In recent times, the United States has witnessed a significant uptick in car repossessions, with a 20.4% increase nationwide, as reported by Cox Automotive. This surge indicates a concerning trend, underscoring the necessity for consumers to make informed and prudent financial decisions, especially when it comes to auto loans. At McCarthy Law, we focus on […]
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Retail credit cards, once a shopper’s delight, have turned into a financial predicament. Bankrate’s latest retail card survey reveals that in 2023, the average annual percentage rate (APR) on these cards has reached an all-time high of 28.93%, up from 26.72% in 2022. This figure significantly surpasses the overall credit card APR average of 21.19%. […]
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Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy might seem like a direct route to wiping out unmanageable debts, but not everyone qualifies for this financial “fresh start.” The legal requirements can be stringent, and many individuals find themselves looking for alternatives. At McCarthy Law PLC, we provide a solution for those who need a different path out […]
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In a recent article, the complex world of student tuition was explored, shedding light on how colleges deliberately inflate tuition levels to create an illusion of prestige. This approach, while seemingly making higher education accessible to average American families, masks a growing concern – the national student loan debt problem. The cost of higher education […]
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As the cost of living continues to soar, more and more individuals are finding it challenging to meet their financial obligations, including repaying loans. When borrowers fail to meet their loan obligations, it can lead to severe consequences, including legal actions from lenders. This blog discusses the repercussions of defaulting on loans and how borrowers […]
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When it comes to financing higher education, student loans are often a necessary part of the equation. However, not all student loans are created equal. Understanding the differences between federal and private student loans is essential for making informed decisions about your education financing. In this blog, we’ll break down the key distinctions between these […]
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When you’re dealing with an AMEX lawsuit, you need to know your rights and responsibilities. If you have been sued by American Express, you may be wondering what to do next. You may have received a settlement offer from them—or maybe not yet. Either way, it’s important to understand your options and what steps you […]
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Are you facing the uphill battle of debt lawsuits? As prices rise and consumers struggle to make ends meet, personal debt weighs down even the most budget-conscious consumers. And for those who are dealing with extensive unpaid debts, creditors may be knocking on the door for repayment. If you are being sued for an unpaid […]
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Fight Back! Your Guide to Defending Against an American Express Lawsuit If you’ve received a lawsuit from American Express, you might be wondering what to do. If so, you’re not alone: American Express is one of the most aggressive credit card companies when it comes to collecting debt, and they’re known for suing their customers […]
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Debt collectors have to follow specific rules when they collect debts. These rules are set by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA was created to curtail unfair treatment of consumers by debt collectors.  It ensures that debt collectors don’t harass, threaten, or lie to you when they try to collect payment. By […]
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Co-signing on a child or loved one’s private student loan is a big decision. It’s a common occurrence because young people in particular will not have the necessary credit history to qualify for a loan by themselves. But there are serious risks involved for the co-signer and you might even need a debt relief attorney […]
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Here’s What You Need to Know When Being Sued for Debt Receiving a lawsuit for unpaid debt can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Understanding your rights and options when facing a debt collection lawsuit is essential to protect your financial future. In this article, we’ll explore some key things you need to know when […]
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