If you or somebody you care about has been involved in a vehicle accident and is considering working with an attorney, the time to seek out free consultation is right now. Time is critical when it comes to investigating these incidents and handling negotiations with insurance carriers. Here, we want to discuss some of the steps involved in finding an attorney as well as what an attorney can do for you after an accident occurs.

Time Means Evidence and Negotiations

The immediate aftermath of a vehicle accident can be an incredibly confusing experience. There’s typically so much happening all at once, and it can be overwhelming for those involved. When you contact a skilled car accident lawyer in Arizona as soon as possible after the incident, you will have an advocate ready to step in very quickly and begin the work needed to make your claim successful.

Soon after any type of vehicle accident, evidence will begin to disappear. That does not necessarily mean there is anything nefarious happening. It just means that this is the natural order of things. The accident scene gets cleaned up, cars get repaired, and memories fade. An attorney can step in quickly and gather any evidence needed. They can begin an extensive investigation into the cause of the incident in order to establish the best possible path of recovering compensation for their client.

Communication and negotiations with insurance carriers and the at-fault party should be taken over quickly by an attorney. It is too easy for a car accident victim to accidentally say something that could jeopardize their claim, so having all communication go through a car accident lawyer is a better idea.

An Attorney Can Help With Every Aspect of the Process

Aside from the ongoing investigation into the vehicle accident and communicating with the other parties involved, there are various other steps that an attorney will simultaneously go through on behalf of their client.

It is not uncommon for insurance carriers to make a settlement offer relatively quickly, particularly if the at-fault party is mostly at fault for the incident. However, first settlement offers are typically far below the dollar amount that they should be. It is not uncommon for an attorney to have to negotiate with the insurance carriers in order for their client to receive fair compensation.

Unfortunately, not all negotiations result in a fair settlement. An attorney can file a personal injury claim in civil court against the asphalt driver, which then begins the discovery process. This is the part of a civil lawsuit where both sides exchange evidence with one another and take depositions from witnesses. Negotiations will likely continue, particularly as more and more evidence comes to light.

Free Consultation and a Contingency Fee

Almost all personal injury lawyers offer free consultations, and if an attorney decides to take a case, they will usually do it on a contingency fee basis.

Under a contingency fee system, the client will actually pay no upfront costs related to their case. This includes no filing fees, no paying for the investigation, and no payment for trial preparation. In fact, the client will not pay a dime in legal fees until after their attorney successfully recovers the compensation they are entitled to. In the event the attorney does not win, the client will pay nothing under a contingency fee agreement.

We bring up these costs because individuals often avoid seeking out legal assistance because they fear it will cost them too much money. You should not have that fear, particularly when you need compensation to get your life back on track. Contact a Scottsdale car accident attorney today for a free case evaluation.

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