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Multiple treating physicians testifying regarding the standard of care in medical negligence case does not violate one expert rule/physician dismissed on summary judgment not indispensable party on cross-appeal of denial of motion to designate said physician as nonparty at fault/failure to disclose treating physician’s expected testimony regarding standard of care requires new trial.
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Remember to stop when children are boarding and exiting a school bus!
With school buses in and out of neighborhoods throughout the year, drivers should expect to wait when the bus’s stop sign arm is extended while children are boarding and exiting the bus. That seems an obvious point, but Arizon…
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Yesterday, Arizona’s top law enforcement official declared that a century old statute criminalizing all abortion access, except where necessary to save the life of the woman, is the law in Arizona. 
This approach contradicts Governor Doug Ducey’s statements that a newly passed bill allowing abor…
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Adult Protective Services Act provides private right of action to vulnerable adults who suffer injury or death from neglect, abuse & exploitation & though doctors are not liable under statue, hospital where doctors provided care are in “enterprise” with doctors and potentially can be under the statue
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Autonomous driving technology has arrived and is here to stay. Though it looks promising, it’s still developing, and has become a hot topic, even in the legal sector. 
Though self-driving cars are inevitably the way of the future (and in the long run likely to be safer mechanisms for driving tha…
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Party who directs defamatory communications toward forum state & seeks t interfere with a contract entered into in that state is subject to personal jurisdiction in that state/ecclesiastical abstention doctrine does not apply where plaintiff seeks tort damages unrelated to the governing law of the church
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