How Widespread Fake Reviews are Impacting Businesses and Legal ConsequencesFake reviews have become an ongoing struggle for businesses in almost every industry and of almost any size not only on their websites and on review platforms, but also across social media. Reviews can be negative or positive, and left for any number of reasons, whether that means striking down a competitor or boosting their own business’ success. In recent years, some entities have begun to recruit large groups of people to leave these fake reviews, creating a widespread dilemma that can have drastic impacts on the businesses they affect. This
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One of the most fitting ways to celebrate this Cybersecurity Awareness Month is by spreading knowledge  among business owners. As a business attorney who also focuses on cybersecurity, I often guide business owners on how to protect themselves and their assets from cyber threats.  I’m taking this opportunity to discuss a few of the best cybersecurity practices and precautions that can help protect businesses:1. Stay up-to-date. This is a major area of concern, because regular updates are typically required to help keep the workplace secure. To start, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using updated hardware. Replacing your older equipment
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We live in the information age; technological advancements have completely changed how we live and interact with others.
Anyone with access to the internet can post material on blogs, social media sites, chat rooms, and web pages anonymously.
The security of anonymity has given voice to many, allowing them the liberty to speak while hiding behind a pseudonym. However, there is a thin line where rights collide. What happens then? How does one unmask an online defamatory critic? The first step is to hire a defamation lawyer.
What Is Anonymous Blogging?
Anonymous blogging is the sharing of written content
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Why Your Organization Needs a Flight Operations ManualFor Your UAV- Drone Program

Flight operations manual will help your organization be more effective, cost efficient, successful, and successful. Its power cannot be overstated. An organized, focused, specific, plan for your UAS program will saves lives, reduces costs, and gives people an actual increased level of protection.

  • There is an almost infinite number of benefits of having a Flight Operations Manual.

    By taking subjectivity out of the situation. You might have someone who is overzealous. Willing to take unnecessary risks. You might have someone who
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    Registering your drone with the Federal Aviation Association. The FAA has actually made the process rather smooth and straight forward.

    Why is Drone Registration Necessary?

    Plain and simple, the FAA wants every drone registered to increase the safety of people both in the air and on the ground. With more than 1 million drones registered with the FAA they have their hands full trying to keep people safe.

    “Registration is all about safety,” says FAA spokesperson Jim Peters. “It provides us with a key opportunity to educate the new generation of airspace users that as soon as they start flying
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    While the internet provides a great platform to connect with others and market your business, it also exposes you to unwarranted and potentially harmful statements. These statements can ruin your company’s reputation and lead to loss of business.
    If you find yourself a victim of one of these posts, it can be difficult to determine how to file a defamatory claim. This article will define internet defamation and discuss who to hold accountable and where to file your claim. If you have further questions, contact one of RM Warner Law’s experienced internet business lawyers to discuss your case further.
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    When someone says or publishes false or derogatory statements about you, your reputation may suffer. This can lead to loss of opportunities or business. If you’re looking to seek legal action against a perpetrator, it’s crucial to speak with an experienced defamation lawyer and file your case as soon as possible. Timely action makes it easier for you to collect evidence and prove your case in court. In this article, we discuss the statute of limitations for defamation cases and look at the exceptions of this statute.
    What Is the Statute of Limitations?
    The statute of limitations is a legislative
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    Education plays a huge part in my life, as well as in my legal practice. In addition to practicing law, I teach several classes at two local colleges and, in doing so, have found that a shared foundation of education benefits everyone.  Through the years I’ve also found that, in addition to being a teacher, I have continued to be a student long after my formal education ended.  This is has been especially true in my work as a lawyer.  
    As a business attorney, part of my job is to educate clients and prospective clients because I believe
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    Claims of Ownership in Justice Court Evictions

    The purpose of eviction cases is designed to address the issue of possession and not ownership. lawsuit is to provide a summary, speedy and adequate remedy for obtaining possession of premises withheld by tenants, and for this reason this objective would be entirely frustrated if the defendant were permitted to deny his landlord’s title, or to interpose customary and usual defenses permissible in the ordinary action at law.

    The merits of the title may not be inquired into in such an action, otherwise the action would not afford a summary, speedy and adequate
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    Cyber Insurance Coverage for Businesses & RansomwareAs cybersecurity threats are on the rise, businesses are increasingly looking to cyber insurance to help protect themselves.  With regard to ransomware, many business owners have begun to consider insurance based upon concerns about what would happen if their business was entirely put on pause– or worse, if years of hard work were altogether wiped out or they were completely unable to service clients. Cyber insurance can help protect businesses in the aftermath of these situations.  However, insurance policies often have different scopes of coverage and their own procedures,  You’ll want to be aware
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    Business owners beware! Fake reviews are on the rise, particularly fake reviews for restaurateurs.
    Recently in Houston, a restaurant by the name of Bludorn, became the newest victim of this defamatory trend. After receiving an influx of bad reviews all at once, co-owner and Chef Aaron Bludorn took action by contacting Google to remove the reviews.
    However, restaurants across the country have been reporting similar extortion threats, ranging from gift card demands to compensating meals.
    This illegal trend has gained so much traction in the state of Arizona that Governor Doug Ducey recently passed SB1001 into law, making it a class
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    Determining what is, and is not, an “aircraft” is so important because it determines whether it falls under the purview of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). If it does, then it is held to the same standard as traditional manned aircraft and must comply with all of the same requirements. 

    Upon initial review, defining “uncrewed aircraft” seems to be intuitive and somewhat self-explanatory. However, with close examination and careful thought what is and is not “uncrewed” becomes less clear. For example, what if there is not a pilot in the aircraft but the aircraft is being flown by a
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    Defamation is the use of false and malicious statements to malign or damage a person’s reputation. In the workplace, it has the potential to bring an employee’s character into disrepute, stifle career development, and create serious health issues. In some cases, defamation causes irreparable damage. Although not a crime in most states, it is considered a tort or a civil wrong. Victims of defamation can file civil suits against defamers to defend their reputation and obtain relief.
    Defamation in the Workplace
    There are two forms of defamation: slander and libel. Slander is verbal defamation, while libel takes written form.
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    For most potential clients visiting a law firm’s website, their intent is to learn more about their legal issue and to determine if you are the best choice to represent them. Read on for five website elements your clients will thank you for and how to know if you need a new website.
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