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Franchises drive a significant segment of the modern business world, generating more than 40 percent of retail sales (or nearly $1 trillion) in the U.S alone. The right franchise opportunity can provide an ideal entry into business ownership by giving you all the ready-made tools and processes necessary for success. The right franchise can also […]
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  Many people understand the importance of creating a clear, comprehensive estate plan for their personal life. Ideally, you’ve already taken steps to prepare your Last Will and Testament, Financial Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and any living trusts you wish to fund for your beneficiaries. Have you applied the same thoughtfulness and […]
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Many people start thinking about estate planning and Powers of Attorney (POA) issues only after they have reached a certain age and/or financial status. While this timing may seem reasonable, it also exposes those individuals to unnecessary risks earlier in life. If your child has reached college age, you should view this juncture as the […]
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  Proper estate planning can prove critical for the long-term happiness, security, and stability of your surviving loved ones. However, the legal documents and structures commonly associated with an estate plan are not the only documents that would assist if an emergency event occurs. Even the most scrupulously prepared Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney […]
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As I often mention during the meeting when clients sign their estate plan documents, that an estate plan is “not designed to be set in stone forever.” For the most part, estate plans and their respective documents are designed to evolve as the individual’s life changes. Without the ability to amend or revise the documents, and as the years pass by, an estate plan becomes outdated and practically useless.

Oftentimes an outdated estate plan causes logistical problems for those individuals in areas of responsibility as they attempt to unravel what should occur. Unfortunately, it also leads to the estate ending
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If you’ve chosen to organize your business as a limited liability company in Arizona, there are a number of steps you must take to launch your new enterprise. The Articles of Incorporation is one of the first – and most important – legal documents you must prepare and file with the Arizona Corporation Commission for approval.

All states require new corporations to file Articles of Incorporation with the appropriate state authority. Although the requirements vary from state to state, Articles of Incorporation for a limited liability company generally serve the same purpose in all jurisdictions:

  • Create

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Begin Several Months in Advance For the majority of entrepreneurs and new business owners, time is a precious commodity. Finding time is a challenge. When launching a new business, it is critically important to follow a proper timeline. Failure to execute the new business start-up steps in advance and also in the correct order can […]
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Although premarital or post-marital agreements, as they are called in Arizona – are not viewed as the most romantic documents in the world, they are an essential for business owners contemplating marriage.  Carefully drafted and properly executed in accordance with Arizona law, a premarital or post-marital agreement can save a business owner time and money […]
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Sexual harassment has exploded into the public consciousness in a very short amount of time, especially as many celebrities have joined the lists of accused and accusers alike. The “Me Too” movement has spotlighted the actions of individuals in power taking advantage of their positions of authority for their own personal satisfaction. However, these types […]
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Over the course of the last year, especially during the most recent election cycle and other crises that have occurred, news of individuals caught in one scandal after another involving their use of the Internet and various social media platforms has been a daily occurrence. In certain circumstances, these “scandals” have evolved into what is referred to as “cancel culture” and led to the individuals losing their employment and business loss of income. In more extreme cases, it has led to law enforcement investigations and lawsuits.

A question I often hear from my corporate clients is to outline
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During the Holiday Season, or for important scheduled events, I often have business clients ask what should and should not occur at a work event.  Specifically, what should happen at work-sponsored social events.  These concerns have increased in light of constant news headlines where parties and out-of-work interactions have been a source of allegations of improper […]
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If you’ve been contemplating starting your own company for some time, chances are you’ve put a considerable amount of thought into how you plan to achieve your dreams of business ownership. Most entrepreneurs are driven, energetic people who devote considerable time and effort to strategy and planning. Unfortunately, despite the best of intentions, the majority […]
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Because of the misconception that organizing a business is extremely expensive, many new business owners are tempted to incorporate by utilizing an online do-it-mostly-yourself service. The potential business owners incorrectly believe they will save money bypassing an attorney in favor of using these services on the Internet. The frequent television, radio, and social media advertisements […]
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