Arizona, like many western states, is experiencing a drought. Arizona relies on water from the Colorado River and the Salt and Verde Rivers. Arizona also shares water from the Colorado River with six other states through the Colorado River Compact of 1922.
Unfortunately, the Colorado River supply is dwindling, and Arizona is going to lose 21% of its Colorado River allotment in 2023. This may be devastating for Arizona residents and localities. As a result, Arizona residents can expect more restrictions on water usage in the following years. This may include restrictions on watering ornamental grass and
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I am sharing the very sad news that Prof. David Lipsky of Cornell University, luminary in the world of labor and employment ADR and personal mentor to me earlier in my career, passed away last week at the age of 83. His obituary describes his many achievements both in our field and for Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.  I had the distinct pleasure of guest-lecturing in his class many years ago, and he provided me with valuable advice about teaching and writing in the ADR sphere. May he rest in peace.
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The Arizona Legislature has engaged outside counsel to weigh in on whether sanctions should be assessed in Abe Hamadeh’s Election Contest, and whether the judge should grant a new trial. State Senate President Warren Petersen and House Speaker Ben Toma are asking Mohave County Superior Court Judge Lee Jantzen to include their amici curiae (i.e. “friends of the court”) brief discussing the election contest statutes.Hamadeh, who came up just short in the Attorney General’s race against Kris Mayes, failed in his Election Contest. However, he is asking for a new trial in light of the recount resulted in him
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I received my ballot issue of TAR today, and these are my thoughts. Chime in with your own.

I personally am very impressed by Curtis Jenkins (just look at his bio for an idea of how committed he is to the cause), and Steven Schreiner (he’s committed as well, and holds the Silver Star and Bronze Star with “v”).

Others that do especially good service are Tom Arvas, Bill Carter, Charles Cotton, Walt Walter, Patrica Clark (in the competitions and shooting areas), and Amanda Suffecool sounds like she will be a useful addition.

As always, I’ll be voting for the
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The Ross-Blakley Law Library subscribes to two tax law databases that are specifically designed for tax attorneys to do their work.  A full overview of our tax law resources can be found in our Tax Law Libguide.

VitalLaw (Formerly CCH Cheetah) by Wolters Kluwer


VitalLaw is a tool used by law firms and in-house counsel focused on tax, accounting, and regulatory compliance.  The service (in recent history) started as Intelliconnect.  After years of providing this singular platform, Wolters Kluwer discovered that accountants (at the Big 3 like PWC and Deloitte) were using the service in a very different
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I use an LGBTQ-friendly doctor’s office. They even provide trans-specific medical care, including prescribing hormones for trans men and women. Their website says, “We strive to provide judgement-free, affirming care that allows our patients to live healthy, authentic lives.” If anyone understands how important it is to address patients appropriately, it’s my doctor’s office.

But even the most gender-affirming medical practice can fall short of providing quality care to all its patients because they can’t overcome the fact that health insurance forces non-binary people to lie about their gender to maintain coverage.

Photo by Terry Ross (Creative Commons)

Here’s What
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Violating parole can have serious consequences, such as being sent back to jail or prison. Hiring an experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable about parole violations can help protect your rights and ensure you receive the best possible outcome in your case. If you or someone you love has been accused of violating parole in Phoenix, Arizona, contact an attorney today for a free consultation.
What Is Parole?
Parole is a form of early release from prison that’s granted to an individual who has been convicted of a crime. The purpose of parole is to allow the offender
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UPDATE, 5:20pm: BREAKING: Arizona Supreme Court AGAIN Refuses To Accept @KariLake’s direct appeal to themThe Arizona Supreme Court Justices, without any noted dissent, AGAIN refused to order the transfer of Kari Lake’s Election Contest appeal from the Court of Appeals. In an Order issued in less than 24 hours after it the 2nd Petition was filed, Duty Justice John R. Lopez IV wrote that “the Court has no reason to doubt that the Court of Appeals appreciates Petitioner’s desire for an expedited resolution”.Lake’s attorneys tried to justify the request by noting that the Court of Appeals had vacated oral
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Setting goals and taking action are important because they help you focus on what you want to achieve and give you a sense of purpose. When you have a clear goal in mind, you are more likely to stay motivated and work towards it. Especially if you write it down and tell other people you trust. Once you do this you need to go all in and put your thoughts and ideas into action.

It’s important to have a clear sense of your goals. By writing them down or discussing them with others you can hone the a goal and
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Litigation Paralegal/Legal Assistant
About us
Berk Law Group, P.C. is an AV rated, highly reputable (all 5 star reviews on Google), progressive law firm conveniently located just off of the Loop 101 and Raintree Dr. in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are close-knit, hardworking, and supportive of each other’s efforts to serve the needs of our clients at the highest level. We are professional, intellectual, friendly, fun, highly respected. You can expect to come to work in a fast-paced, welcoming, and relaxed atmosphere.
We primarily handle matters falling under Title 14 and Title 46 of the Arizona
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The word of the month for January is “freudenfreude.” Freudenfreude, as explained in this New York Times article, is the opposite of schadenfreude.
Whereas schadenfreude is defined as “the pleasure we feel when witnessing someone’s misfortune” (presumably, someone we think deserves their misfortune), freudenfreude is rejoicing in someone else’s happiness.
Freudenfreude is associated with numerous benefits:
Erika Weisz, an empathy researcher and postdoctoral fellow in psychology at Harvard University, said the feeling closely resembles positive empathy — the ability to experience someone else’s positive emotions. A small 2021 study examined positive empathy’s role in daily life and found that
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The Ross-Blakley Law Library subscribes to many different resources that provide users with access to court dockets.  Westlaw has dockets available and Lexis provides CourtLink, but the most complete docket coverage is provided by Bloomberg Law.

Why Bloomberg?

Both Lexis and Westlaw academic account users are limited in the way that they can access docket information.  Law school users only have access to pleadings and filings that have been pulled into the system by other users. You may not request new documents.

That’s where Bloomberg Law (“BLaw”) comes in: as an ASU academic account user, you have
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How To Donate To Charity With Your Estate Plan There is no shortage of laudable charitable organizations and causes. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are more than 1.5 million registered nonprofit organizations, and that is just in the United States. Whether the cause you most support is protecting children, demanding fresh […]
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