This post summarizes the discussion in a program entitled “Ready, Set, Mediate!” at the recent Court ADR Symposium.  The program about helping parties prepare for mediation sessions was part of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution’s annual conference.  This post includes the audience’s experiences of problems due to inadequate preparation for mediation sessions and a list of materials they use or would like to use.  The last part of this post provides helpful resources to help people be as ready as possible when their mediation sessions begin.

The program featured presentations by Rebecca Price, Margaret Huang, and me.  I described
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From Noam Ebner:
Hi all,
It was so great to see so many of you at ABA-DR! [including, those I got to see but not actually speak with, there was a lot going on…]
I’m writing to share the call for simulations I announced at the conference’s Resource Share session with the wider listserv community.
I’ll be editing a collection of simulations for teaching negotiation and conflict resolution topics in academic and professional training settings.
The twist?  These simulations’ scenarios will all be set in pop culture “settings.”  The goal of drawing on these settings is to enhance participant motivation,
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If you are interested in this opportunity to join a great team, please apply according to the announcement below. If you have questions, reach out to Jennifer Shack, friend of Indisputably, at [email protected]

ResearcherResolution Systems Institute – Chicago – RemoteDo you want to conduct cutting-edge research with a purpose? Join Resolution Systems Institute and make a difference. RSI is nationally recognized as the premier U.S. research organization in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) field. Among our work are two multi-year projects that are firsts in the ADR field. Activities include focus groups, interviews, surveys, mediation observation, coding and more.

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I’m excited to announce a Virtual Book Launch to introduce the new book: Family Dispute Resolution: Process and Practice, an Oxford University Press book.Please join us for the book launch on Friday, May 10th at noon CST.From the UA Little Rock Bowen of Law announcement: Professor Browe Olson and her co-editor, Peter Salem, will join Judge Amy Dunn Johnson virtually on Zoom for a discussion about the book’s coverage of the significant integration of more collaborative, settlement-oriented approaches, especially mediation, into family justice systems. The book is a written by some of the field’s leading practitioners, researchers, teachers, and policymakers
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I have been thinking a lot about appreciation lately.  My friend, Susan Yates, and I received awards at the ABA conference, reflecting appreciation of us.  As award recipients often do, we talked about people who we appreciated for helping us in our careers.
After Elayne Greenberg’s death, I reflected on how I appreciated her and her scholarship.
It Can Be Hard
It can be hard to feel positive and appreciative these days.  The political situation in the US and much of the world is depressing.  There are many serious social problems that are ignored and getting worse.  News
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I was very touched by all the congratulations and the ceremony at the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution conference where I received the award for outstanding scholarly work.
My good friend, Susan Yates, received the D’Alemberte Raven Award at the conference, and she gave these very thoughtful remarks.  She described a series of “small” acts that others did for her that made significant contributions to her career.  These included responding to her emails and phone calls, engaging her at events, being a guest speaker in her classes, inviting her to lunch, accepting her job offer, and nominating her for
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The ABA Dispute Resolution Section recently awarded the D’Alemberte Raven Award to Susan Yates. Susan is incredibly deserving of this award.

As Andrea Schneider previously posted, Susan Yates to receive D’Alemberte/Raven Award, Susan is a wonderful choice and an amazing resource in the dispute resolution world. She helped found Resolution Systems Inc. (RSI) and has worked diligently as their Executive Director for many years to promote dispute resolution research, programming and system design.

The award is given in recognition of: “development of new and innovative programs, demonstrated improvements in service and demonstrated improvements in efficiency, research and published writings and development
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With permission from St. John’s Law School, I am sharing information regarding some remembrances the school has planned for Elayne:

Join Us to Celebrate the Life of Professor Elayne GreenbergThe Law School community will be gathering with Professor Elayne Greenberg’s son, Carey Alexander ‘12, and her partner, Dr. Robert Kass, for a remembrance celebration. The event details are below, and we hope to see you there.DateThursday, May 23, 2024Time6 p.m.LocationSt. John’s Law8000 Utopia ParkwayQueens, NY 11439Contribute to the Digital Memory BoardWe’re making a digital memory board to display at the event. If you want to contribute a remembrance of Professor
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As I close these blog posts, I wanted to both give a table of contents to all of the posts for those that might have missed these and add my own thoughts at the end.  I will say again that I was so very proud of the students that came on the trip and the reflections that they wrote–it really was an honor to be able to do this with them.
Our first day posts on Jerusalem included reflections on:

Day two included more legal reflections on:

Day three was the visit to the south and had posts on:

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John Lande received the Outstanding Scholarly Work at the Legal Educators Colloquium Luncheon at the ABA DR conference in San Diego. John, as readers of Indisputably know well, is very deserving of this award. He has written numerous books, articles and blog posts, as a beloved professor at Missouri and in retirement.

Brian Pappas gave a heartfelt introduction and reminded attendees about John’s oversized impact on ADR legal education through his scholarship and thoughtful analysis of numerous subject matter areas.

John gave a great speech thanking the section and encouraging attendees to read his scholarship, book, article or post. He
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Because scholars have academic freedom, we can write about anything we want, without direction by deans or clients.  So our choice of topics and perspectives is a good indicator of what we really care about.
Over the years, I was struck by the eclectic mix of subjects that Elayne Greenberg wrote about.   A common thread in many of her writings was a pragmatic concern for righting injustices and improving processes in dispute resolution.
I copied her webpage to preserve it, assuming that her school will take it down eventually.  It describes her research as follows:
Professor Greenberg’s scholarship focuses on
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Happy Passover to all!  Here is the last student blog of the trip (other than I’ll post my own wrap up later this week)
Our last part of the trip were two speakers that I wanted to save for the end in order to really focus on the skills and thinking that our law students were going to need as they themselves reflected and then spoke about their experiences.  First, we focused on listening skills with a workshop from Professor Guy Itchakov.  Guy’s work on the deep listening skills that are needed to change minds has been groundbreaking.  (For more,
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I share the feelings of sadness and loss because of Elayne Greenberg’s death that people described on the DRLE listserv.  I don’t have a lot of words to add to the eloquent things that others have said.  She was a truly decent person who cared about others and worked hard to make the world a better place.  She was concerned about a wide range of issues.  She was idealistic and I often was struck by her spirit of optimism about handling tough social problems, often when I felt discouraged.  She had an easy smile – no hip wiggling needed.
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It is with incredible sadness that I am announcing the passing of our dear DR colleague Elayne Greenberg on Friday.  Here is the letter that went out to St John’s faculty yesterday:
I am sad to share the news that our colleague Elayne Greenberg passed away last night.
Elayne’s son, Carey Alexander (who graduated from the Law School in 2012) let me know about Elayne’s passing tonight. Here is what Carey told me:

With great sadness, I write to let you know that my mother passed away last night. Her partner, Robert, and I were both with her and
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Another part of our day on Thursday was thinking about the law and law schools.  On Monday evening, we had heard from Cochav Elykam-Levy, who is the chair of the civil commission on the war crimes committed by Hamas against women and children.  (And, while we were still in Israel, she was awarded the Israel Prize for her work.)
Student Maya Baker reflected:
Cochav Elykam-Levy, a feminist legal expert advocating for international recognition of sexual crimes on October 7, found herself entrenched in a circumstance familiar to survivors of sexual violence – begging to be believed. In her begging to
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