doesntSigning Off Soon A few weeks more than 10 years ago, I launched MarkRubinWrites with Food Writers Have Foils: barleymash. (My blog site identifies several pre-February 2014 posts. I wrote them and brought them over from some other place, long forgotten.) The guts part of my site tells me I have published 887 pieces, or […]
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It’s been an eventful, and often exhausting, year. I learned a lot about what’s important to me and what it means to be true to myself – hopefully more to come with those ideas in 2024!

Here are my top five events from 2023:

Top Surgery

When my eyes fluttered open in the recovery room as my anesthesia was wearing off after top surgery, I looked down at my bandaged chest and thought “Yes!” with a smile. The next morning was even better when my surgeon’s physician assistant cut off the bandages and put me in the binder I had
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Brutalizing Times A swirl of emotions. I read a recent David Brooks piece in the Times a few weeks ago. Mr. Brooks published How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen soon before then. He focuses, in the column, the book, and in many columns, on living successfully in […]
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Trump Redux [Note: Looking for a file, I ran across this piece, first posted on July 23, 2016 and titled, then: Superman Trump: Got It All Covered. The essay seems quaint, given its lament for times when our leaders asked us come together for the greater good. Leaders? Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Obama, and Clinton. Hardly […]
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Trump’s Trial I hope I can shed some light on legal aspects of Former Guy’s trial in New York, now in its fourth day. We’ll do this Q and A style, and I welcome any additional questions. Q If the loans got paid in full, why are we here? A New York has a statute […]
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My Weekend On Friday, September 22, 2023, I paid $51.71 to fill up my 2018 Toyota Rav4. Last gas purchase for me, for a vehicle I own or lease. On Sunday, September 24, I walked out of Costco and saw a slick looking car. A Kia EV6, on display to promote the Costco auto purchase […]
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U.S.A v. Trump A grand jury indicted Donald John Trump in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Let’s be clear about several thing, straightaway: Everyone is presumptively innocent until a jury renders a guilty verdict. The indictment and the evidence have not been shared by the government. No one – […]
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Do you want cute firefighters to show up when you call 9-1-1?

Pay your taxes.

Do you want to zip along the interstate at 70mph instead of bumbling between towns on dirt roads?

Pay your Taxes.

Do you like getting cards in the mail?

Pay Your Taxes.

Photo by xomiele (Creative Commons)

Did you get a COVID vaccine?

Pay Your TaxeS.

Do you have a loved one who is on Social Security?

PaY Your TaxeS.

Do you want kids to know how to read?

PaY YouR TaxeS.

Photo by Cea. (Creative Commons)

Do you think we owe it to our
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