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Should I Work With A Credit Attorney After or Before Bankruptcy?  Filing for bankruptcy is stressful but this is often the only way forward and a much better option than ignoring the obvious. Working with a credit attorney can help alleviate this stress because they negotiate on your behalf and handle complex legal matters, while […]
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How a Credit Attorney Can Help Fix My Credit Report after Bankruptcy Bankruptcy might alleviate debt in the short term but it also negatively impacts your credit score for up to ten years. Lenders look at this score when you apply for credit and this is not something you want hanging over you for such […]
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How Common is it For Americans to Have Errors on Their Credit Reports? Your credit report is often used to ”determine eligibility” which means a credit error can prevent you from getting a credit card, car loan or other types of financial assistance. As if that’s not enough, credit errors can hinder your chances of […]
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How Can A Credit Lawyer Help Me Fix a Credit Report Error? How Bad Credit Impacts Your Life Think of your credit report as an entire record of your financial history. It includes information like how much debt you have, whether you make your payments on time, and whether you have any negative items like […]
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Credit Control LLC (CC) is a debt collection agency based in Hazelwood, Missouri, that purchases debt from major creditors. They also specialize in healthcare collection and have a “dedicated healthcare collection” division. The Better Business Bureau has accredited this business since 2012.    Credit Control has been known for its aggressive and unethical collection practices […]
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Debt is overwhelming in and of itself. However, when debt collectors start to get involved, it can add additional stress to an already challenging situation. Dealing with debt collectors can be difficult—especially when you’re unsure if you’re being contacted by a legitimate entity or a scammer. When bills on a credit card, car loan, or […]
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How to Repair Your Credit after Identity Theft Good credit is your key to numerous financial opportunities. Even if you are financially stable, if you have bad credit, you could still miss out on many opportunities that rely on checking your credit history. Various financial decisions could cause you to have a speckled credit history, […]
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Student loans plague the minds of millions of Americans, but people often have more financial obligations than student loan debt to worry about. Your budget may already be stretched thin between other debts, bills, and necessities. If you are experiencing financial hardship on top of everything, it may feel impossible to honor every financial obligation, including your student loan payments.

Unfortunately, defaulting on your private student loans can greatly impact your financial health, resulting in consequences you may not have anticipated. Many people don’t realize that defaulting on federal student loans can affect your job prospects, and the same
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If you have received notice of legal action against you by Discover, you need to respond promptly before they take a default judgment against you. Discover sues consumers who have defaulted on credit card payments and are hoping you will ignore their lawsuit so that they may collect payment through wage garnishment, property lien, or […]
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Creditors like Synchrony Bank have been known to harass consumers over unpaid debt. As a consumer, you should know that you have rights and are protected by specific federal laws. If you think you have been harassed or experienced unethical collection practices, speak to an experienced debt lawyer at McCarthy Law for legal assistance.    […]
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National Enterprise Systems (NES) is an Ohio-based third-party collection agency that was founded in 1987. NES has received many consumer complaints regarding its unethical debt collection practices, especially violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Behaviors of unethical collection include threatening illegal action against consumers and improper conduct and sharing of information.    […]
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