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The armorer is suing (legal merits of that debatable) with some startling allegations. (1) The ammo supplier supplied the set with a mix of live and dummy rounds, and (2) the scene proceeded without her even being on the set (“had Hannah been called back in”). Also in badly-worded article, it seems to say that the ammo supplier Kenney said that “all rounds are rattle tested before being sent to film sets.” Rattle tested? I’ve heard of dummy rounds with a BB inside that would rattle when shaken, but personally, when I make a dummy, I drill holes in the
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Article here.

Lead case: perp caught after burning a car with murder victim dead in the trunk. Perp and victim are known to have been involved in an unemployment fraud scheme. Perp was free on bond after gun charges filed. Perp asked mother to follow him to where he dumped the car and give him ride back. She asks no questions.

Perp is charged with a misdemeanor, concealing a body.

At the end is a list of other Chicago cases where a perp killed someone while charged with a gun offense but was released or charges were dropped. In
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Interesting results. Firearms ownership 32% (probably understated: some gun owners don’t like to reveal that to strangers). One-third have used gun at least once in self-defense, amounting to 1.67 million defensive gun uses per year.

48% of gun owners own or have owned magazines that hold over ten rounds, and 30%, or over 24 million, own or have owned an AR-15 platform rifle.

Not good news for anti-gunners, at all. When tens of millions of Americans already own what you want to ban…. your cause is out there with the dinosaurs already.
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There are estimates that we have 8,000,000 first-time gun owners over the past couple of years. Nearly half those were women, according to other studies.

I’ve said it before–historically, we were a nation of gun owners. I found a newspaper article describing New York City in the 1890s, saying that let a rabid dog run around Times Square, and you’d see how many people were carrying guns. Another New York City article from the early 20th century gave tips on creating a DIY shoulder holster. That trait was repressed during the 1960s, when gun ownership became unfashionable (or, to
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I am reminded (hate to date myself) I was in Washington, DC, at the bicentennial of the Constitution. A big event, Warren Burger (thankfully a former Chief Justice) chairing the Commission, and so on.

The bicentennial of the Bill of Rights … nothing.

Of course, DC is a company town, and the company is the Federal government. So the event that gave it power is a major celebration, the event that limited that power is best forgotten.
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