Frequently Asked Questions


Is my blog eligible for inclusion in Arizona Attorney Magazine Today?

Legal blogs are eligible for inclusion in Arizona Attorney Magazine Today if the author of the blog is an SBA member or the blog is associated with a firm that employs at least one SBA member.

How do I sign up to be included?

Members are invited to submit their blogs by filling out a short online form. After filling out the form, staff will verify that the blog meets the SBA’s inclusion criteria, and if it does, the blog will be added to Arizona Attorney Magazine Today and its content will automatically appear there whenever the blog is updated.

Why was my blog post promoted or removed?

The SBA reserves the right to promote or remove any blog posts at the SBA’s sole discretion. The SBA is not required to provide reasons for promoting or removing any blog post.

How do I improve the likelihood of my blog post being promoted on Arizona Attorney Magazine Today

  1. Blogs that feature substantive legal news or information are more likely to be promoted by the SBA. This type of content is of interest to a larger segment of the membership. Promotional posts and press releases will not be highlighted.
  2. Blogs that contain artwork. The recommended image specification is 1200 pixels by 630 pixels. This number is based on the Facebook social share size. However, posts are not required to contain artwork in order to be promoted.
  3. Blogs should not promote non-SBA continuing legal education (CLE) offerings. Any posts promoting CLE sponsored by organizations other than the SBA will be removed from Arizona Attorney Magazine Today.
  4. Blogs that publish on a regular basis are more likely to have timely and relevant information of interest to the SBA membership.
  5. Posts that are correctly formatted. Titles should be short, specific, and clear. Limit your post’s word count to around 300 to 600 words.