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Creative ideas are on display all around us—they may include the process that fuels a business’ growth and development, the idea positioning a marketing campaign, a piece of art, or the concept behind a YouTuber’s brand. Creative ideas are also known as intellectual property (IP)—anything intangible that a person creates using their mind that is transformable into tangible things. Literary works, secret formulas, images, procedures, and designs are also forms of IP.
IP can be converted into profitable commercial products, which makes it attractive for theft and misuse by others. The situation is complicated by the rise and pervasiveness of
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The world of e-commerce has grown exponentially, as buying and selling electronically has become an easy alternative for Americans. By 2023, sales from the online retail industry are expected to reach a whopping 22% of all global retail sales. As the industry is expanding, so too are the internet laws and legal implications surrounding online businesses. This ensures that buyers and sellers are equally protected under the law when a transaction is made.
Important Laws You Need to Know
In the same way that a business with a physical storefront must comply with the laws that govern its jurisdiction, online
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Legal support is important when operating a YouTube channel, especially given the many legal issues content creators and YouTubers are exposed to. Some content creators may not find it necessary or consider it a priority at first, as many start and maintain their channels primarily as hobbies. However, legal support becomes necessary as a channel grows, gains popularity, and develops into a valuable asset.

Below are five instances in which YouTubers and content creators should consider hiring an internet lawyer to help with their channel.
1. When Negotiating Contracts
Brand deals, affiliate marketing, and partnerships with multi-channel networks (MCNs) are
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Law firms and attorneys who want to attract new clients must stay competitive online. One of the essential ways to develop an effective online presence is to generate high-quality law firm website content that appeals to search engines and provides value to people. As search engines like Google continually refine and update their algorithms, knowing how to develop and present content that follows search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and meets your clients’ needs is more important than ever.

Law Firm Website Content and SEO Best Practices

As a lawyer, your focus is to help your clients by making
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TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC is thrilled to announce the promotion of Lynn Kessler to Content Production Specialist. An invaluable part of TOPDOG Legal Marketing since 2018, Lynn has excelled in not only her prior role as Editorial Associate but also as an overall team member.

A cum laude graduate of West Virginia University, Lynn has over 15 years of writing and editorial experience. Her passion for research and skill in communication help make TOPDOG an effective force in legal marketing.

“We’re so happy to announce Lynn’s promotion to Content Production Specialist,” said TOPDOG CEO Krista Duncan Black. “She is one
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We are in an age when it is almost impossible not to leave a digital footprint. A simple search of your name may reveal personal information you never realized was readily available. Information such as your address, shopping habits, and place of employment can be sold to data brokers. Data brokers use your information to create consumer profiles and to build credit scores. Unfortunately, it can also open you up to identity theft.
This information can also be used to mar your reputation. Building a positive reputation—whether as an individual or as a business—takes time and effort. It can affect
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Indiana attorney Heather Kane has been promoted to the position of Legal Content Director at TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC. A 25-year attorney with experience in the publishing industry, Heather’s skill set is perfectly tailored to the position, and TOPDOG is emphatically pleased to have her in the role.

Heather received her JD from Indiana University Maurer School of Law. She has bachelor’s degrees from Purdue University in Organizational Communication and German. To her work at TOPDOG, she brings skills from her time in private practice, as a judicial clerk, and as a court staff attorney.

As a Visiting Clinical
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TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC is happy to announce that Paula Roberts of Nitro, WV has been promoted to the position of Creative and Administrative Director. In this role, Paula directs the company’s creative service line as well as leading the administrative team.

Paula’s team provides creative services, including law firm web design, infographics, CLEs, brochures, and social media ads. They also provide critical support and structure for internal processes such as task management, financial systems and goals, and general administration.

Paula’s previous experience as a paralegal, secretary, benefits coordinator, accounting clerk, and the owner of a small business offering crafting
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Product or service reviews are common occurrences when operating a business. Consumers express their opinions of a product or service in writing on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, TripAdvisor, Ripoff Report, or social media. These reviews provide feedback to suppliers and give other consumers real insight into the product or service.

A company need not have an online presence to receive an online review, whether that review is positive or negative. However, negative reviews have a wide reach and have the potential to damage a brand or a business extensively. Thus, they must be handled effectively.

Reviewers are protected by
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Whether your online small business is just starting or is already established, a relationship with an internet business lawyer is essential. Operating online exposes a small business to legal liabilities and operational risks that can threaten the long-term viability and survival of that business.
The relatively recent rise of the internet means that laws are constantly changing and evolving. An internet business lawyer who has experience navigating the unpredictable landscape can provide much-needed protection for what may be your most valuable asset. Below we listed 5 essential steps to protecting your business, and go in depth on 5 additional reasons
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TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC is excited to announce the newest member of its growing legal marketing team. Nikki Conley joined the agency in January 2022 as an administrative assistant.

A graduate of West Virginia University, Nikki has a bachelor of arts in psychology. While raising four children with her husband, Brian, she has worked over the years in the mental health and social services, child care, and real estate industries. Her experience in various areas, including administration, human resources, and accounting, are an asset to TOPDOG as the company continues to thrive and carve out its niche in law firm
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Advertising is one of the driving forces behind the growth of a business. Businesses use advertisements to persuade consumers to purchase products or services, increasing sales and boosting the company’s bottom line.
However, connecting consumers with products or services through ads can lead to unfair and unethical practices that threaten consumer welfare and fair competition among businesses. Advertising law addresses these issues and protects both advertisers and consumers.
Protecting Consumers and Promoting Fair Competition
Advertising law constitutes a complex pool of laws and regulations that govern how, when, and where businesses and third parties connect consumers and advertisements. Generally, advertising
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Krista Duncan Black and Heather Banner Kane, the CEO and chief production officer of TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC, recently celebrated the milestone of 25 years as licensed attorneys. Prior to their swearing in, Black and Kane graduated from Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, where they were roommates and Moot Court partners.   

Black and Kane have maintained continuous licensure since becoming members of the bar—Kane in Indiana and Black in West Virginia and Arizona. Both worked as attorneys in private practice and government positions before Black, recognizing the value of a legal marketing agency led by lawyers, founded TOPDOG
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TikTok’s popularity soared to new heights during the COVID-19 pandemic, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Teens and other users (including us!) can’t get enough of the platform that mostly features addictive and compelling short clips with user-generated content.

Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook also offer entertaining and insightful content, but have you ever wondered why different rules apply to TikTok? Is TikTok subject to copyright laws? Do you need a TikTok lawyer if you use it as a content creator? Let’s discuss below:
Do TikTokers seem to get away with a lot more than other influencers
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Cyberbullying is a fairly new phenomenon whose emergence is linked to the rise of electronic communication and the internet. It commonly affects children—especially teens—but adults are often victims of cyberbullying too. While it doesn’t cause physical injury, cyberbullying can cause severe psychological and emotional damage. Some damage, like emotional distress, is immediate and temporary, but other damage can manifest later in a victim’s life. Can a victim sue for current and future damages? The answer is yes.
What Is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying is a pattern of behavior that involves the repeated harassment of an individual via online sources or electronic communication
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Washington’s new anti-SLAPP statute, a version of the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act, replaces its 2010 predecessor that was invalidated by the Supreme Court in 2015. The 2010 law was considered too aggressive and infringed on the state’s constitutional right to a jury trial. The new legislation, like its predecessor, aims to protect individuals against SLAPP suits that threaten their First Amendment rights.
Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs)
Strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs) are baseless lawsuits that seek to intimidate individuals against exercising their rights to freedom of expression. Costly litigation or threats of legal action are used
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