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It isn’t a 2A case, but one of statutory construction. The majority holds that a bump stock equipped rifle neither fires more than one shot per trigger function, nor does so “automatically,” both of which are required for a firearm to be a machine-gun under the NFA. Alito concurs to stress that Congress can fix the statute if it likes.
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I will give you a premium experienceMy process will help you accomplish a very important task in a relatively brief amount of time.  I do this by asking the right questions, explaining your options in a concise manner, and then using technology to build your estate plan with the latest tools and techniques of estate planning.Estate and trust law is a very formidable beast to tame, but rest assured, I aspire to mastery of the subject matter, and you will work directly with me.    
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This article originally appeared in the Arizona Mirror on March 6, 2024, by Jimmy Cool. Arizona legislators introduced more than a dozen bills focused on amending marijuana laws this year, but just five are left standing as lawmakers have passed the midpoint of their annual session. Remaining bills run the gamut from […]
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Here are excerpts from an article in the ABA Journal:
Oregon’s new Supervised Practice Portfolio Examination that allows ABA-accredited law school graduates to join the state’s bar by working closely with a supervising attorney instead of taking the bar exam is gaining traction with candidates and potential employers.

The additional pathway allows applicants to complete a 675-hour paid apprenticeship under a qualified, supervising Oregon-licensed lawyer. Requirements include leading “at least two initial client interviews or client counseling sessions” and “at least two negotiations,” along with “the production of at least eight pieces of written work product.”

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In your pursuit of recovery from a physical injury, you can obtain compensation for various damages, including pain and suffering. Even so, many injured victims don’t understand how pain and suffering damages work or how to calculate their potential compensation amount.
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A useful tool from its inception, the 529 concept has improved as the scope of its permitted use has grown.

A 529 or “qualified tuition” plan is federally authorized savings plan that you can use for a child’s or grandchild’s college tuition and other educational expenses. In most states, contributions to the plan are tax deductible (state), and the earnings in a 529 account are not subject to federal income tax.

Here are the features of

AZ529: Arizona’s Education Savings Plan


  • offers parents, grandparents, and students an opportunity to save for “qualified education” expenses – tuition, books, and room

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Fong v. City of Phoenix, No.1 CA-CV 23-0520 (App. Div. I, June 6 , 2024) (J.Kiley) https://www.azcourts.gov/Portals/0/OpinionFiles/Div1/2024/1%20CA-CV%2023-0520%20Fong%20v.%20City%20of%20Phx%20OP.pdf
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Silverman v. Ariz. Dept. of Economic Sec., No. CV-23-0181-PR (June 3, 2024) (J. Timmer) https://www.azcourts.gov/Portals/0/OpinionFiles/Supreme/2024/CV230181PR.pdf

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For the second time this week, the Court of Appeals has rejected 2022 Election Contest appeals from statewide Republican candidates. Today, they added more sanctions to the totals incurred by Mark Finchem.In a unanimous Opinion, the judges affirmed the $47,706.50 in sanctions levied by the trial court, and added a (yet-undetermined) portion of Secretary of State Adrian Fontes’s attorneys’ fees in the groundless appeal.Judge Samuel Thumma wrote the 11-page opinion for the three judge panel. explaining how the twists and turns of this long case resulted in today’s decision. Finchem’s prior counsel, Dan McCauley, withdrew part of the way
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This article was reported by AZ Law founder Paul Weich. “AZ Law” includes articles, commentaries and updates about opinions from the Arizona Supreme Court, U.S. Supreme Court, as well as trial and appellate courts, etc. AZ Law is founded by Phoenix attorney Paul Weich, and joins Arizona’s Politics on the internet. AZ Law airs on non-profit Sun Sounds of Arizona, a statewide reading service that provides audio access to printed material for people who cannot hold or read print material due to a disability. If you know someone who could benefit from this 24/7 service, please let them know
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Earlier this year, I blogged here about the SEC’s staying of a rule change (previously approved by the SEC) to FINRA’s arbitration rules barring non-attorney representatives (NARs) from representing parties in its forum. The Stay Order was an extremely unusual move by the SEC, and certainly raised many questions.

I just became aware [catching up this summer on long overdue reading] of a subsequent related (and also unusual) event: in April 2024, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce released a “Statement” relevant to the Stay Order, which could be construed as revealing at least, in part, reasons for the Stay.
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What should covered entity healthcare providers be considering and doing, especially where Change Healthcare has yet to take any affirmative breach notification actions? In this post, I take a deeper dive into key issues and share suggestions on steps covered entities may wish to take in order to manage ongoing uncertainties and risks that continue to simmer as a result of the Change Healthcare incident.
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The Arizona State Senate is planning to vote tomorrow on whether to push a referral to the ballot that would do away with judicial term limits. The Republicans hold a 16-14 edge in the chamber, and one of them is Sen. Bolick.On the November ballot for retention is Supreme Court Justice Bolick. The two are Shawnna and Clint, respectively. Husband and wife.The ballot referral measure contains an unusual retroactivity clause. If passed, it will undo the results of Justice Bolick’s retention vote. That retention vote is generally not an issue, but Bolick’s position in the majority in the Opinion that
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What are  you doing right now? Are you focusing on reading these words, or do you have an eye on your email, texts, social media, or maybe all of them?  Or are you on the phone?  We all think we can do this and do it well, but the truth is we can’t. Real multi-tasking is not achievable.

When I am on the phone during the day, I can hear the keyboard and mouse clicks on the other end of the line. I try to be optimistic and think they are taking notes or looking up something relevant to the
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