In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, it’s crucial for business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers to understand the importance of making effective disclosures. Failure to provide clear and conspicuous disclosures can lead to legal issues and damage your brand’s reputation. 


Here’s a guide from the perspective of an advertising lawyer to help you through the process to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations..


  •     Recognize and Understand the Purpose of Disclosures: The first step is understanding that disclosures play a vital role in digital advertising by providing consumers with critical information that can influence their purchasing decisions. These disclosures must be clear, conspicuous, and readily accessible to your target audience.


  •     Know and Understand Applicable Laws and Regulations: To make disclosures effectively, you should know the laws and regulations governing digital advertising. For instance, in the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mandates that advertisers make truthful claims, avoid deceptive practices, and disclose material connections or risks associated with their products or services. 


Awareness of these should guide you in creating advertisements within the scope of these laws.


  •     Exercise Strategic Placement and Visibility: Ensuring the visibility and accessibility of disclosures is paramount. On websites, place disclosures near the relevant claims, avoiding burying them within lengthy terms and conditions. Consider incorporating the disclosure at the beginning or near the claim in videos or social media posts.


  •     Practice Clarity in Language and Content: Write disclosures in clear and easily understandable language. Avoid using technical jargon or terms that may confuse consumers. Keep the disclosure concise and direct, conveying the necessary information effectively.


  •     Be Adaptable across Devices and Platforms: Given the diverse range of devices and platforms consumers use to access digital content, your disclosures must be adaptable. Ensure that disclosures are easily readable and accessible across mobile devices, tablets, and computer screens.


  •     Use Visual Cues: Enhance the effectiveness of your disclosures by using visual cues. Consider employing contrasting colors, bold fonts, or icons to draw attention to the disclosure. However, remember that the disclosure should remain understandable even without visual aid.


  •     Highlight Social Media and Influencer Disclosures Clearly: If you engage in influencer marketing or use social media platforms for advertising, it is crucial to ensure that influencers explicitly disclose their relationship with your brand. The FTC mandates that influencers disclose their connections with brands clearly and conspicuously, such as by using hashtags like #ad or #sponsored.


  •     Regularly Monitor and Update: Digital advertising landscapes and regulations evolve rapidly. Periodically monitor your advertising campaigns to ensure ongoing compliance with laws and regulations. Also, update your disclosures as necessary to reflect changes in your products, services, or legal requirements.

Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Effectively incorporating disclosures into your digital advertising efforts is essential in building trust with consumers while safeguarding your brand’s reputation. An advertising lawyer can assist in reviewing advertising campaigns, ensuring that all claims are truthful and non-deceptive, and that proper disclosures are included. 


By working with an advertising lawyer, businesses can mitigate legal risks, protect their brand’s reputation, and confidently navigate the ever-changing world of digital advertising.

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