The Law Library has many excellent resources for students preparing to take the bar exam to supplement their bar prep courses: Online Bar Study. And please refer to our Bar Exam and MPRE Resource Guide to assist as you prepare to take the bar exam. This guide highlights important information and services for Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law students as they prepare to take the bar examination in Arizona or elsewhere.

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First Place:  Claire Newfeld, Indian Boarding School Deaths and the Federal Tort Claims Act: A Route to a Remedy

Second Place:  Joanna Jandali, Jammed from Justice: How International Organization Immunity Enshrines Impunity

The Ross-Blakley Law Library at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law announces the 2022 recipients of the Ross-Blakley Law Library Award for Exemplary Student Research.

Claire Newfeld is the first-place award recipient for her entry, Indian Boarding School Deaths and the Federal Tort Claims Act: A Route to a Remedy. Joanna Jandali is the second-place recipient for her entry, Jammed from Justice: How International Organization Immunity Enshrines Impunity.
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Summer is not a vacation for the librarians at the Ross-Blakley Law Library. The end of spring semester only renews our focus on research and study services. Meet with a Librarian to get professional, expert advice from JD holding research experts on the following:

Summer classes and bar exam prep

  • Study aids for upper level classes. Hornbooks, flashcards, flowcharts, and practice questions aren’t just for 1Ls and bar preppers. Our resources can help you stay on top of your reading for courses such as intellectual property, family law, criminal procedure, and evidence.
  • Study aids for the bar exam. We have been

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The Law Library has an abundance of resources to help you prepare for your exams. Our online study aids subscriptions will help build your confidence.

West Academic Study Aids

This resource includes a variety of study aids to help students quickly grasp concepts that may have been elusive in class, such as the Acing series. It also features exam prep resources to help you master multiple choice or ease through issue spotters, such as the ExamPro series.

Aspen Learning Library

This resources includes the invaluable Crunchtime series, which tests your mettle in multiple choice and essays while providing flowcharts to
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Earth Day is coming up later this month, and to mark the occasion, the law library is highlighting new additions to its collection that point to ways to protect the imperiled planet for future generations.

Rethinking Environmental Law, Jan G. Laitos

Historically, environmental laws have presumed an unrealistic separation of humans and nature. This has led to grave problems, such as climate change and mass extinction, that could lead to the Earth becoming less hospitable to life. Humanity has modified the Earth itself with overpopulation, fossil fuel use, and greenhouse gas emissions despite a complicated tangle of multitudinous statutes,
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The Law Library’s Mindfulness and Mental Wellness in Law School guide has been newly updated and upgraded to help you succeed even in the most stressful circumstances your studies have to offer.One new library title featured in the guide is Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It (Ethan Kross, 2021).

This book illustrates how Introspection is not always a good thing. Author Ethan Kross discusses how reflection can help us learn valuable lessons, but can also poison our thinking when our inner critic takes up too much of our mental bandwidth.

Negative self-chatter
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The Law Library provides you with unlimited access to a number of premium resources while you are in school and even after you graduate. But it’s important for you to know that your access may change during the summer or if you graduate. You may face limitations while using these platforms for non-academic work, such as representing clients in a commercial law firm.

Summary of Legal Research Platform Access

ServiceSummer AccessPost-Graduation AccessImportant NotesBloomberg LawUnrestricted access (academic or commercial use).6 months after graduation.Lexis Unrestricted access (academic or commercial use).6 months after graduation. Can apply for 12 months of access if working
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The Law Library is excited to launch an ongoing series in which we will be reviewing newly published books authored by faculty of the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. This is the first review in the series.

As a prosecutor, Valena Beety, author and law professor, had been a carceral feminist, seeking to promote justice for women by incarcerating those who harmed them. But she realized that her passion for promoting justice needed to involve confronting criminal injustices, and freeing the falsely convicted.

