It seems increasingly likely that the Federal government is going to shut down this weekend. If it does, what happens to Social Security disability claims?

Here are some answers:

Social Security payments would continue to be sent out on time unless the debt ceiling is not raised and the government defaults on its obligations.

Social Security offices are reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic, but online services are still available. However, staffing could be limited during a shutdown, causing delays and disruptions.

Social Security disability hearings would likely still be held but with reduced support personnel and no decision writing. This means that benefits could be
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A recent CNBC post discusses five common myths about Social Security retirement claiming and the truths behind them.

  • Myth 1: Claiming early to get the most benefits before Social Security runs out of money. Truth: Waiting to claim will result in higher benefits and more income security.
  • Myth 2: Using the break-even age to decide when to claim. Truth: The break-even age does not account for other factors such as longevity risk, spousal benefits, or taxes.
  • Myth 3: Claiming early to get the benefit of a high cost-of-living adjustment. Truth: Cost-of-living adjustments are applied to projected benefits regardless of when

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John had recently helped me with my Disability Case, and have to say that he was always very efficient. From the start. He showed knowledge, and Efficiency in this Matter from the start to end on my case. Right at the beginning with the first phone call, he gave me a sense of “You will be Ok” which is very nice feeling after trying for two times to do all this on my own. He was attentive when I explained my case by phone. May God bless him, and the work he does for everybody.– Maria Limon
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Mr. Kuhnlein was a lifesaver. After getting the runaround from one attorney to another I had basically given up hope of finding help. After receiving a call from SSA that my hearing would be approaching in the next few months they encouraged me to have representation and guided me on how to find a good one. John was number one on the search list and had the most positive reviews and the reviews weren’t wrong. John was quick to call me back and really took the time to listen to me and my needs. From then on the process went
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Just researching disability and having questions about the process, I first called another lawyer who basically was too busy to listen and said call back in a year or so when further along in the process. At that point, I still had unanswered questions and still was unclear to all the steps in the process. So I kept searching and was so lucky to find Mr. Kuhnlein. He answered my questions, listened, and felt that Scott’s case was definitely worth pursuing. From day one, he put us at ease and honestly was genuinely the nicest and kindest person from the
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Don’t trust luck In going through the process. First, I made a huge mistake by trusting an ad from a company to help me through the Disability and SSI process. Second, I got lucky and a friend referred me to John Kuhnlein. Don’t waste your time, effort and life without a lawyer to guide, care for and produce a positive result. John was a GOD send for me. Throughout the 2 years plus process just to get to see a judge John was on the job. Anytime I contacted him he responded within minutes! It was startling as time progressed.
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