This month’s VM Recommends brings us selections from our San Diego Editor and Paralegal, Antonia Gordon.

What are your current book and podcast recommendations?

I recently listened to the audiobook of Bright Young Women by Jessica Knoll, which was inspired by the first “celebrity” serial killer, Ted Bundy, and is told from the (fictional) perspectives of two women affected by his crimes. I really enjoyed the story as well as the voice acting. It provided an interesting take on the recent surge in popularity of media featuring serial killers and sensationalizing the horrifying acts they committed. The novel did a great job of putting readers’ focus on the victims rather than the infamous killer, failing to even mention Bundy by name (referring to him instead as “The Defendant”), and offered compelling insight into their responses to his actions.

 What is your favorite place to visit in San Diego?

If you’re in San Diego, I recommend checking out Kindred in South Park. The all-vegan restaurant/bar has a unique and fun aesthetic, featuring death-metal music played in an otherwise open, airy, and whimsical space. They have a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as an extensive brunch and dinner menu. My favorite things to order are the Zombie Prescription mocktail, combining tropical and citrus flavors, and the Skewer Battle, which includes all three variations of their distinctly flavored skewers (my number one is the Chimichurri Skewers, which feature their house-made seitan). If you stop in, make sure to leave an offering of a couple dollars in the mouth of the giant wolf head statue on the wall—all the cash is donated to a wolf sanctuary!

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