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A study by Northwestern University suggests that having at least five good reviews can increase conversions by up to 270 percent.

But what makes a good review?

In this post, we’ll discuss the specific elements of a review that are likely to influence a potential client into becoming a paying client.

Good reviews give specific details.

A helpful review is specific: It highlights how you helped your client and how you went above and beyond the client’s expectations. Potential clients want to know more than that you provided the expected service admirably. They want to know specifics about how you
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If you are reading this post, you’re old enough to understand our message. We have written often about the latest challenge facing our youth. Do you remember the cinnamon challenge, or the duct tape challenge? Both foolish and to some, dangerous.

The latest challenge circulating the internet involves activities at school. One that’s getting some attention on TikTok involves damaging school bathrooms. Removing the soap dispensers or sinks in the boys and girls restrooms is leading to discipline at school, and even formal charges against the student for criminal damage. Spray painting or using markers on the walls result in

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“Facebook is like a pocketknife:  You can use it to peel an apple or stab a janitor at school.”  So said tech analyst (and talk-show host) Jimmy Kimmel.

Noam Ebner (not a talk-show host) wrote, “Its positive characteristics and opportunities notwithstanding, the Internet has become something similar to a bad neighborhood after dark. … Even as the Internet has developed into a global library, a world of potential and a connecting media allowing meaningful interactions between everyone on the planet, it has become a hunting ground for predators looking for prey.”

I’m sure no tech expert like Mssrs Kimmel and

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Use and Popularity of Employee Non-compete and Non-Solicitation Terms Employee non-compete and non-solicitation terms as part of an employment contract are popular tools utilized by many types of employers when hiring new employees. It is easy to understand why. Employees today are considerably more mobile than in past generations. When a new job opportunity arises, […]

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There is a doctor whose work is very important to your health.  Her decisions may be the difference between life and death for you.  Her decisions may determine if you undergo surgery.  Her decisions may determine what drugs you receive.  You never see her because she works in a laboratory.  She is a pathologist.

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The pathologist has an important role in the practice and science of medicine.  When tissue is removed during a surgery or when a tissue sample is taken of a suspicious area, these samples are sent to the pathology lab where a pathologist examines them to determine

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ODR is likely to be an increasingly important part of legal and dispute resolution processes in the future, with potential benefits and risks.  It particularly has great potential to help self-represented litigants (SRLs, aka “pro se” parties).

So I was interested to read a draft paper by my colleague, Amy Schmitz, and John Zeleznikow, Intelligent Legal Tech to Empower Self-Represented Litigants, which will be published in the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review.

From my limited exposure to ODR, I have had a sense that current ODR systems often haven’t fulfilled parties’ needs, especially SRLs.  Amy and John’s paper

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Going to college brings expenses other than tuition. Books, housing, and other expenses can add up quickly. In order to stay out of debt and on top of their finances, students should create a budget. Getting together with whoever will be helping you finance your education—whether that’s your parents or partner—is a great way to […]

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Federal Torts Claim Act/Federal Employees Compensation Act/Medical Negligence
Hawkins v. United States, No. 19-35918 (9th Cir., September 28, 2021) (J. Watford)

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Social media platforms have provided an opportunity for the voiceless to be heard, for friends and family to stay connected, and for us to glean and share information. Unfortunately, these platforms have also created an environment where online defamation thrives. They afford users accessibility and anonymity, thereby making it easier for offenders to go unpunished.

Does this mean that victims of online defamation will never get justice? Are there glimmers of hope for victims in this grand era of social media? What defenses are available to those facing a defamation lawsuit? Below we explore what you can do if you

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