A Utah plastic surgeon has been charged by the United States with health care fraud and conspiracy arising out of a year-long scheme to sell fake Covid vaccination cards.  The cards were sold for $50 each.  It is unclear exactly how many cards were sold.

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In addition to selling the fake cards, the doctor and members of his office staff also destroyed over doses of vaccine that they received that were worth over $28,000.  They pretended to administer these destroyed doses, but did not.  In some cases, children were injected with saline rather than actual vaccine.  The saline injections were at the request of the children’s parents.

The scheme was apparently part of the anti-government, anti-vax movement to stop vaccine administration as well as to defraud the government and “get the government out of health care.”

The fake vaccine cards allowed people who purchased them to enter places that required vaccination where they would be able to mix with and infect unsuspecting citizens, some of whom may have been immunocompromised.

These people are not alone in selling fake or forged vaccination cards.  According to an article in the New York Times, two nurses on Long Island made over $1.5 million selling forged vaccination cards.

It is one thing to be skeptical of the benefits of vaccines and to refuse to take them.  It is quite another to pretend that you have been vaccinated and to enjoy the benefits of vaccination while exposing others to disease.

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