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Text here. Among other things, it would cover any semiautonomous rifle with a “pistol grip” or a “threaded barrel.” Note this would cover even those where the pistol grip is a portion of the shoulder stock. The M-1 Grand and Carbine would be covered, since their stocks have pistol grips. (The Garand’s clip is likely a “detachable feeding device.”) So would the Remington Model 8, first sold in 1906 (which also has a detachable buttstock, another banned feature). Among handguns, any that have a magazine outside the pistol grip (There goes the broom handle Mauser). Among shotguns, any that have
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This video from Radio Canada, which generally has and anti-gun (and esp. anti-American gun) position. It originates with WION (World Is One News), about which I know little. The theme is that the Taiwanese, like the Ukrainians, are out to train themselves in shooting, and for the same reason.

Gotta wonder that the anti-gunners haven’t simply packed up and gone home. Americans’ gun purchases are sky-high. The biggest problem shooters face is that, even with factories running 24/7, manufacturers can’t produce enough ammo. The AR-15 has become the most popular rifle. The Supreme Court (three cheers for Justice Thomas!)
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The New York Times this morning published 2020 emails from Phoenix attorney Jack Wilenchik about the plans to assemble “fake” electors to help stop the certification of the Electoral College count.Wilenchik was representing AZGOP Chair – and Trump elector – Kelli Ward in her contest of the election, which was before the Arizona Supreme Court on December 8. He was also communicating with Trump attorney/advisor Boris Epshteyn (and Christina Bobb) about the cases and the plans to “sending in ‘fake’ electoral votes to Pence”.The emails show that Wilenchik seemed to have a clear-eyed view of both the plans and the
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Video here. I think the impact of the decision is still sinking in. Balancing tests are out the window. Stop debating strict scrutiny vs. intermediate review. The only question is what did the American people understand they were doing when they ratified the Second Amendment, and the Fourteenth Amendment.

At least one court appreciates that it’s a new world out there. How do you reconcile an AW and magazine ban with the understanding of Americans in 1791 and 1868? Americans at either date would have been laying hands on an AR-15 and asking why they couldn’t get an M-4
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Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs filed a Motion to exclude testimony from former Cyber Ninja Doug Logan and other election conspiracy theorists from tomorrow’s hearing. U.S. District Court Judge John Tuchi set aside several hours for evidence and arguments on whether to grant an injunction to prevent the use of electronic voting machines in this year’s (underway) elections.The lawsuit was brought by Trump-endorsed candidates for Governor (Kari Lake) and Secretary of State (Mark Finchem). The Hobbs’ Motion in Limine argues that”Plaintiffs rely on declarations and anticipated testimony from five individuals: John Mills, Ben Cotton, Walter Daugherity, Douglas Logan, and
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Clayton Cramer has a post on, with link to, the FBI’s active shooter (which does have a broader definition than mass killer) report. Among other things, the FBI notes that 14 such shooters were stopped by law enforcement, and 4 by civilians (2 by shooting the perp). It appears that both of the perp-killed-by-civilian cases involved multiple civilians fighting back.

Plus, the Uvale report is out. The killer had quite a budget for an 18 year-old: $3,000 in guns, and a $1,100 order of ammo. The police response is as bad as you think.
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A mass slaying at a shopping mall is stopped by the accurate fire of a 22 year-old civilian.

The head of Brady Campaign seems to see him as a vigilante;

“Here’s what we’re not going to do: continue to uplift the NRA myth of a “good guy with a gun.”

Let me be clear: If more guns made us safer, America would be the safest country in the WORLD.

We need sensible gun laws, not vigilante safety nets.”

And there’s more. “Shootouts in malls between the bad guy & good guy is not freedom. It’s a war zone. It’s the
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Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs has spent $92,000 in legal fees since March 2022. Most of those fees were paid in May and were likely related to the unsuccessful challenge to his nomination by Democratic-related groups. However, that was also the month the January 6 Select Committee issued a subpoena to Biggs and he objected to it.The noteworthy expenses were disclosed today in the Biggs’ campaign finance report filed with the FEC today. Arizona’s Law has reached out to the Biggs campaign for comment, and will update this report as necessary.Biggs retained Arizona political law attorneys Kory Langhofer and Tom
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