In the category of “funny/cute stories about Chat GPT,” two offerings:

First, you may enjoy this article by Maxwell Strachan, “I Asked Chat GPT to Control My Life, and It Immediately Fell Apart.” The article begins:

Within minutes of my decision to hand my life over to AI, ChatGPT suggested that, if able, I should go outside and play with my dog instead of work. I had asked the chatbot to make the choice for me, and it had said that I should prioritize “valuable experiences” that contribute to my “overall well-being.” This instruction was welcome, as it was beautiful outside and, more importantly, not even noon on Monday, so I dutifully did as I was told. 

Things go downhill from there.

Another amusing tale comes from Gotham Chess (international master Levy Rozman), recounting a chess game between Chat GPT and Google Bard, here. Those two AI competitors take a really loose view of the conventional rules of chess, and Gotham Chess does a great job with the commentary.