Social media platforms provide an opportunity for many to have a voice and share information. They help friends and families to stay connected, and supply businesses with new ways to reach out to clients. Yet, despite social media regulations, false or defamatory content often appears online. In fact, users who post defamatory, reckless, or inappropriate comments are often rewarded with more attention.
How often do you post a life update on social media without thinking about it? Or read a snarky tweet about a stranger? Although many people forget, social media is a public platform where comments can impact other
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Monday night I watched the college football National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia. You probably know (or in case you don’t) Georgia won after it looked like their quarterback fumbled away the game with around 11 minutes to go in the game by playing great defense and the quarterback stepping up and seemingly willing his team’s offense to play better. Why am I telling you this? Because after Georgia won, quarterback Stetson Bennett was interviewed and in response to how he lead his team back he said “Just keep fighting. Keep your mouth shut. Work hard. Life is tough,
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It’s that time of year again … starting fresh with New Year’s resolutions galore!

In addition to that, the coronavirus pandemic has many people deeply concerned about their health and wondering what will happen to them and/or their loved ones if they contract the virus. For so many, the eventuality of death seems more real and more imminent than ever. Because of this, sales of online wills and legal documents have absolutely exploded over the past few months. 

As a word to the wise, however, do not put your estate planning into the hands of others that may not help

Ryley Carlock & Applewhite Shareholder Michael Moberly’s article advocating the recognition of a nurse-patient evidentiary privilege was published in the January 2022 issue of Arizona Nurse. His full article can be accessed here.
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Law students send resumes far and wide with the hope of landing their dream placement. During On Campus Interviews, or OCI, you won’t have to venture far, or maybe you’re interviewing via Zoom or similar software. The Law Library can help you highlight the knowledge and skills that will help you stand out from the crowd.

The Library’s reference librarians are happy to meet with job seekers to help you research firms and other employers. We can help you identify cases that attorneys have argued to assemble talking points, find judges’ past decisions, and gather details such as the types of
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The “just world” phenomenon is the name given to the tendency of human beings to believe that the world is just and that people get what they deserve.  It is a form of cognitive bias.  We all have this tendency to a certain extent, with some believing it more strongly than others.  We want to believe the world is fair.  We want to believe that if we work hard and follow the rules, we will be rewarded, or at least not punished.  It doesn’t always work out that way, of course.  Bad things sometimes happen to good people.  Bad people
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Car accidents in Arizona happen for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the cause of a car accident is driver error, such as speeding or distracted driving. Sometimes, however, an investigation finds that mechanical failure caused an accident. If you get into a car accident involving mechanical failure, find out who may be at fault and responsible for paying for your bills.
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