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It’s expected over the course of the next two decades there will be millions of autonomous vehicles on our roadways. As vehicles transition from fully-driver controlled to fully-automated, there are changing legal considerations.
Driverless vehicles current legal state
The current legal landscape on the federal level, there is only guidance. In 2016, the Uniform Safety Regulations were passed. These provided a 15 point safety checklist for manufacturers.
In 2017, NHTSA came out with guidelines relating to autonomous vehicles, so we must look to the states for actual legislation .
Almost all states have enacted legislation or executive orders around autonomous
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There are several different types of deeds.  At times, there can be confusion over the proper deed to use for the circumstance.
Below is a list of common deeds:
Warranty Deed: This type of deed provides the highest level of protection for the buyer as it includes the covenant seisin, covenant of quiet enjoyment, covenant against encumbrance, warranty of title and covenant of further assurances. These covenants are what ensure the buyer that the grantor is passing good title and if not, the seller will do what is necessary to make title good.
Special Warranty Deed: Similar to a general
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Do my estate planning documents cover medical decisions?

There are three components to your medical directives and medical decisions. These three components are:

  • a living will
  • a health care power of attorney
  • a mental health care power of attorney

You may also get the individual medical directives separately.

What is a Living Will – Medical Decisions

A living will sets forth your end of life decisions. This document works for more than a few states. A terminal condition, a persistent vegetative state or an irreversible coma and unable to communicate your medical decisions.

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A slip and fall seem like quite a straightforward accident with many potential causes. A slip and fall may occur due to a crack in the sidewalk or a wet floor. However, not every accident comes with a detectable cause. You can protect your business from liability and resulting damages with the right slip and fall protocol in place.
Industries most prone to Slip and Fall
While a mishap can take place anywhere, there are certain business types and industries which are most prone to a slip and fall accident. Slip and falls in the following settings are particularly prevalent:
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Beginning January 1, 2024, a new law under the Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) will require those who own an LLC and/or other corporation entities to report and disclose ownership information directly to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FINCEN”), an arm of the United States Department of Treasury. 
Unless an exemption applies, this newly enacted requirement will likely affect your business. Certain personally identifiable information (“PII”) will need to be assembled and required to be reported to FINCEN.  Penalties may apply for failure to disclose the required information to FINCEN. 
Bailey Law firm can help navigate your business through this new
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First, set up an appointment with an estate planning attorney at Bailey Law Firm. You may call or main number at (480) 681-5408 or book online at Once you call to begin the process you will be amazed at how good you will feel knowing you are taking steps to protect your family.
With your appointment set, we will send you our Estate Planning Worksheet. This covers basic information about you, your family, and your estate. We ask that you return the Estate Planning Worksheet to us prior to your initial meeting to assist us in preparing for
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Licensed establishments that serve alcohol in Arizona have a duty to do so safely and responsibly.  Bars, restaurants and other establishments are not allowed to serve alcohol to a patron who is obviously intoxicated or who the seller knew or should have known posed a danger to the public.
So what does that mean, how much alcohol can bars serve? Arizona liquor laws also govern the maximum amount of liquor, beer or wine that may be served to a patron at one time and the proper procedure for cutting off an intoxicated patron.  Violation of these laws that cause
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Our elderly population should be respected and cared for. As the needs of the elderly become too much for themselves or loved ones to handle, families rely on the care of professionals. Families trust nursing homes, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities with their most treasured possession: a loved one. Upon admission, residents and their families envision a place to improve quality of life, engage in enjoyable actives, and meet new friends.
Unfortunately, that wonderful vision is not always the reality. Instead, residencies are too often riddled with falls, wounds, infections, poor nutrition, dehydration, illnesses, depression, anxiety and unexplained injuries.
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We often assume that a doctor is responsible for saving lives and hence would carry out his/her job correctly. Even so, many medical practitioners can make mistakes due to simple negligence and ignorance.
It is due to a lack of awareness that victims of malpractice don’t take the legal course that can help them get the compensation they deserve. The only thing that can help a person in despair post a failed medical procedure is to know about where s/he has been wronged. To that effect, we would be covering some of the most common types of malpractices that a
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The law tends to get complicated with its terms and many different concepts. While law students have an edge wherein they learn terms thoroughly, grasping these terms for a layman can be quite challenging. To make things easier, here are 10 essential terms that are frequently used in corporate law:


Procurement refers to the act of buying goods and services. This process includes proper preparation and processing a demand. It ends with a proper end receipt as well as approving the payment. Your lawyer would tell you about this particular procedure, as many times one or
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Been involved in a car accident but it was not your fault?  Slipped on some commercial property due to lack of maintenance?  Suffered any injury because of someone else’s negligence?
If any of this has happened to you and you think that your case is clear cut when you go to the insurance firm, we recommend you not to fall into the trap. The legal term is known as ‘tort’ and it can be both direct (intentional) or indirect (due to negligence). In any such case, don’t go solo but consult legal help and hire a personal injury attorney. You
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The emotional distress of losing a loved one is often aggravated by the ensuing legal responsibilities. The going could get even tougher if the deceased person happened to be the sole provider for the family.  Moreover, if you have aspersions cast on the circumstances of the death, you are propelled by the need for justice. But how do you ascertain whether your close one’s death was a negligent act or a sad consequence of dire conditions? Many factors come into play to answer this question, and ultimately determine if the death was accidental or wrongful.
What is an Accidental
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