According to a Pew Research survey, 40% of new marriages in the United States are second (or subsequent) marriages for at least one of the spouses. Currently, more than 42 million people in the United States are remarried. This dynamic has placed more adults in need of solid techniques for estate planning for second marriages […]
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The news media have a well-known bad-news bias.  If something bad is happening or – better yet – threatening to happen, the headlines scream of impending disaster.
Good news, not so much coverage.
If something good happens, including averted potential disasters, ho-hum.  There is much less coverage and it’s much less prominent.
Such was the case of the threatened railroad strike last week.
For two years, six of the largest freight carriers and twelve unions representing 115,000 railroad workers had negotiated unsuccessfully.  In July, President Biden appointed an emergency board in July which recommended wage increases but did not address
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As you may know, Noam Ebner and I have been co-editing a book on Star Wars and conflict resolution, soon to be published by DRI Press! This past summer, we have had a couple of opportunities to present some of the ideas from this project at academic and professional conferences — and then this fall, we waded into the nerdy, fun waters of the Comic Con.
Over Labor Day weekend, we presented virtually at Dragon Con. Dragon Con is based in Atlanta and is one of the largest Cons in the world. Our panel, “Conflict Experts Fight About Star Wars
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Unsafe passing is one of the most common causes of car accidents in Arizona. Passing another driver requires due diligence. The passing driver must make sure it is safe to perform the maneuver and use the proper signaling to pass. The driver must also wait until he or she is in a place where passing is permitted by law based on the painted lines on the road.
What Do the White and Yellow Lines Mean?
A tool used for controlling traffic and preventing car accidents is painting lines on the road. These painted lines create separate lanes to organize traffic
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Properly drafted contractual provisions can be among your construction business’s best allies.

  • limit risks

  • increase the costs and decrease the rewards for those who bring groundless claims

  • defend your business from costly lawsuits.

Before you invest time in drafting a contract, remember that some jobs just aren’t worth the risk. Customers who want you to build the impossible – overnight, on a very tight budget – will be trouble. If you think the customer is destined to be unhappy, you are probably right. Walk away. The profit you might make on the project is tiny compared to what you could
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Studies show that consumers search for and rely on reviews for nearly everything, including medical care.  We are all looking for that 5 star product or service.  Couple this with a thriving black market in fake reviews and you have a real problem.  Many sellers believe that it is a matter of life and death for them to have positive reviews and are willing to pay someone to provide them.  Doctors are not immune to these temptations.

The problem of fake reviews of doctors, hospitals and other medical care providers is not new but it is getting worse.  There is
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When a bicycle and a motor vehicle collide, the cyclist will almost always suffer the worst of the injuries. According to crash facts from the Arizona Department of Transportation, 1,027 bicycle accidents were reported in 2021, resulting in 45 cyclist deaths and 1,005 injuries. Yet this does not mean the motor vehicle driver is always or automatically responsible for bicycle accidents. It is also possible for a bicyclist to be held liable in a Phoenix car accident lawsuit, depending on the circumstances.
Bicyclist Responsibilities in Arizona
It is legal for bicycles to ride in traffic lanes alongside motor
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Education plays a huge part in my life, as well as in my legal practice. In addition to practicing law, I teach several classes at two local colleges and, in doing so, have found that a shared foundation of education benefits everyone.  Through the years I’ve also found that, in addition to being a teacher, I have continued to be a student long after my formal education ended.  This is has been especially true in my work as a lawyer.  
As a business attorney, part of my job is to educate clients and prospective clients because I believe
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A favorite saying of mine is “If we all were the same, the world would be a boring place.” I believe this to be true. Some people are more comfortable with people just like themselves. I don’t understand that manner of thinking because I believe diversity breeds innovation and opportunity and makes the world more interesting. It also can mean so many different things.

This comes into focus when you are in a group setting. It can be a team meeting at work, a non-profit board, or any other group setting. Having
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 Although the judge dismissed it for multiple reasons, candidates Kari Lake and Mark Finchem are appealing and asking the Ninth Circuit to reinstate their case to require a hand count of this coming election’s ballots. Lake and Finchem filed a Notice of Appeal this afternoon. On August 26, U.S. District Court Judge John Tuchi dismissed the entire case, determining that “Plaintiffs lack standing because they have articulated only conjectural allegations of potential injuries that are in any event barred by the Eleventh Amendment, and seek relief that the Court cannot grant under the Purcell principle.”The Purcell principle – U.S.
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It’s extremely common for a person to sustain a neck and back injury in a car accident. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that car accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries — approximately 16,500 each year.
Neck and back injuries can range from mild stiffness to severe, aggravating pain and life-changing debilitations. While some people may only experience a few days of discomfort, others may have serious injuries that require long-term medical care.
If you have suffered a neck and back injury due to a vehicle accident, seek medical attention and then contact
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Car accidents are a constant personal injury and fatality risk in Arizona. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, 121,345 car accidents were reported in 2021. Not all of these were single-vehicle or even two-car accidents. Many of them involved three or more motor vehicles. When a car accident involves more than two drivers, fault and liability (financial responsibility) can be even more difficult to determine.
Is Arizona a No-Fault State?
No. Arizona is a fault state, not a no-fault state. This insurance rule means that the driver or party at fault for causing the vehicle collision is responsible
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Have you ever noticed small bells, envelopes, or concentric semicircular lines when performing legal research? Those symbols can help you make sure that you’re up to date, and our library guide, Keeping Current, makes it even easier to navigate the many ways databases and websites help you track developments.

The law is not a static creature, quietly collecting dust like an ancient tome on a shelf. It’s a hyperdynamic beast constantly reinventing itself as judges rule, lawmakers legislate, and scholars publish.

The Keeping Current guide provides instructions, including video tutorials, on how to make sure the law is not
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