As part of our new redesign for the blog (did you notice? ) we are going to try to post more regularly about journals in the field as the new issues are published.  With that in mind, I am delighted to announce the new issue of the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution.  Here is the table of contents below (and let me note proudly that the note from 3L Rachel Gershengoren has won a Cardozo award for best student article published in a Cardozo journal!)


Beyond the Toolbox: Values-Based Models of Mediation Practice-Robert A. Baruch Bush

A Proposal to Establish an International Commercial Arbitration Ethics Panel and Hotline to Resolve Disclosure and Conflicts Issues-Nelson Edward Timken

Real Mediation Systems to Help Parties and Mediators Achieve Their Goals-John Lande


Arbitrating Social Media Content: A Framework for Banning High-Profile Users Through Third-Party Arbitration-Rachel Gershengoren

Fight For Your Life: A Study of Fairness in The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Anti-Doping Policy Appeals Process-Brandon Hamroff

The Power of Influence: Standardizing The Influencer Marketing Industry Through Alternative Dispute Resolution-Michele Lehat