When it comes to debt, there are both good and bad debts. Good debts can help individuals acquire assets that appreciate, such as mortgage payments on a house. Alternatively, bad debts do not accrue value and rather come with high-interest rates, such as purchases on a credit card. Credit card debt is one of the […]
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Antitrust law is the body of federal and state rules designed to prevent unfairness and promote competition in the business sphere.

The Ross Blakley Law Library’s Antitrust guide is designed to help students, researchers, and practitioners make sense of and make use of these rules.

The Primary Sources tab gathers resources that contain all the federal statutes, cases, and regulations researchers will need, including the Sherman Antitrust Act and the Federal Trade Center’s rules. The Arizona Antitrust Law tab gathers state law resources and multistate resources that help identify the distinctions of Arizona law.

The Secondary Sources tab provides important
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This sounds so easy, but can be much harder in practice. You know you have said things, likely out loud, when driving and some car cut you off. Maybe you would say it to the person when you end up next to each other at a traffic light or not. People who do are risking their life because they let their emotions get the best of them. Other situations may not have the physical risks of road rage, but they instead have personal and professional risks.

This easily can happen in the workplace, whether with co-workers or, if you deal
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“The central question we face today is: Who decides?”  So began the majority opinion in the Supreme Court’s recent decision to block implementation of OSHA’s covid regulation.
Although the dissent vigorously disagrees with the majority’s decision, it agrees about what is the central issue in the case:  “Underlying everything else in this dispute is a single, simple question:  Who decides how much protection, and of what kind, American workers need from COVID–19?”
The “who decides” issue frequently arises in our dispute resolution field.  There is a body of legal doctrine about whether courts or arbitrators should decide various arbitration
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Storytelling can help show the human side — and real personality — behind your firm. And it breaks down that barrier quickly. In this blog post, we’ll point out three ways to incorporate storytelling into your law firm’s website to drive more visitors to your website and more business to your firm.
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This is a sequel to my post last week, My Covid Perceived Injurious Experiences (PIE).  It describes more PIEs and critiques the Supreme Court’s ghastly decision blocking implementation of the OSHA regulation protecting employees of large employers.
I wanted to publish my post last week to express perspectives that a lot of people share and to help validate their justified anger and frustration.  Clearly, many people feel the same way as I described.
I want to thank everyone who sent notes wishing me well after my mild bout of covid.  My wife, adult kids, and I don’t have covid symptoms
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A DocuBank membership provides 24/7 access to your health care directives.  You will receive a wallet card instructing medical providers how to instantly acquire copies of these documents, plus any other health-related information you choose to make available.  DocuBank also offers an online SAFE to store copies of your estate planning documents in one secure place. NEW for 2022:Most estate plans prepared by Bouman Law Firm include a 1-year complimentary membership to DocuBank (others qualify for a discounted rate). Click here for more information.
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By Burg Simpson Trial Lawyer Christopher Post: Burg Simpson Seeking Justice for Three Victims of Sexual Abuse by the Catholic Church in Arizona The Arizona office of Burg Simpson is representing three victims of sexual abuse against the Roman Catholic Church. Burg Simpson attorneys Paul Friedman, Ty Taber, and Chris Post of Burg Simpson’s Arizona […]
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The armorer is suing (legal merits of that debatable) with some startling allegations. (1) The ammo supplier supplied the set with a mix of live and dummy rounds, and (2) the scene proceeded without her even being on the set (“had Hannah been called back in”). Also in badly-worded article, it seems to say that the ammo supplier Kenney said that “all rounds are rattle tested before being sent to film sets.” Rattle tested? I’ve heard of dummy rounds with a BB inside that would rattle when shaken, but personally, when I make a dummy, I drill holes in the
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Law firm websites can be powerful marketing tools – but their value can go beyond marketing when they’re used strategically. Here are three ways that your website can benefit your firm aside from marketing your services.
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