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Professionals in a variety of fields may have a fiduciary duty to their clients, assuming a responsibility to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own. When one of these professionals betrays that trust, they commit a breach of fiduciary duty. Breach of fiduciary duty is a serious allegation. If you are convinced that a […]
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Poor time management limits success more than most people realize. The people you work for, whether bosses or clients, will notice if you show up late or miss a deadline. When you do it reflects poorly on you and your company, and how you deal with being called out does too. If you struggle with punctuality, you need to fix that now.

Being casually late to a social event is acceptable, but being late to a business meeting isn’t. Showing up late to a business meeting sends a few different messages including that the meeting isn’t important or a priority
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There is a new Federal Law requiring businesses to submit ownership information to the federal government. It is referred to as Beneficial Ownership Interest (BOI).  In the past, limited liability companies and corporations are formed at the State level with no such requirement. This new federal requirement went into effect 1/1/2024.
  – All entities formed prior to 2024 must submit their Beneficial Ownership Interest filing by the by 12/31/2024. 
  – All new entities formed in 2024 have 90 days to submit the filing. 
  **There are significant penalties for not complying with this new law. 
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Many people sugarcoat what they say to save other’s feelings. I think this is because most people shy aware from potentially confrontational conversations or don’t know how to effectively communicate something negative or that is constructive criticism. If you are unable or unwilling to have honest, hard conversations with your peers and employees it’s detrimental to your business. It also effectively trains the next generation of up and coming leaders to continue a work environment in which communicating about negative topics or trying to course correct doesn’t happen.

It reminds me of a quote from Zig Ziglar: “The only thing
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Investigations of police or firefighter misconduct in California are governed by two key statutes: the Public Safety Officers Procedural Bill of Rights Act (POBR) and the Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Act (FBOR).  These statutes establish protections for peace officers and firefighters subject to such investigations.  With a few notable exceptions, the provisions of these statutes are generally similar or identical.  This article highlights some of the key provisions of POBR/FBOR from the standpoint of an outside investigator.  When POBR/FBOR Applies.  POBR covers most state, county, or municipal peace officers in California, including non-reserve deputy sheriffs, probation officers, and certain
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Whenever an employer is on notice of an employee concern that warrants an investigation, the next decision, invariably, is whether to perform the investigation in house or hire an outside investigator.  In most situations, it is prudent, and even preferred, to use a qualified internal investigator.  This article, however, will examine some of the obvious—and not-so-obvious—issues an employer should consider before making that decision, and how a plaintiff’s attorney may try to capitalize on those issues. The first obvious issue internal investigators face is the appearance of bias.  The internal investigator relies upon their employer to pay their salary so
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When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, many decisions must be made, such as who will care for the loved one when the symptoms progress. Also of concern will be whether the loved one’s Last Will and Testament (will) and other estate planning documents are in order. If your loved one has been diagnosed […]
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It’s About Time the Blame Shifts From the Dogs to the Owners.
As a society, far too many people are quick to blame the dog when a person is bit.  At Bailey Law Firm, we firmly believe that people are to blame, not dogs.  It is the negligent, careless, irresponsible and even reckless conduct of owners that leads to serious dog bite injuries.
It is about time the blame shifts from the dogs to the owners (and their insurance company) — that is where we come in.
Dog owners should carefully introduce new people, in, and out of the
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Many attorneys (and I assume others) have this somewhat canned response when someone asks them how it’s going. It’s generally some version of “It’s another day” or “Different day, same stuff.” The message being communicated is that the day and stuff is the same, is a slog, and what they’re saying is negative in tone. They focus on the negative and not what they have to be positive about or grateful for. Maybe they truly feel that way. I feel at times that it’s some odd form of attorney bonding on the alleged misery of the work being done, their
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Entrepreneurs embark on a journey that involves creating, selling, and sometimes buying businesses. Sometimes, purchasing an established company is a strategic move toward entrepreneurship. Other times, selling is a beneficial course of action. Both can lead to opportunities for growth and innovation, as experienced by many successful business owners. Buying a business can provide a […]
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Estate planning laws are important. Quality estate planning can help you provide for your and your family’s future efficiently and sustainably. Below are crucial sources of estate planning laws for Arizona estate planning and definitions of estate planning terms.
Arizona Statutes
Title 14 is a large statutory law that governs Arizona estate planning. Title 14 – Trusts, Estates, and Protective Pleadings covers a variety of areas. Major sections include:

  • intestate succession
  • probate of wills and trusts
  • protection for those who are under disability during a judicial proceeding

Intestate Succession
What happens if you never create a will or plan your
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Inspiration can hit you anytime. When it does, you know it instantly. Many times it is inconvenient. When this happens, you have to take steps to not lose it.

It happens to me at different times and all the time. It can be in the middle of the night, when I’m at my desk working, when I’m in a conversation, or at what is likely a very inconvenient time. When it does I use the Notes app on my phone. Pen and  paper work, but your phone is with you all the time. You want access to those thoughts and notes and
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Hiring is stressful enough – How am I going to find the right person?  Do I have enough consistent revenue to justify another employee? You also need to consider what questions you are asking during the hiring process.
What topics will you discuss during the interview process?
What may be simple small talk to you could turn into a legal nightmare.
Six questions to avoid in your interview and hiring process
Avoid these 6 questions in your interviews:
What class were you at ______________?
It’s come up that you and the candidate went to the same college or high school.
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Individuals preparing their estate plans sometimes focus on the documents that will govern what happens to the possessions they leave behind and how loved ones will be cared for after they are gone. Many estate planners establish trusts to ensure their assets will be passed on to family members or used to benefit their favorite […]
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What are  you doing right now? Are you focusing on reading these words, or do you have an eye on your email, texts, social media, or maybe all of them?  Or are you on the phone?  We all think we can do this and do it well, but the truth is we can’t. Real multi-tasking is not achievable.

When I am on the phone during the day, I can hear the keyboard and mouse clicks on the other end of the line. I try to be optimistic and think they are taking notes or looking up something relevant to the
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