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Use and Popularity of Employee Non-compete and Non-Solicitation Terms Employee non-compete and non-solicitation terms as part of an employment contract are popular tools utilized by many types of employers when hiring new employees. It is easy to understand why. Employees today are considerably more mobile than in past generations. When a new job opportunity arises, […]
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When employees move on to other pursuits, they take their knowledge of the former employer with them. If you are a business owner, a well-drafted non-compete agreement can ensure that former employees do not directly compete with your business.

Because many employees leave to work for competing firms (or start their own), a non-compete agreement is essential to protect, at least for a time, what you have worked so hard to build. A business must draft its non-compete agreement in such a way that it will protect itself to the greatest extent possible, but also remain legally enforceable. Creating such
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Employee handbooks can be a tremendous resource for both employers and their employees. Carefully written employee manuals bring everyone onto the same page – literally – by clearly outlining company policy, laying ground rules, identifying important objectives, and establishing an overall culture. In general, people thrive when they know what to expect and what is […]
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After you’ve discovered that an employee has been stealing from the business, your initial reaction may be one of anger, shock, or dismay. Your second reaction will probably be: What should I do now? First Steps Often times, the first step for a business owner is to make a call to its attorney and then […]
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  Often businesses are concerned about the loss of revenue from the occasional shoplifter or burglary. Although both situations can cause financial damage to a business, most losses due to this type of theft comprise a small percentage of losses a business will incur. Instead, theft by employees often causes significantly greater financial damage to […]
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  If you have obtained an IRA, 401(k), or life insurance policy, you may think that naming a beneficiary would be a simple trouble-free exercise. Unfortunately, you may also find out the hard way about hidden traps and complications involved in this straightforward step. I would like to examine some of the innocent errors that […]
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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant worry and confusion for a variety of commercial markets, including retail and other commercial real estate. As individuals and organizations brace themselves for continuing developments and try to figure out their short-term and long-term critical strategies, I would like to voice my own thoughts, impressions, and expectations regarding the pandemic and post-pandemic commercial real estate challenges.
Changes in the Retail Environment
Of course, the biggest and most obvious change in the commercial retail landscape involves the partial shuttering of many businesses in industries such as food service and hospitality. Each state sets its own
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  This article was first published in November, 2015.  Now is a perfect time to revisit it. From my experience representing companies and business owners, I often observe general themes that all successful businesses possess.    It does not matter the type of business, whether is started in a garage or with investors, or the actual […]
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During this time of the year, I often have business clients ask what should and should not occur at work.  Specifically, what should happen at work-sponsored social events to celebrate the Holidays and a successful end of the year.

These concerns have increased in light of recent news headlines where parties and out-of-work interactions have been a source of allegations of improper conduct and claims of harassment.  I can understand a business leader’s concern. It is often a balancing act between a company wanting to reward their employees and increase morale, but (at the same time) avoiding a situation where
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  The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 that shut down countless schools and businesses obviously has people wondering about the impact of the pandemic on various professional services, including legal services. Any crisis on this scale calls for equally large-scale crisis management strategies and tactics. Fortunately, today’s remote communication options have enabled many law firms across […]
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In my experience as an Arizona estate planning attorney, I have seen clients choose their Agents, Successor Trustees or Personal Representatives for a variety of reasons — including the wrong ones. It’s only natural to select a beloved friend or family member who genuinely wants and expects to receive such an assignment, if only to avoid hurting their feelings. However, your estate plan (and its execution after your death) should be based on what you want for your beneficiaries, not on what a potential  Successor Trustee or Personal Representative might want. The selection of this important individual(s) should be based
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  In my client consultations as an estate planning attorney, I often work with people who want to name their son or daughter as the Successor Trustee of their family trust. This is all well and good, at least in principle — except for the fact that the son or daughter in question is currently […]
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  As mentioned in previous articles, if you want to spare your loved ones the headaches of the probate court process after your death, you may wish to consider creating and funding an Arizona Living Trust. A Living Trust can spare key assets of an estate from inclusion in the probate process. However, a living […]
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The launch of a new business can be an exhilarating period. Allowing that rush of enthusiasm to push you into a hasty, ill-organized launch, however, could all but ensure your new enterprise’s failure before it has even opened for business. I usually recommend that business owners begin discussions with our Arizona-based law firm from four to six months before their anticipated launch date. This schedule gives everyone the time needed to sort out such important issues as:
Business Formation
Organizing your business entity is one of the most crucial actions in the startup pre-launch process. Whether you decide on a
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