Premises liability accidents in Arizona can result in serious injuries and deaths. These accidents can take place on any property, from a commercial business to a friend’s house. If you were injured because of a dangerous hazard or defect on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a premises liability claim. Understanding this area of law in Arizona can also help you protect yourself from potential Scottsdale personal injury lawsuits.
Common Types of Premises Liability Claims
The foundation of a premises liability claim is that a property owner can be held financially responsible for a
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The Gateway Pundit’s Jordan Conradson does not have a right to a Maricopa County press pass, a U.S. District Court Judge ruled this afternoon. The provocative, conservative website filed the action two weeks ago and asked for an injunction allowing him to attend post-election news conferences in secured, limited access areas.Jordan Conradson (Republic/Meg Potter)In a 17-page opinion, Judge John Tuchi evaluated the several arguments made by plaintiffs at last week’s evidentiary hearing, and decided that the County had adopted a press pass system and criteria appropriately broad and based upon that used by Congress and other public bodies.TGP/Conradson had
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Most people have heard of Miranda Rights, but few know exactly what they are or why they exist. In short, Miranda Rights are a set of warnings that must be given to criminal suspects prior to interrogations by law enforcement.
The goal of Miranda Rights is to protect people from self-incrimination by ensuring that they understand their rights and can make informed decisions about whether to waive them. Unfortunately, Miranda rights are often misunderstood, so it’s important to clear up a few things.
What Are Miranda Rights?
In the 1966 U.S. Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona, the Court
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UPDATE, 5:15pm: As of this evening, it is unclear which Judge has been assigned to this case and whether the Monday hearing will be rescheduled. The docket initially showed that Judge Connie Contes was assigned. Contes has retired and is not taking new cases. The docket this morning showed that it had been reassigned to Judge Frank Moskowitz. However, tonight, Arizona’s Law received two Minute Entries from the Court, entered earlier today. The first moves it from Contes to Judge Danielle Viola.The second shifts it back for assignment, stating that Judge Viola “has determined a conflict of interest exists. Therefore,
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If you are working as a contractor on someone else’s property and you get injured, you may have grounds to file a Scottsdale personal injury claim. Arizona’s premises liability laws hold property owners responsible for injuries suffered by contractors, in many circumstances. You may also be entitled to workers’ compensation insurance coverage, depending on the situation.
When Is a Property Owner Liable for Injuries to a Contractor?
While working at someone’s house or business, contractors have the right to expect reasonable safety. This means the owner of the property must keep the premises free from hazards and defects. Licensed
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An unexpected severe or minor accident can throw you off course in a traumatic condition. If someone else caused the accident, you get entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and mental and physical pain & suffering. Being a victim you’re entitled to compensation, but the journey to seek it isn’t that easy without the guidance of the best personal injury lawyer Phoenix Arizona for submitting a claim highlighting the strong facts and evidence of your injury case.
It is not mandatory by law to retain a lawyer to handle or submit the injury claim. You can definitely file
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Many people believe they can spot a child predator or sex offender. One researcher believes he has developed a simple, non-invasive test that can tell whether a person is a potential sex offender.
Even though the validity of the test is still up for debate, some courts have ordered individuals to take the assessment to determine if they could be potential sex offenders and whether released adult sex offenders will commit more sex crimes.
What Is the Abel Assessment?
The Abel Assessment was created by Dr. Gene G. Abel. Dr. Abel is a researcher who has studied child molestation
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I’m not a professional or even amateur headline writer, but if I were, mine would read as:
“Petty Estate ‘Won’t Back Down’: Demands Kari Lake’s Campaign Immediately Cease & Desist in Wake of Arizona Governorship Loss”
Just a few years ago, the Petty Estate was embroiled in litigation over who would be appointed to lead the administration of the Estate, i.e., the personal representative. Among many other things, and dependent on the circumstances, a personal representative is someone with the authority – and perhaps an obligation – to issue cease and desist letters on behalf of an estate. You can
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It turns out that, not long before, the killer had threatened his mother with a bomb, causing the evacuation of a neighborhood. Yet he somehow was not arrested. As The Truth About Guns asks, what does it take to get arrested in Colorado Springs? Or, for that matter, to get a psychiatric commitment, which, like a felony conviction, would have barred him from legal firearms ownership?
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Next time you are visiting someone at the hospital and have a few minutes to spare, take a drive through the doctor’s parking lot.  If you live in a major metropolitan area, you will see luxury car after luxury car.  In areas more remote from the big cities, there will be nice cars, but probably not as many really expensive ones.  What does this have to do with our broken health care delivery system?  Well, pretty much everything.

In order to afford those fancy cars, doctors must make a lot of money and many of them do, particularly the specialists. 
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As a property owner in Arizona, you have certain responsibilities when it comes to the health and safety of those who visit your property. You could be held liable for an injury suffered by a visitor. For the most part, however, a trespasser – someone who does not have your permission or the right to enter your premises – cannot file a claim after suffering an injury on your property.
Three Classifications of Visitors
All property owners in Arizona have an obligation to maintain reasonably safe premises. This means a premises that is free from obvious or hidden injury risks,
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Attorneys for the Republican Governors Association and the Arizona GOP may have committed multiple ethics violations this week when they recorded an attorney-to-attorney conversation with a Maricopa County attorney about ballot counting, made a perceived threat and then followed through on it by releasing video of the conversation.Ben Mehr speaking with Tom Liddy, from videoThe Maricopa County Attorney’s Office had “no additional comment” when asked by Arizona’s Law on Saturday whether it (or any of its attorneys) would be filing complaints with the State Bar of Arizona against Tim LaSota or other disciplinary agencies against RGA staff attorney Benjamin Mehr.Liddy
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If you are convicted of a sex offense, you do not have to directly notify your neighbors and employers. However, you must register annually with Arizona’s sex offender public registry. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, the state may notify the community, local schools, and your employer.
The Arizona Sex Offender Registry
You have to register with the Arizona sex offender registry if you:

  • Plead guilty to a listed sex crime (see below);
  • Are convicted of a listed sex crime;
  • Are found “guilty except insane”; or
  • Are found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Even attempted sex crimes
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