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In the world of investigations, whether it be workplace, campus or Title IX, we often run into situations where two people interpret the same events in wildly different ways.  As human beings, our memories can be subjective, and we are constantly interpreting events through the lens of our own backgrounds and experiences.  In the legal world, everyone is held to the standard of behaving like a “reasonable person.”  Can someone who always makes the best choices and always perceives the world in an accurate way really exist?  The short answer is no.  Everyone perceives the world in a different way
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We are pleased to announce that

Jason Clark

has been elected as a partner at Lang Thal King & Hanson PC.

A Super Lawyers “Rising Stars” and

Best Lawyers®

“Ones to Watch” honoree who joined our firm in 2015, Jason offers national law firm experience and an extensive track record of successful outcomes for his clients in all aspects of construction disputes and

Registrar of Contractors proceedings

Jason’s recent construction law experience includes matters involving:

He also represents
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In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court expanded protections for whistleblowers under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (“SOX”).  In February 2024, the Court decided Murray v. UBS Securities, LLC.  It held that a whistleblower does not need to prove that their employer acted with “retaliatory intent” in taking an adverse action against the employee.   For workplace investigators, this decision impacts how we assess the evidence regarding the employer’s motive for the adverse action.  Evidence that previously fell short of demonstrating “retaliatory intent” may now be enough to satisfy the plaintiff’s burden.Sarbanes-Oxley ActIn this case, Research Strategist Trevor Murray sued under the
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Learning to accept compliments graciously in a professional setting is not only a matter of politeness but also a skill that can enhance your interpersonal relationships and boost morale within the workplace. When receiving compliments, it’s essential for you to respond with genuine gratitude while maintaining professionalism. One effective approach is to simply say “thank you” with a smile, acknowledging the kind words without deflecting or downplaying the praise. This shows appreciation for the recognition while maintaining humility and confidence. Additionally, it can be beneficial to reciprocate the sentiment by acknowledging the efforts of others or expressing gratitude for teamwork,
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Business agents are employees, independent contractors, or others who have the authority to bind a business into contractual relationships with third parties. Their distinction confers on them some prestige –– but it also means that business agents may sometimes find themselves involved in company lawsuits, including in the ten ways described below. If you would […]
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When you let a thought, an insecurity, or something you think you can’t do block your progress towards a goal, whether in your career or in your personal life, it is one manner of letting what stands in the way become the way. If you choose to look at the other side of that coin and embrace the principle of “what stands in the way becomes the way” it means you’re embracing obstacles as opportunities for growth and transformation. Instead of avoiding or resisting challenges, you focus on having a mindset that encourages you to confront adversity head-on and recognize
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Generation-Skipping Trusts Estate planning is the process of developing a series of documents that detail how a person’s assets should be distributed after his or her death. These assets collectively form the individual’s estate, whose distribution may be directed by a Last Will and Testament (will) and any combination of several types of trust. Generation-skipping […]
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It’s expected over the course of the next two decades there will be millions of autonomous vehicles on our roadways. As vehicles transition from fully-driver controlled to fully-automated, there are changing legal considerations.
Driverless vehicles current legal state
The current legal landscape on the federal level, there is only guidance. In 2016, the Uniform Safety Regulations were passed. These provided a 15 point safety checklist for manufacturers.
In 2017, NHTSA came out with guidelines relating to autonomous vehicles, so we must look to the states for actual legislation .
Almost all states have enacted legislation or executive orders around autonomous
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This month’s VM Recommends brings us selections from our Sacramento Business Operations Analyst, Emma Newton. What is one of your favorite things to do in SacramentoWalking to the Midtown Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning is one of my favorite things to do in Sacramento. The market takes up four blocks of the Lavender District with local vendors, farmers, food trucks and artists alike. This market is year-round, rain or shine, and is a great representation of the Farm-to-Fork Capital. If you’re lucky, you might even run into a member of the Kings grabbing their groceries for the week.
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Stockbrokers, insurance agents, and other professionals may have a professional duty to disclose certain information to their customers or clients. If they fail to disclose this required information, they may find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit. This is just one example of how someone may find themselves filing or being served with […]
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Death is something that most people do not like to think about or discuss, which explains why so many Americans postpone estate planning until it is too late. However, failing to plan ahead is essentially neglecting to protect assets, health, and the future of loved ones. Many people avoid setting up an estate plan because […]
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There are several different types of deeds.  At times, there can be confusion over the proper deed to use for the circumstance.
Below is a list of common deeds:
Warranty Deed: This type of deed provides the highest level of protection for the buyer as it includes the covenant seisin, covenant of quiet enjoyment, covenant against encumbrance, warranty of title and covenant of further assurances. These covenants are what ensure the buyer that the grantor is passing good title and if not, the seller will do what is necessary to make title good.
Special Warranty Deed: Similar to a general
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When I say study minimalism, I’m referring to the value in adopting a lifestyle philosophy that encourages you to declutter your life and focus on quality over quantity. By embracing minimalism, you eliminate the excess and prioritize what truly adds value. This approach extends beyond physical possessions to encompass time, relationships, and even professional pursuits. The point is that by simplifying and streamlining, you can make more room for the things that truly matter to you.

In the pursuit of a minimalist lifestyle, one key aspect is decluttering physical spaces. This involves letting go of unnecessary possessions, freeing up space
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On January 1, 2024, a new congressional law called the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) went into effect. This law implements new reporting requirements that will apply to millions of small businesses nationwide. Small business owners should be aware of this new law and how it applies to them. The experienced Arizona business lawyers at Harrison […]
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The expanded “economic realities” test increases the government’s presumption that a worker is an employee entitled to overtime and minimum wage protection.

The new rule expands, from three factors to six, the government’s “economic realities” test, which seeks to determine whether independent contractors are truly in business for themselves or are actually employees who should be afforded full wage-and-hour and other FLSA protections.

The economic realities factors are non-exhaustive – i.e., a Wage and Hour Division auditor is free to consider additional factors – and, in contrast to the old rule, no single factor is more important than any other.
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Playing offense in your professional life is adopting a proactive mindset that seeks opportunities and takes decisive actions to achieve one’s goals. It involves being assertive, innovative, and forward-thinking in your approach to setting goals, taking on challenges, and making opportunities. When you play offense, you are not merely reacting to circumstances but actively shaping them to your advantage. This mindset can yield substantial dividends for your career.

One significant benefit of playing offense is the ability to seize opportunities before they become apparent to others. By staying ahead of the curve, you position yourself to capitalize on emerging trends
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