Groups of students in your classes may want to put their new collaborative skills and creativity into the service of others by entering a new student video contest, sponsored by the AAA-ICDR Foundation and the Divided Community Project’s #CampusBridge initiative. Please spread the word in your classes and share the contest announcement with your university’s student affairs, communications, and inclusive excellent leaders. The announcement is here:

The hope is that the contest will encourage students to make a contribution to supporting, understanding, respecting regardless of viewpoint, and protecting students who are struggling in the midst of the Middle East Violence. The project fits their busy schedules, as the videos can be only 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length. For each of the up to 10 winners, the AAA-ICDR Foundation will make $10,000 grants to the winning student teams’ colleges or universities for use to help promote the similar skills and values among students.