John Lande received the Outstanding Scholarly Work at the Legal Educators Colloquium Luncheon at the ABA DR conference in San Diego. John, as readers of Indisputably know well, is very deserving of this award. He has written numerous books, articles and blog posts, as a beloved professor at Missouri and in retirement.

Brian Pappas gave a heartfelt introduction and reminded attendees about John’s oversized impact on ADR legal education through his scholarship and thoughtful analysis of numerous subject matter areas.

John gave a great speech thanking the section and encouraging attendees to read his scholarship, book, article or post. He talked about the importance and impact of writing in dispute resolution. He reminded us of his long history of taking pictures of friends and food. He asked everyone to get up and do something to “make him smile” at the luncheon, and his lovely wife Anne took a video we may see in a future post.

It was a lovely tribute to an important scholar, terrific colleague and friend and by far, the most prolific member of the Indisputably blog.

I encourage you to continue to honor John and his award by searching through Indisputably for John’s posts in an area you are interested in, and reading and commenting on one of them.