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Allies of Kari Lake and Donald Trump have expanded their latest elections lawsuit against Maricopa County, adding heavily Democratic Coconino County.The lawsuit filed by Trump-allied America First Legal on behalf of Lake-allied Strong Communities Foundation was filed earlier this month to relitigate several of the issues Maricopa County has been attacked for during the 2022 elections, and hoping to change some of them for 2024.At a Thursday hearing, attorneys (James Rogers and Jennifer Wright) told Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Jay Adleman that they would file an Amended Complaint later that day to add Coconino County. Arizona’s Law has
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The No Labels party may have failed today in their effort to recruit Joe Manchin to run for President, but they also asked a federal judge this afternoon to order Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes to reimburse them for $160,000 in attorneys’ fees.The request was filed late this afternoon in federal court in a case where they successfully prevented Arizonans from getting on the November ballot as No Labels candidates. Three candidates had already filed Statements of Interest for the U.S. Senate seat, a Congressional race and a State House contest.Attorneys for Fontes unsuccessfully argued that once No Labels
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There was plenty of coverage* of the new financial disclosure statement filed with the U.S. Senate by Kari Lake. And that reporting may have prompted Lake to file her (first) AMENDED statement this past weekend.Instead of owning ZenVideo, LLC as wife and husband, Lake and Jeffrey Halperin (her husband) actually own it – estimated to be worth between $100,000 to $250,000 – as part of their living trust.The video production company has not earned Lake any income during the past year-plus (per the disclosure statement), and it does not appear that Lake either recently placed it in the trust
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Story here. Normally, an appeal is heard by a three-judge panel; from that the loser can appeal to the entire court, en banc. En banc hearings are restricted by rule (requiring a split between panels or other special grounds).

In this case, a panel had struck down Maryland’s permit requirements, and the court voted to take that en banc. While it was at it, it voted to take two more appeals en banc, even though the panels hadn’t yet ruled. I’ve never seen that done before.
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Since campaign finance laws – and criminal laws – are implicated, we are cross-posting this Arizona’s Politics article here. Arizona’s Politics is an older sister site to Arizona’s Law. Please head over there to read the rest of the article and to review the FEC filing.*****A one-time Treasurer(?) for fraudster/expelled Congressman George Santos is apparently hiding from law enforcement after being accused of embezzling at least $50,000 from an Arizona Congressional candidate.Walt Blackman (R-Snowflake), who is currently running to regain a seat in the Arizona Legislature, leveled the charges in a letter filed with the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”)
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Ann Timmer will become the next Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court on July 1, upon the expiration of Justice Robert Brutinel’s 5-year term.Timmer, appointed in 2012 by then Governor Jan Brewer (R), has been the Vice Chief Justice since 2019. Taking her place will be Justice John Lopez.Interestingly, Justice Clint Bolick declined the Vice Chief Justice role, on the grounds that he would then be unable to succeed Timmer as Chief Justice because of Arizona’s mandatory retirement age for judges (70).Timmer has her undergraduate degree from the U of A and her law degree from ASU.(Arizona’s
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Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne has lost another ruling in his effort to defend Arizona’s law banning transgender girls from competing on girls’ teams in schools. Horne demanded a jury trial. The girls challenging the law objected. Horne countered by asking for an “advisory jury”, saying that citizens “would not make the same factual errors that the Court has made in its ruling on the preliminary injunction” (as the judge summarized).U.S. District Court Judge Jennifer Zipps took issue with Horne’s characterization of her ruling – which is currently on appeal and scheduled for oral arguments in front of
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This company needs to be reigned in, people are SUFFERING BIG TIME!

One thing I know for sure, people who use BitTorrent or other related applications and download adult movies can find themselves in quite a bind.

People make mistakes, but should you have to pony up your life savings to avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit? Strike 3 Holdings believes you do, and they literally have no mercy for the clients; many are Asians in the Bay area and elsewhere.

They will send subpoenas to the ISP’s and seek to hold them liable for infringement, many times to the tune
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 (This is a developing story. Please check back for additional information.)
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Mark Finchem’s ready-to-be-disbarred-because-I’m-old attorney, Daniel McCauley, tried to use the disciplinary proceeding to escape from his appeal of the $48,000 in sanctions AND reset the appeal back to square one. The Court of Appeals swiftly rejected the effort.Yesterday, McCauley asked to withdraw from the appeal and to cancel the briefs he had already filed in the election contest case. He noted that it was because of the “finding by the State Bar of Arizona, in PDJ 2023-9064”. However, he did not elaborate on what the finding was that caused a conflict between him and his client.McCauley famously told the
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