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Dr. Dre and his wife of over 24 years are divorcing and it has been nothing shy of the public eye. It seems like every month there is a new update that shows the battle getting messier and messier. Most recently, it has been reported that Dr. Dre’s wife, Nicole Young, has requested ownership of the producer and musician’s well-known trademarked name, Dr. Dre as well as the trademark for his hit album, “The Chronic”.   According to court documents, Dr. Dre’s legal team is asking the court to shut down Nicole’s lawsuit over the trademarks, but does she actually have any legal grounds?   Prenup Problems: “Forgot About Dre”  Nicole and Dre were married four years… Continue Reading Dr. Dre’s Divorce Battle Is Nothing But a “G” Thang: Soon-To-Be Ex-Wife Fights For the Intellectual Property Rights to His Name