Are you facing the uphill battle of debt lawsuits? As prices rise and consumers struggle to make ends meet, personal debt weighs down even the most budget-conscious consumers. And for those who are dealing with extensive unpaid debts, creditors may be knocking on the door for repayment. If you are being sued for an unpaid […]
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If you are a business owner, take some time to understand grants. Many of our clients ask: What are grants for small businesses? We are happy to answer this question, clarify their doubts, and educate them on the important opportunities companies can access. Let’s be clear. A grant is not free money since you need […]
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Readers might recall my post about the exchange between U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai and Rep. Greg Murphy during the annual trade policy agenda hearing a few weeks back where Rep. Murphy said he thought Ambassador Tai was “too nice” to be a good negotiator for the United States.   As a follow-up to the commentary on the exchange, Kathleen Claussen and Wendy Li have sought to compare it to prior interactions between members of Congress and U.S. Trade Representatives (USTRs) at these sorts of hearings.  It turns out that “niceness” and especially “toughness” are traits that members of Congress frequently
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Jen Robbennolt, Jessie Bregant, and Verity Winship have been commenting on the Fox/Dominion settlement, linking it to their recent work on how the public perceives and understands settlement.  They suggest that for all that is notable about the settlement, including the record-breaking dollar amount, its non-acknowledgement acknowledgement, and its implications for media and democracy, public reaction to the settlement is consistent with what they have found about what the public infers abut responsibility from settlement, what people think about “winning” and “losing” in settlement, the reasons that people perceive for settling, and pubic desire for acknowledgement and apology. See what
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This year the USNews rankings came out with little fanfare, or the fanfare was that they were on the cusp of being released and then weren’t for 6 weeks or more as they corrected their data.  And once they did come out, it seemed that no one noticed.  But others did not (tip of the cap Tax Prof Blog).  As you can see, there is noted movement at the top as the 15 year Ohio State / Pepperdine wrestling match for the top spot has ended with Harvard taking the crown.  And welcome to the top 5 Cardozo, the
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Every year, hundreds of victims of dog attacks get sent to emergency rooms for serious dog bite injuries. Each state has its own unique set of laws for dog bite injury claims to determine liability for these harmful incidents. Arizona has a strict liability dog bite law, meaning the owner of a dog that injures someone is typically responsible for paying for related damages.
Arizona’s Dog Bite Law
Arizona’s dog bite law is found in the Revised Statutes, Section 11-1025. This law states that the owner of a dog that bites another person is liable for damages suffered by
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Fight Back! Your Guide to Defending Against an American Express Lawsuit If you’ve received a lawsuit from American Express, you might be wondering what to do. If so, you’re not alone: American Express is one of the most aggressive credit card companies when it comes to collecting debt, and they’re known for suing their customers […]
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In the category of “funny/cute stories about Chat GPT,” two offerings:
First, you may enjoy this article by Maxwell Strachan, “I Asked Chat GPT to Control My Life, and It Immediately Fell Apart.” The article begins:
Within minutes of my decision to hand my life over to AI, ChatGPT suggested that, if able, I should go outside and play with my dog instead of work. I had asked the chatbot to make the choice for me, and it had said that I should prioritize “valuable experiences” that contribute to my “overall well-being.” This instruction was welcome, as it was beautiful
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I firmly believe that perspective matters significantly in the world of business. Perspective is the lens through which we view and interpret issues, in my case, legal issues. This can greatly influence the outcomes and strategies employed in business and professional practice. When dealing with complex matters, understanding and considering different perspectives is crucial.

Perspective allows us to grasp the diverse interests and concerns of all parties. This is important because in any legal dispute or transaction in which I am involved, there are usually multiple stakeholders with varying viewpoints. When I am dealing with complex legal matters, understanding and
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Many people plan to start a business, but they are not doing it alone. They may have a friend, investor, or co-worker with whom they would like to start this business. Conversations may revolve around being business partners, but what does that really mean? Is a partnership business as simple as it sounds? What are […]
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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Arizona, you may wonder whether you should hire a private criminal defense attorney or use a public defender. While a public defender is often cheaper, there are many other factors to consider besides cost alone.
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Over and over again, I have recommended that people considering surgery take a close look at the credentials of the surgeon, who is being considered for the operation.  This is especially true in the case of plastic surgery.  Any licensed doctor can hold himself or herself out as a plastic surgeon.  Patients need to make sure their “plastic surgeon” has received training in plastic surgery and is not just claiming to be one.  As I also point out, however, while making sure the doctor is properly trained and credentialed cannot guarantee that the patient won’t be the victim of medical
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The Minnesota legislature has passed a bill aimed at combatting the dissemination of “deep fake” videos and images. The bill was passed 131 to zero and is expected to be signed into law by Governor Walz within days. Anticipating what is expected to be an explosion in the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) to create […]

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