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Phoenix summers are notorious for being extremely brutal. As we speed towards the summer months, temperatures rise, as do people’s tempers. Ongoing research as to why hot weather fuels crashes, in general, seems to point to the same factors. Specifically, researchers observe a correlation between warm weather and an increase in violent behavior. 
When temperatures are at their highest, aggressive driving behavior, such as horn honking and general road rage also spike. This correlation between high temperatures and aggressive behavior is referred to as the heat hypothesis. This hypothesis suggests that high temperatures can affect a variety of actions, and
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Making a left turn is a dangerous maneuver under any circumstance. A driver must use the utmost care when cutting across traffic traveling in the opposite direction to turn left. Choosing to turn at the wrong moment can cause a devastating car accident, such as a T-bone collision.
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If a driver gets pulled over by law enforcement and shows signs of intoxication – either physical signs or the results of a breathalyzer test – he or she will be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). The penalties for a DUI in Arizona are serious and include mandatory jail time.
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Although car accident trials are rare, they are sometimes necessary. If a car insurance company denies a claim or is refusing to offer a fair and reasonable settlement to a crash victim, the victim may have no choice but to file a lawsuit.
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Motorcycle accidents can be devastating for the rider and passengers, inflicting life-changing injuries in the blink of an eye. Whether or not you need to call a lawyer after getting into a motorcycle accident depends on your case. In general, you could benefit from speaking to an attorney if you sustained serious injuries, a loved one passed away in a motorcycle accident or if you simply have questions about your legal rights.
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Motorcycle accidents are among the most physically traumatic types of motor vehicle collisions. Even with a helmet and protective gear, motorcyclists can suffer significant injuries. A common injury is road rash – skin and soft-tissue damage from contact or friction with the road.
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There are predators in the medical profession.  The profession is unable or unwilling to root them out.  The doctor I writing about today was proven to have preyed on vulnerable women in Southern Virginia for at least ten years between 2009 and 2019.  He almost certainly preyed on them for much longer than that.  He never should have had the chance.  As early as 1982, he lost his privileges at a local hospital for “poor clinical judgment” and for performing unnecessary surgeries.  His license to practice medicine was temporarily revoked in the 1990’s but reinstated in 1998.  How in the
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Capitalism has done wonders for the world in terms of raising the standard of living for so many people.  Of course, like everything else in this world, capitalism is not an unbridled blessing.  It has its dark side.  When it comes to health care, capitalism has caused a lot of problems.  Among them are the rise of health insurance giants, the growth of hospital chains, big pharma, and the increasing emphasis on medicine as a business whose goal is to make money to name just a few.  Today, I want to discuss how capitalism affects rural hospitals.  Rural hospitals face
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Accidents involving larger commercial trucks often result in severe injuries for drivers and passengers in the state of Arizona. If a person is harmed due to the negligent actions of a truck driver or trucking company, they should be able to recover compensation for their losses. This not only includes compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and lost wages, but also compensation for various types of non-economic pain and suffering losses.
What is Pain and Suffering After a Truck Accident?
The term “pain and suffering” is used quite often in the aftermath of a vehicle accident, but it is rarely
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“Under no circumstances may physicians place their own financial interests above the welfare of their patients.”  American Medical Association Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 11.2.2.
Doctors rightly occupy a privileged position in our society.  We entrust them with our bodies, our health and, indeed, our very lives.  We trust them to put our interests first.  We trust them not to take advantage of us.  We trust them to be honest with us.  Without this level of trust, the physician/patient relationship cannot work.  Sadly, it seems that more and more often doctors are putting their own interests ahead of ours.  We
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Just like every other state in the country, Arizona law stipulates that individuals must be properly insured to remain legal on the roadway. However, a significant number of drivers in this state operate without insurance. Here, we want to discuss the various consequences of driving without insurance in this state. This includes potential monetary and civil penalties as well as financial consequences should an accident occur.
What Are Arizona’s Car Insurance Requirements?

Did you know that approximately 12% of drivers in the state of Arizona do not have insurance? The Insurance Information Institute keeps track of this data, and that
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I recently spoke to a gentleman, who lives here in Arizona,  Let’s call him, Bob.  Bob had been involved in an accident in another state.  The accident was the fault of the other driver.  The tow truck driver, who removed Bob’s motor home from the scene, told him he knew a good lawyer and had the lawyer call Bob.  Bob agreed to use the lawyer to make a claim for his property damage and his personal injuries.  It has now been almost two years since the accident and the lawyer won’t answer Bob’s calls, won’t send him correspondence with the
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A T-bone car accident (also known as a side-impact collision) is when a motor vehicle crashes into the side of another car, forming a T-shape. These collisions can be extremely damaging, as the first vehicle can crash directly into the driver or passenger’s side of the second car. Knowing how to determine fault for a T-bone car accident case can help you recover the financial compensation that you require for your medical bills and property repairs.
How Do T-Bone Accidents Happen?
The majority of T-bone accidents happen at intersections. They occur when a driver is in the intersection when he
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Last week I wrote about an ICU doctor in Ohio, who was accused of deliberately overdosing 11 of his critically ill patients with a powerful painkiller and thereby shortening their lives.  After nearly a week of deliberations, the jury acquitted him on all charges.
Today I want to write about another criminal case involving a medical professional, but one which involved quite different legal issues.  In this case, a nurse in Tennessee was convicted of negligent homicide for giving a patient the wrong medication, which allegedly caused her death.  Unlike the case against the ICU doctor, there was no allegation
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A car accident involving multiple cars, such as a chain-reaction accident with three or more vehicles, can cause a large amount of damage and destruction. These car accidents can result in complicated insurance claims, as well. There might be a dispute between multiple insurance carriers concerning liability, for example, or several injured parties.
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Evidence is important after a motorcycle accident in Arizona. Evidence refers to the facts, documents and information available to prove a claim that is being made. In Arizona, an injured motorcycle accident victim must provide clear and convincing evidence that the other driver is at fault to recover compensation through that driver’s auto insurance company.
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