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A Utah plastic surgeon has been charged by the United States with health care fraud and conspiracy arising out of a year-long scheme to sell fake Covid vaccination cards.  The cards were sold for $50 each.  It is unclear exactly how many cards were sold.

In addition to selling the fake cards, the doctor and members of his office staff also destroyed over doses of vaccine that they received that were worth over $28,000.  They pretended to administer these destroyed doses, but did not.  In some cases, children were injected with saline rather than actual vaccine.  The saline injections were
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Big rig accidents in Phoenix are becoming an increasingly common occurrence. As the city continues to grow and the number of trucks on the roads increases, so do the accident statistics involving trucks. These accidents can be incredibly dangerous and devastating, as they can involve multiple vehicles, severe damage, and even tragic fatalities.
The causes of these accidents vary, but some of the most common include driver fatigue, distracted driving, dangerous weather, and faulty equipment. Unfortunately, the victims of big rig accidents are often left with costly medical bills and property damage. As a result, it is important for drivers
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After a car accident, it is important to remember to stay calm and take care of the necessary steps to ensure the safety of yourself and others. Common mistakes after a car accident include not calling the police, not exchanging insurance information with the other party, not taking pictures of the scene of the accident, not seeking medical attention if necessary, and not filing an accident report.
It is important to heed basic advice following an accident, as mitigating mistakes can have serious implications down the line. Many common missteps can be easily avoided with some foresight and caution.
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Distracted driving is a major contributing factor to car accidents, which can lead to increased car insurance rates. Studies have shown that distracted driving is the cause of up to 80% of all car crashes. This can lead to expensive medical bills, excessive property damage, and costly legal proceedings, all of which may be covered by car insurance. As a result, insurance companies often raise rates for drivers with a history of distracted driving.
Analyzing the Consequences of Distracted Driving on Car Insurance Rates
Insurance companies may choose to deny coverage to drivers with a history of distracted driving,
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If you get sent to jail or prison in Arizona, you will no longer have the same access to your bank accounts or assets. If there are still bills to be paid while you are incarcerated, this needs to be arranged ahead of time.
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Hospitals are where the germs are.  Hospitals are also where the worst germs are.  Sick people are constantly coming to the hospital and bringing their viruses and bacteria with them.  In spite of the best efforts, and sometimes less than the best efforts, of the nurses and staff, bacteria and viruses get passed from one patient to another.  This is the story of one of those less than best efforts that left three newborns dead and one badly brain damaged.

The deaths and injuries occurred in a good-sized hospital in central Pennsylvania.  It had an excellent reputation in the community
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Semi-truck accidents are a major source of concern in the transportation industry. The sheer size and weight of semi-trucks mean that when they are involved in a crash, the results can be catastrophic to both the truck driver and those in passenger vehicles.
When it comes to road safety and preventing dangerous driving-related incidents, the importance of addressing truck driver fatigue, maintaining vehicles properly, eliminating distractions while driving, and preparing inexperienced drivers cannot be overstated.
Investigating Factors that Contribute to Truck Driver Fatigue-Related Crashes in Arizona
Falling asleep at the wheel is an ever-increasing problem for truck drivers, particularly in
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The odds of getting involved in a car accident are high enough that it is often a matter of when, not if, you will get into a crash in Arizona. If you have the misfortune of getting into a car accident on your way to work, you may wonder if you are eligible for workers’ compensation insurance benefits. The answer depends on the specific circumstances surrounding your case, and a Phoenix workers’ compensation attorney can help you determine whether or not you qualify for coverage.
Workers’ Compensation Does Not Cover Daily Commutes
The workers’ compensation system in Arizona is in
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Many car accidents in Arizona are not caused by drivers but instead by dangerous road hazards and defects. It is the responsibility of the owner of the road to keep it properly maintained, and to inspect for new hazards regularly. If poor roadway conditions cause an automobile accident in Arizona, a driver with injuries or property damage may be able to hold a private property owner or the city or state government responsible. A car accident attorney in Scottsdale can help you assess the details of your case and fight for fair compensation after the collision.
Who Is Responsible for
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It is no secret that the cost of medical care is rising and rising at a rate faster than inflation.  This wave of rising costs is being led by an even larger rise in the cost of hospital care.  Hospitals receive $1 out of every $3 spent on health care in this country.  How can hospitals get away with this?  The answer is found in our old Monopoly game.  Remember how the more of a property you owned, the higher the rent you charged?  As hospital chains grow larger, they reduce competition in their areas and reduced competition almost invariably
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Moving trucks are often rented by people with no prior experience operating large trucks. Renting a moving truck such as a U-Haul or Penske does not require special training or a commercial driver’s license. Anyone with a standard driver’s license can operate one of these large and dangerous trucks. Unfortunately, this can result in deadly traffic accidents in Arizona.
What to Do After Being Hit by a Moving Truck
It is important to take the correct steps after getting involved in an accident with a moving truck. The insurance company that receives your claim will look to see what actions
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Workers throughout Arizona face many potential health and safety threats in the average workday. While some industries and workplaces are more dangerous than others, all have the potential of causing serious worker injuries. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers in Arizona reported 59,800 nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses and 97 fatalities in 2020. Recognizing the most common causes of workplace injuries can help prevent these disasters.
Overexertion has been the top cause of worker injuries in the U.S. for several years. It was responsible for 21.7 percent of occupational injuries involving days away from work
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Arizona is home to a diverse array of wildlife. From foxes and coyotes to mountain lions and black bears, many different animals could cross your path while driving in Arizona. If an animal causes a car accident, your car insurance will generally only cover the resulting damage if you carry comprehensive insurance. This is an optional, not required, type of car insurance in Arizona.
Comprehensive Insurance Is Needed to Cover Collisions With Wildlife
Arizona sees an average of 1,270 wildlife-related car crashes per year, according to data collected by the Arizona Department of Transportation. This number is growing year by
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A severe accident event can have devastating effects on the life of victims and their family members- and the worse is leaving the victims in a permanently disabled condition. If you suffered a serious accident in Phoenix, it is always wise to look out for an experienced personal injury attorney near me to get an understanding of your rights as an injured victim and your available legal options to sue the negligent party of the accident.

Getting involved in an accident that is not your fault can be painful and financially draining, but with the help of a reputed personal
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Have you finally made up your mind about filing a personal injury lawsuit and thinking about whether it is possible to get maximum compensation or not? Honestly, it can be possible to seek fair compensation but only with the legal expertise and guidance of the best injury lawyer Phoenix to know your legal options. Only an experienced lawyer knows that a personal injury case depends on several factors, from the damages type to the evidence and having a strong legal representation. Thus, an injured should never give up & count on the experience of the right injury lawyer.

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