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Dog bite cases and Dog bite laws vary by state, and your lawyer will have a thorough understanding of your jurisdiction’s specific statutes. Many areas have strict liability laws that hold dog owners accountable for dog bites, regardless of the animal’s history or the owner’s knowledge of its aggressiveness. Other regions require proof of owner negligence. A personal injury lawyer will determine the applicable legal standards and establish liability in your case.

Assessing the Damages Accurately

A qualified lawyer will help you understand the full extent of compensable damages in a dog bite case. These
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Getting involved in car accidents is very rare, however, we can’t even ignore the stats which states its presence in drastic number. At first, the person involved in the accident may feel fine, but when start looking at the damage that he or his vehicle may have sustained, the accident seems like the biggest nightmare- … Continue reading “Essential Tips for Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer to Maximize Your Settlement”
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Professionals in a variety of fields may have a fiduciary duty to their clients, assuming a responsibility to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. When one of these professionals betrays that trust, they commit a breach of fiduciary duty. Breach of fiduciary duty is a serious allegation. If you are convinced that a […]
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From Ava Abramowitz:
The DC Circuit of the US Court of Appeals is looking for a new director of workplace relations. The director provides confidential and impartial assistance to judges and court employees, including Federal Public Defender’s Office employees, on workplace conduct matters. The director works closely with the Employment Dispute Resolution Coordinators (EDRCs) to provide annual EDR Plan training and regular outreach to the court community on workplace conduct issues.
The first cut-off date for review of applications is August 9, 2024.
Click here for more information.
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Understanding the Risk of Dog Bite Injuries
While many people love petting dogs and stopping to take pictures, not all furry companions are as friendly, sweet, and lovable as they look. Each year, approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs in the U.S.,
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You’re about to start your journey to college. There’s a lot of excitement in the air, but there’s one nagging question: just how much student loan debt is too much? It’s a common dilemma. You’re dreaming big, but you’re also thinking about the future. The best way to tackle this is to know what you’re getting into. There are several ways you can prepare yourself to determine the right loan balance for your situation and what might be pushing it. The Important Role of Your Field of Study The field you choose plays a big role in deciding how much
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I recently posted about a former Surgeon General of the United States who was complaining about a large emergency department bill.  Even though he admitted that all of the tests and treatment he received was necessary, he saw fit to complain that too often unnecessary tests and treatments are ordered because doctors are afraid of losing their licenses or being sued for malpractice.  I observed that doctors like to complain about having to engage in defensive medicine even though it is unethical to order tests or treatments the patient does not need just for the sake of the doctor.

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Blood alcohol content (BAC) is a measurement of the amount of alcohol in someone’s bloodstream. It is commonly used as an indicator of drunk or impaired driving. In the United States, the federal legal limit for BAC while driving is 0.08%. 
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A Guide by R&R Criminal Defense
In Arizona, having a criminal record can significantly impact various aspects of your life, from
employment opportunities to housing applications. Fortunately, Arizona law now allows
individuals to petition to seal their criminal records under certain conditions. At R&R Law
Group, we are dedicated to helping our clients navigate this legal process. In this blog post, we
will explain what a petition to seal is, who is eligible, and how the process works in Arizona.

What is a Petition to Seal?
Petitioning to seal a criminal record is a legal request to the court
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Did you know that Arizona’s open container laws make it possible to face an alcohol-related criminal charge as a driver, even if you are completely sober?

If you do not understand how open container laws work, you could find yourself facing prosecution for an alcohol offense even if you haven’t taken a single sip of alcohol.

At the Rosenstein Law Group firm, our Arizona criminal defense attorneys know all the ways that you can get into trouble by having alcohol in your car. If you have been charged with an Arizona open container law violation, call us at 480-248-7666 to
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If you are involved in an accident in Arizona, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is whether Arizona law requires you to report the accident to the police. It might seem like the last of a long list of things to do, but the question remains – do you really have to call?

The truth is that drivers involved in accidents are legally required to stop, assist, and provide insurance information unless there are injuries or death.

Reporting can create a paper trail that could help with the legal or financial consequences of the event.

If you
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The power of social media is undeniable. It connects us and informs us; however, it can also harm us. If you’ve ever been the target of false statements or malicious online attacks, you know how devastating it can be. That’s when a defamation lawyer is invaluable.
Below, we explore how to protect your reputation and take legal action when necessary. Whether dealing with slanderous tweets or damaging Facebook posts, this guide will empower you to handle defamation confidently.
Understanding Defamation
Defamation refers to making false statements about someone that damage their reputation. It can take various forms, from slanderous remarks
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The e-commerce industry is witnessing remarkable growth and transformation in 2024. This rapid evolution, marked by changes in consumer behavior, a shifting and expanding regulatory framework and technological advancements, presents fresh obstacles for online businesses.
Many existing issues have also intensified. If companies are to thrive and succeed online, they must address these diverse challenges with advanced, forward-looking legal strategies.
Navigating the complex legal landscape of modern e-commerce presents challenges. For this, businesses need an experienced e-commerce lawyer. These professionals provide tailored legal guidance, ensuring compliance and fostering sustainable growth amid evolving challenges.
E-commerce Challenges
Considering the e-commerce industry’s
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Arizona criminal law statutes group crimes into three broad categories of severity: petty offenses, misdemeanor offenses, and felony crimes.

Here, we take an in-depth look at what a Class 1 Arizona misdemeanor is, what it can mean to you to be convicted of one, and how having the right criminal defense attorney on your side can help you if you are charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor.

Have you been charged with a felony or misdemeanor criminal offense in Arizona? If so, contact us at the AZ Defenders as soon as possible. We are experienced criminal defense attorneys who have
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