Don’t trust luck In going through the process. First, I made a huge mistake by trusting an ad from a company to help me through the Disability and SSI process. Second, I got lucky and a friend referred me to John Kuhnlein. Don’t waste your time, effort and life without a lawyer to guide, care for and produce a positive result. John was a GOD send for me. Throughout the 2 years plus process just to get to see a judge John was on the job. Anytime I contacted him he responded within minutes! It was startling as time progressed. He was always positive and helpful. HIs encouragement during the hard times was invaluable. He knows what he is doing, he cares and he gets the job done correctly. I was so impressed with his work up to court day I was super comfortable when it came. He crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s and had the EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE to guide my case through the system and present it in the way in needed to be for the court. Needless to say, We were successful! I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism and skill in his job. I was a basket case in the court but despite my issues, he made it all happen. My advice, Hire JOHN. You will not regret it. In fact, it will be the BEST choice you can make in your case. It’s too important to do less. I am a very pleased client. I recommend you don’t trust luck to get through it, hire John he will get the job done. Jay David Murphy
– Jay David Murphy