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TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC is pleased to announce the acceptance of our blog into the LexBlog and Arizona Attorney Daily legal blog networks. The organizations screen and syndicate blogs about law, primarily publishing law firm blogs written by attorneys. This inclusion affirms TOPDOG’s work and illustrates our unique value as a company led by attorneys who strive to provide quality services, content, and digital marketing for lawyers.

Quality Resources and Services in Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Krista Duncan Black, an attorney with experience in the digital publishing industry, recognized a need in the legal community when she founded TwoDogBlog,
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Your law firm marketing plan may seem complete with your website, a blog or two, your LinkedIn profile, and business cards to hand out, but holy hoopla, Batman, why limit yourself to the outdated tools of mere mortals? Law firm directories are the supertools many lawyers pass by as unimportant, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Unlike print directories, which sit on a shelf until someone opens them, a digital lawyer directory is a dynamic and multifaceted means of reaching potential clients—even while “on the shelf.” Like Marvel Universe’s Multiple Man, listings in the right online legal directories
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Good law firm marketing plans, like good movies, use a variety of devices to connect with the intended audience. Lawyers often think they’ve covered all of the bases with a website, a couple of social media accounts, some print advertising in legal directories and periodicals, and various types of networking. Although often an afterthought, digital marketing can be an extremely impactful marketing tool when used effectively. But don’t be fooled into thinking if you build it, they will come. Even the best tool makes a difference only when used the right way. In digital marketing, law firm SEO can
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Law school is grueling, cramming hundreds of years of case law and legal theory into three years of classes and study. Although new JDs can graduate with a world of legal knowledge, law school does not prepare them to run a law practice or provide what it needs to survive: clients. With merely hanging out a shingle no longer sufficient, being competitive in the legal marketplace means knowing how to bring clients in the door. Today’s shingle may be different for each firm, but its design comes from a common source: a law firm marketing plan customized to your practice.
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TOPDOG Legal Marketing Welcomes Samantha Roberts

TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC welcomes to the TOPDOG family, Samantha Roberts. Samantha brings extensive experience, knowledge, training, and skills that will prove vital to TOPDOG clients.

Samantha graduated from Marshall University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. She has earned multiple certifications from Google Analytics Academy and mastered advanced courses from SEO experts at the online Moz Academy. Her education and training will be invaluable to the legal marketing efforts of TOPDOG clients.

For years, TOPDOG Legal Marketing has been serving the needs of law firms nationwide. CEO
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Law firms are struggling—along with the rest of the world—to deal with the consequences from the novel coronavirus pandemic and to plan for what comes next. With many Americans experiencing work insecurity due to shelter-at-home orders, unemployment claims rising, and business shutdowns or slowdowns, some predict a short-term decrease in demand for lawyers. But the pandemic and its fallout have also created or increased a host of legal problems in almost every practice area.

How can your law firm position itself to fill upcoming needs? Aligning your practice with those needs is imperative.

Crisis-Time Needs Shift Business and Consumer
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The novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, are wreaking havoc on public health and the world economy. Stay-at-home orders and other restrictions and concerns are placing a strain on businesses, and law firms aren’t exempt from the pain. When budgets are cut, marketing efforts are often on the chopping block. While that might be necessary, there are ways law firms can continue to invest in legal marketing during COVID-19 and position themselves to come out of this crisis better equipped to serve current and future clients.

This blog provides links to helpful information you can use to strengthen
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No law firm marketing plan should look exactly like another. To find the right law firm marketing strategies for your firm, you need to consider many factors. Some of the most important decisions regard how you wish to promote your brand, website, and content. Here are some questions law firms often ask about issues relating to strategy.

Is social media for law firms really useful?Should I try to get listed in attorney directories? If so, which ones?What is the value of PPC for law firms? Should I use Google Ads?How do attorney advertising ethics relate to online marketing?

Choose Your
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Asking the Right Questions about Law Firm Websites and SEO

This blog is the third in a series of four that aims to answer vital questions law firms ask about legal marketing. The first blog answered questions regarding legal marketing evaluation of law firm web presence and marketing. The second addressed legal content creation and the importance of truly helpful content in an attorney marketing plan. 

Evaluation and creation are the first two stages in TOPDOG’s legal marketing framework. Step three—legal content optimization—is next in the process. In this blog, we answer questions about how to ensure
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Should I have a blog?Does anyone actually read legal newsletters?Do potential clients visit attorney biographies online?

There are more than six billion indexed pages on the Internet. And despite efforts to digitize business processes and communications, a lot of paper still crosses most desks on a daily basis. How can you get your message—or content—through all the static? Start by asking these three content-focused attorney marketing questions.

Answers to Attorney Marketing Questions about the Value of Content Creation

This blog is the second in a four-part series that seeks to answer some of the important questions asked about law firms
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Why aren’t people visiting my website?Should I have a blog?How much should a law firm spend on marketing?Do people really read law firm newsletters?How much do law firm ads cost on Google? Do they work?

If you are responsible for marketing your firm or practice, these are just a few of the questions you should be asking about law firms and marketing. Read on for answers to some of these attorney marketing questions, with more answers in upcoming items from the lawyer-driven team at TOPDOG Legal Marketing.

Law Firms and Marketing: Your Questions Answered

As attorney marketers who work
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