALYSIS)https://tinyurl.com/AZlaw1991********************Arizona prisons settle censorship case brought by Prison Legal NewsChristina Avery, Arizona Republichttps://tinyurl.com/yeztb4mu*****************
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The Arizona Courts’ Administrative Director who is asking the Supreme Court Justices to make it more difficult for the public to learn about some elections-related State Bar complaints has softened some of his proposed language. Attorneys who filed some of the complaints are not impressed, saying the end result would be the same.The Arizona Republic reported last week that the Court’s Dave Byers filed the Petition in April, and that attorneys representing the newspaper had objected on the grounds that it would make information harder to come by.Byers yesterday filed a Reply acknowledging that objection – and others –
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Inspiration can hit you anytime. When it does, you know it instantly. Many times it is inconvenient. When this happens, you have to take steps to not lose it.

It happens to me at different times and all the time. It can be in the middle of the night, when I’m at my desk working, when I’m in a conversation, or at what is likely a very inconvenient time. When it does I use the Notes app on my phone. Pen and  paper work, but your phone is with you all the time. You want access to those thoughts and notes and
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In addition to the stressful experience of a car accident, victims often suffer severe injuries and substantial property damage. Understanding the actions to take after an accident can protect your right to compensation when someone else is at fault.
A car accident claim is an official request by the injury victim demanding compensation from an insurer for accident-related losses.
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Foto credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Attribution: Jenny Hautmann, CC BY-SA 4.0 With its rapid expansion and ambitious projects, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is making waves in the space industry. However, recent reports have shed light on a concerning trend: the company’s failure to pay its bills on time, particularly to builders and contractors working on its facilities […]
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Hiring is stressful enough – How am I going to find the right person?  Do I have enough consistent revenue to justify another employee? You also need to consider what questions you are asking during the hiring process.
What topics will you discuss during the interview process?
What may be simple small talk to you could turn into a legal nightmare.
Six questions to avoid in your interview and hiring process
Avoid these 6 questions in your interviews:
What class were you at ______________?
It’s come up that you and the candidate went to the same college or high school.
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Individuals preparing their estate plans sometimes focus on the documents that will govern what happens to the possessions they leave behind and how loved ones will be cared for after they are gone. Many estate planners establish trusts to ensure their assets will be passed on to family members or used to benefit their favorite […]
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If you are enrolled in a health care plan or in a Medicare Advantage plan, it may require you to get prior authorization to see a specialist or to get anything more than a basic office visit.  The companies that run these plans and require these prior authorizations defend them on the grounds that they eliminate wasteful visits, tests, and treatments.  Patients and their advocates tell a different story, however.  They say the companies use prior authorization requirements to discourage or deny needed care and save themselves billions in the process.

Even in a perfect world, prior authorization requirements would
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In two separate matters, a new client’s spouse unexpectedly died, leaving behind a will and trust that was outdated and adversely impacted the surviving spouse upon the death of the first spouse. In both instances, the decedent failed to review or update their estate plan with legal counsel. DeAngelis Legal discussed potential solutions with the surviving spouse and implemented strategies to address the issues.
In the first matter, DeAngelis Legal prepared a Non-judicial Settlement Agreement to rectify certain provisions of the trust. In the second matter, DeAngelis Legal proposed and issued a notice regarding the interpretation of an ambiguous amendment
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Despite elevated interest rates, real estate acquisitions in Arizona continue to dominate our transaction practice.  DeAngelis Legal created several new limited liability companies (LLCs) for new and current clients, to acquire and hold real estate.  In addition to forming holding companies, DeAngelis Legal advised the clients with respect to the preparation of leases to third parties and complied with the new Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) requirements. LLCs continue to be the entity of choice for real estate transactions because they provide a balance of flexibility, liability protection and tax benefits.
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Domestic violence is a serious offense that can carry considerable legal consequences for defendants. In Arizona, these crimes can be classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. The classification depends on a range of factors connected to the specifics of the case and the person being charged.
Understanding when domestic violence is charged as a misdemeanor versus a felony and being aware of the potential penalties and legal defenses is critical so you can take the appropriate steps forward.
Understanding Domestic Violence in Arizona
Domestic violence in Arizona encompasses a broad spectrum of criminal conduct when committed against specific
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