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UPDATE, 8:40pm: Alan Dershowitz tells Arizona’s Law that his termination will be fixed. “Just a technical glitch in my pro hac application. It’s being fixed.” He did not respond to the request for an interview regarding his involvement in the Arizona cases.In an unexpected twist, an Arizona court has kicked out Alan Dershowitz for non-compliance. Dershowitz is a well-known attorney and Harvard Law professor who has been representing Arizona election deniers Kari Lake and Mark Finchem in the federal court case against Secretary of State Katie Hobbs*.The court did not give details of the “termination”, other than to
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The U.S. Forest Service cannot allow 2,400+ acres of southern Arizona wilderness to be buried under 1.9 billion tons of the Rosemont Copper mine’s waste rock. That was the opinion today from a divided Ninth Circuit panel that delivered a big win to the coalition of environmental and Native American groups battling the southern Arizona mine.The Center for Biological Diversity is leading the long-running litigation battle, along with the Sierra Club, Tohono O’odham Nation, Hopi Tribe and Pascua Yaqui Tribe.Judge William Fletcher wrote the 38-page majority opinion, blasting the Forest Service’s decision:The Mining Law allows mining companies to occupy federal
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5:30pm: The 9th Circuit panel of three judges REFUSED to stop tomorrow’s execution. “As stated above, the ultimate question is “whether [Dixon] can rationally understand the reasons for his death sentence.” The state court’s conclusion that Dixon does have this understanding was not based upon an unreasonable determination of the facts.”3pm: Here is the video of the 9th Circuit oral argument this afternoon:2pm: We are live-tweeting the oral arguments before the 9th Circuit. Tune in: U.S. District Court Judge denies Clarence Dixon’s habeas corpus action, claiming that he is not competent to be executed.Judge Diane Humetewa issued the
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In the first of what is expected to be three decisions today, the Arizona Supreme Court denied an expedited election challenge appeal by (former) legislative candidate Shawn Pearson. A panel of the Justices unanimously decided that Pearson did not prove that at least 26 signers of her petition were legitimately registered in her district when they signed, after the County Recorder had determined that they did not. Pearson had alleged that the County Recorder’s list was not updated with recent moves, etc – the Court said that that was not enough to rehabilitate the signatures.Pearson was challenged by a fellow Democrat
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 A ruling from the Arizona Supreme Court on whether longtime Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar can run for re-election this November could come as early as this afternoon. The consolidated expedited election appeal also includes State Rep. Mark Finchem, who is running for Arizona Secretary of State.The three are accused of being not qualified to hold office because of their participation in planning the January 6 (2021) insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Challengers claim that the three are subject to the Disqualification Clause in the 14th Amendment.Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury dismissed the combined case, and the group
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Puente and anti-Trump protesters filed a Notice of Appeal today, asking the 9th Circuit to keep their class action suit against the Phoenix PD alive. The suit stems from the Aug. 22, 2017 protest when then-President Donald Trump came to town, and the PPD dispersed the crowd by firing gas, pepper bullets and flash-bangs into the crowd.The plaintiffs – represented by attorneys from the ACLU and others – alleged constitutional violations and sought injunctive relief against Phoenix to prohibit future protests. District Court Judge John Tuchi dismissed nearly all of those last week.Although in March, the defendants appealed another of
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The Louisiana judge did not wait for the AZAGO to work out terms for TRO language to stop Title 42 from being enforced at the border, after all. Judge Robert Summerhays wrote up his only language and signed it this afternoon, issuing a nationwide order stopping the Biden Administration from terminating the public health-related provision to keep out immigrants.Because he was struck by the Administration’s acknowledgment that the U.S. government had already begun to shift how it was treating individuals from the Nothern Triangle nations, he also ordered that the government provide weekly reports. The Termination of Title 42
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Arizona’s Law has confirmed that the Plaintiffs have immediately appealed this morning’s dismissal to the Arizona Supreme Court. Election challenges such as this bypass the intermediate Court of Appeals, and must be decided “promptly”. The process usually takes only a few days and is without oral argument; the court usually issues a short ruling and follows up with a detailed Opinion months later. (This is a developing story. Please check back for further details.)This article was reported by AZ Law founder Paul Weich. Paul is currently running for a seat in Arizona’s House of Representatives.“AZ Law” includes articles,
