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Social media platforms provide an opportunity for many to have a voice and share information. They help friends and families to stay connected, and supply businesses with new ways to reach out to clients. Yet, despite social media regulations, false or defamatory content often appears online. In fact, users who post defamatory, reckless, or inappropriate comments are often rewarded with more attention.
How often do you post a life update on social media without thinking about it? Or read a snarky tweet about a stranger? Although many people forget, social media is a public platform where comments can impact other
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The internet presents a world of possibilities that was almost unimaginable 50 years ago.
Using the internet, you can connect with loved ones and like-minded people from across the globe, glean information on most topics, purchase items from any country and earn a living.
But the internet has also been plagued with lawlessness. Unethical hackers and other criminals misuse the internet’s capabilities to create serious problems such as viruses, identity theft, copyright infringement, and internet banking fraud. Thankfully, internet law is evolving as it protects law-abiding internet users while combating these crimes.
What is Internet Law?
Internet law refers to
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Defamation, slander, and libel all refer to when someone communicates false information to a third party that is harmful to another’s reputation. Libel is defamation that is communicated in writing. Slander is defamation that is communicated orally.
Examples of Libel and Slander
Some examples of slander or libel may include:

  • Falsely spreading rumours that a person is having an affair, leading to the individual being ostracized, shunned, or excluded by others.
  • Falsely accusing someone of theft, leading to the individual’s reputation being smeared.
  • Falsely spreading rumours about a restaurant, causing people to turn away from the business, leading to a

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As social media evolves, so does the life of influencers. As of the mid-2010s, becoming a full-time influencer became an acceptable, and sought-after, job. The duties of an influencer range far and wide, but one of the most important is prioritizing the production of quality content that resonates with your followers. However, not many influencers realize that there is a legal side to content creation and that the wider your reach is, the more susceptible you are to legal issues.

Fortunately, you can rely on the services of a social media attorney. Social media attorneys understand the unique challenges that
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Social media platforms have provided an opportunity for the voiceless to be heard, for friends and family to stay connected, and for us to glean and share information. Unfortunately, these platforms have also created an environment where online defamation thrives. They afford users accessibility and anonymity, thereby making it easier for offenders to go unpunished.
Does this mean that victims of online defamation will never get justice? Are there glimmers of hope for victims in this grand era of social media? What defenses are available to those facing a defamation lawsuit? Below we explore what you can do if you
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One of the benefits of living in a democratic society is freedom of expression. As a human right, freedom of expression allows you to discuss, debate, and exchange ideas. It also grants you the liberty to seek and share information without fear of censorship. Does this mean there aren’t limits to free expression? Certainly not. Defamation law exists to defend a person’s reputation against lies that can cripple every aspect of their life. It establishes boundaries and creates a balance between both sides. Let’s explore these boundaries below.
Defamation, Libel and Slander
Defamation refers to harming a person’s character by
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In today’s digital world, every business needs to have an online presence. While launching your website doesn’t usually require the expertise of an online business attorney, when it comes to launching an e-commerce site, you may need one. Many legal issues come into play, including copyright and trademark infringement, domain name theft, payment card security, customer data protection, unfair competitive practices, and many more.
Why should you hire an e-commerce attorney?
Here are ten reasons why you should consider hiring an experienced internet lawyer for your online business:
1. Ever-changing technology
As technology continues to change, so do the
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We’ve all seen nasty comments targeting other people online. Perhaps you, too, have been a victim. Although it can be tricky determining when comments cross the line into harassment, we assembled some general guidelines to assist you. Online harassment, or cyber harassment, is the act of sending threatening or harassing emails, instant messages, social media posts, blog entries, or other online communication aimed at humiliating and tormenting someone.
How can the law help victims? What are the limitations of the law? Let’s explore what the law can and can’t do about online harassment below.
When the Law is on Your
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The beauty and personal care market is expected to grow from $511 billion in 2021 to $784.6 billion in 2025, partially thanks to the trending growth of the e-commerce industry in general and the power of influencer marketing. With influencers raking in so much money in beauty, it is important to consider the legal protections – and cautions – of launching an e-commerce beauty brand.  

What are the most common legal issues in the ecommerce beauty, cosmetics, and personal care industry?  