Her new book, Manifesting Justice, illustrates the dangers the legal system presents to innocent people,
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“Carceral feminist” is the phrase Valena Beety used to describe her old self, when she was a law student and prosecutor. The author of the forthcoming criminal justice book Manifesting Justice believed in the power of locking people up to “stop cycles of violence,” as many perpetrators of violent offenses are repeat offenders. “There’s a place for incarceration for people who have been dramatically violent.” She believed in her victim advocate work.

As a trial prosecutor, she grew weary of prosecuting defendants who tended to be poor Black and Brown men. And she came to realize that prosecution didn’t necessarily
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Flow charts are an amazing resource for final exams when time is of the essence; they pack in a lot of information and help break down complicated legal analyses into simple steps. They also help ensure that students write about each step of their legal analysis rather than resort to conclusory statements.

The tradeoff is the amount of time it takes to create flow charts. Formatting can be a hassle depending on which program a student uses, and even handwriting them can be a pain.

The website provides some free opportunities to create flow charts with a variety of
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Students learn differently from one another, and the traditional law school methods may not resonate as strongly with one student as the next. And that’s OK. Students who may not feel inspired by the traditional outline can do more to remember the key information necessary for an optimal finals performance.

One tool that will make that easier is Anki, an online platform for multimedia flashcards where students can make their own decks or download decks that others have prepared and then put their legal minds to the test.

Each Anki deck can be as small or as large as
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Graduating from law school is a huge achievement and a new beginning, maybe more so than finishing high school or college. For most students at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, even after they submit their last exams and papers, the ultimate final exam awaits. 

And bar prep isn’t just for 3Ls. The courses you take and study skills you learn during law school can help you clear the final hurdle on your way to a legal career. 

Whether you’re a rising 2L or 3L or newly minted grad, the Ross-Blakley Law Library is here for you. Our 
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Feminist Judgements: Rewritten Property Opinions (Eloisa C. Rodriguez-Dod & Elena Maria Marty-Nelson eds., 2022)

This entry in the Feminist Judgments series revisits many of the cases that have achieved, or should have achieved, seminal status in property law through a feminist and intersectional lens. These rewritten opinions aim for fairer outcomes for women, marginalized people, and even animals. These opinions are not simply written with all eyes on the outcome, however; all follow the precedent and law in effect during the time in which they were decided, with facts available in the original opinions and court documents. This helps draw
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The basic rule of abbreviating, ignored by the authors of The Bluebook, is to avoid nonobvious abbreviations. The words of living judicial legend Judge Richard A. Posner in The Yale Law Journal ring out clear in the Uniform System of Citation, which includes dozens of head-scratching short versions of words.

Leaving aside the 21st edition’s new rules and abbreviations, the Bluebook has always been complicated.  It runs to hundreds of pages of rigid commands, and they are divided into two overlapping sets of rules: blue pages for professional documents, and white pages for academic writing. New 2Ls facing their first round of Journal cite checking must not only learn
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It remains extremely rare for a law school to name itself after a woman, but on April 5, 2006 Arizona State University’s law school became the first, choosing Arizona native and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor as its namesake.

President Reagan nominated her to be the first woman to serve in the United States Supreme Court in 1981, and she retired in 2006. During that time, she established a reputation as a moderate conservative with a pragmatic view of jurisprudence.

She served as an attorney, judge, and state Senate leader in Arizona before her time in Washington.

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The deadline to enter the Ross-Blakley Law Library Award for Exemplary Student Research is Monday, March 28, 2022 at 9:00 am.

Current 2Ls, 3Ls, MLS students and LLM students are eligible to submit their entries. See the rules here. The top prize is $500 and a Certificate of Recognition and second place receives $250 and a Certificate of Recognition. Students must complete a minimum 3,750-word scholarly paper with citations in Bluebook format. Students also must submit a 250- to 500-word description of their research processes, which can include reasons for writing the paper, selection and execution of research methods,
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