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(The following is an introductory commentary written by Chandler attorney Tom Ryan.)In 2016, then Arizona Secretary of State boldly announced she would not update the Arizona Elections Manual. As a concerned citizen – and recognizing the absolute folly of such a position – I took pains to point out that such an intentional dereliction of duty was a violation of Arizona law. I took time out of my busy practice to advise the Attorney General he needed to take action to ensure that the Arizona Elections Manual would be appropriately prepared in time for the 2016 election cycle. Attorney
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 In a crushing defeat to public education advocates who collected enough signatures to place Arizona’s 2021 flat tax on this coming November’s ballot, the Arizona Supreme Court has determined that the taxing measure was not subject to citizens’ constitutional referendum powers because it falls within an exception.”The Court finds that §§ 13 and 15 of S.B. 1828 do fall within the support and maintenance exception to the Arizona Constitution, and thus may not be referred to the voters,” declared the en banc order handed down this afternoon. No dissent was noted.The decision is a major victory for the Arizona Free
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A U.S. District Court Judge  today denied the Biden Administration’s effort to pause an immigration case filed by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich until after the U.S. Supreme Court rules in Biden v Texas. The immigration issue which Judge Michael Liburdi allowed to move forward is the remaining portion of the morphed case filed by the AZAGO challenging a possible COVID vaccine mandate. The USDOJ asked for the stay, claiming that there is significant overlap between the issues in this case and in the Texas case. The Supreme Court is hearing oral argument in the Biden v Texas case next
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The public records battle between Cyber Ninjas/Logans, the Arizona Senate/Fann and the Arizona Republic/American Oversight, relating to last year’s election “audit” continues to generate attorneys’ fees* as the Ninjas have filed a NEW Special Action appealing the $50,000/day contempt sanction for not turning over the records.This is the 4th time either the Ninjas or Fann have appealed to the Court of Appeals, and they have also taken the matter to the Arizona Supreme Court multiple times. Considering the relatively simple nature of the public records case, that might seem excessive.Attorney Jack Wilenchik continues to beat the drum that Superior
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Sandra Dowling tells Arizona’s Law/Arizona’s Politics that Rep. Paul Gosar is scared and “throwing shit against the wall and hoping something sticks” by challenging her nomination petition signatures. On top of that, Gosar’s new attorney represented Dowling just last year in a challenge against AZGOP Chair – and Gosar buddy – Kelli Ward.”Paul Gosar and Kelli Ward don’t want Sandra Dowling on the ballot,” Dowling said. “He’s trying to take both of us down because we’re from Maricopa County.” (Gosar and Tim LaSota also filed against Randy Kutz.)Dowling says that almost all of the challenged signatures are based on
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The Congressional Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is not sure how hard to fight for compliance with subpoenas of Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward’s phone records.Judge Diane Humetewa approved the Committee’s stipulation with the Wards to extend the deadline for an Answer to be filed until May 30. The Committee noted that it is trying to decide how hard to fight for compliance with the subpoena.The Congressional Defendants continue to be actively engaged in studying the various alternatives in this and other related litigation. Additionally, given the schedules of the Select Committee Members
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The Arizona Republic’s music reporter, Ed Masley, does a great job breaking down the legal notes in this legal victory for seniors living at Mirabella at ASU. Judge Brad Astrowsky hands them a complete victory against Shady Park Tempe, the nearby nightclub that had the EDM thumping. An appeal is promised.Here’s the 13-page minute entry granting the preliminary injunction:*Disclosure: Although I do not live there, the named plaintiffs are longtime friends and I have provided legal advice to their family.This article was reported by AZ Law founder Paul Weich. Paul is currently running for a seat in
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Democrats began challenging Arizona’s ballot order statute in 2019, and the effort got knocked down partly because it was bumping up too close to the 2020 election. Today’s 9th Circuit’s decision reversing the dismissal of the case means that it might get thwarted for being too close to the 2022 election.A unanimous three-judge panel today reversed the dismissal, finding that Democrats had standing and had pled enough support to continue towards trial. In the words of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich earlier this week,  Democrats might consider the undoing of the dismissal to be “a big win”.Arizona’s ballot order
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