  • Establishing a proper business entity to protect you from personal liability 
  • Creating proper business agreements to protect your business interests with partners and affiliates 
  • Drafting proper online terms of use and privacy policies for your

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The popular video and photo sharing app Snapchat has a feature that allows users to show how many MPH their current speed is, whether in a car, airplane, moving train, etc. Even though this feature can be exciting to use when filming at high speeds, it can also be dangerous, and even detrimental, when snapchatting while driving.  

In 2017, three teenage boys drove up to 123 MPH before losing control, crashing into a tree and dying, all while documenting their speed on Snapchat. Two of the boys’ parents sued Snapchat for “failing to regulate what users post through the Speed Filter; if the users were not motivated to capture their high speeds for content, they would not speed,” according
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WTF is an NFT? 

Recently, Influencers like Paris Hilton and Jake Paul have been publicly advocating for NFT’s. So what exactly is an NFT and why should I care?  

NFT stands for – “Non-Fungible Token” – which basically means it’s a one-of-a-kind token and cannot be replaced with another NFT. For example, you could trade a dollar for a different dollar, and it would hold the same value, but if you trade one NFT for another, it will never be valued the same – think of them like unique trading cards.  

NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that supports NFTs by storing extra information about them that makes them work differently than the Ethereum cryptocurrency.  

NFTs were first introduced to purchase digital art online, or more importantly, an NFT serves as proof
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What is Anti-SLAPP?  

Anti-SLAPP laws were created to stop or dismiss SLAPP lawsuits and allow the defendant the possibility of getting their legal fees reimbursed. Anti-SLAPP laws even offer possible punitive damages for the party that filed the lawsuit. Oftentimes, people use Anti-SLAPP statutes to get frivolous defamation lawsuits dismissed.  

What are SLAPP lawsuits?  

SLAPP stands for “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation”. The term was first introduced by two law professors in the 1980’s who noticed an increase in lawsuits that were used to intimidate or censor critics from speaking out against opponents publicly by making them pay attorney’s fees to defend themselves.  SLAPP lawsuits were increasingly discouraging people from exercising their First Amendment rights. Thus, Anti-SLAPP laws
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Has someone posted false damaging content about you or your law firm online? Do you have issues with fake defamatory reviews on Yelp! or Google? Our Firm knows exactly how to help lawyers who are defamed online. In fact, we have had firsthand experience with this issue and know exactly how you feel – and how to make the defamation stop. But there are a few steps in the process of evaluating your potential defamation case. The first step is determining whether the information posted online about you as a lawyer qualifies as defamation. You can read more about the requirements for defamation here.  Next, once we determine that the information qualifies as defamation, we consider whether it also qualifies as defamation per se. Most commonly this is a statement
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Thinking of starting an online business or launching your own brand as an influencer? Before you dive into the deep end, make sure you are setting yourself up for success in the world of e-commerce. Below, E-Commerce Attorney Raees Mohamed explains the Top-Five things every e-commerce entrepreneur needs to know.  

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  • Create Proper Terms of Service and Privacy Policies  
  • You can’t copy the Terms of Service or other policies from another site. That’s called copyright infringement. You need your own terms and policies drafted that are specific to your
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    A detailed timeline of the long and complicated battle Britney Spears is facing in replacing her father as Conservator of her person and her estate. To learn more, check out our blog…

    #FreeBritney: Britney Spears Conservatorship Legal Battle Explained By An Influencer Attorney

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    Someone is defaming, harassing, or extorting you online, or perhaps infringing your copyrighted content online – but you don’t know who! How do you sue someone if you don’t even know who they are? Is it worth it? Can you uncover the identity of the anonymous poster?  
    Can You Sue An Anonymous Blogger, Website, or user? 
    Yes, you absolutely can. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, you may have the option to file a John Doe defamation lawsuit.  
    John Doe Lawsuit Definition  
    What is a John Doe Lawsuit? Defining a John Doe Lawsuit… (keywords) 
    When you take legal action against an unknown party, it is referred to as a “John Doe” Lawsuit or an unknown defendant lawsuit. These types of lawsuits usually occur when a plaintiff is legally
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