There is a LOT of confusion about what is happening in Kari Lake’s Election Contest appeal. One of her stated reasons for holding her Sunday rally is “to get everybody focused on what’s happening in our case, because the fake news won’t cover it fairly”. She also mentioned she will be encouraging everyone to “start praying for the judges”.

We have been trying to address some of the incorrect information that has been spread about the appeal for the past month. We have been publishing the Briefs filed by all parties, and other filings – largely because the appellate courts do not (yet) publish them. We have been trying to explain the appellate rules, the multiple, confusing appeals filed by Lake’s attorneys, the Orders from the courts trying to untangle them, and more.

(Please scroll down for links to our previous articles about the case.)

Here are a few of the important points to remember for the coming week:


1) There will NOT be Oral Argument (or more evidence presented) this week in the Lake Election Contest Appeal.

2) Briefing is complete (see our website).

3) Oral Argument was not requested by Lake’s attys (or the Defts). It is unlikely the judges will request it.

4) The conference set for Feb. 1 is private. It is judges only. Not the parties, their attys, the public. It will not be livestreamed.

5) The court publishes the conference schedule “so that folks understand the case status.”*

6) Because Lake’s attys did not request this to be considered an expedited elections case, the Ct of Appeals Opinion could be days or weeks away.

7) If it is taking too long, the AZ Supreme Court did tell Lake she could again ask them to consider the appeal and skip the Ct of Appeals. (Given the 1st 2 refusals and that the Ct/App knows, this is unlikely.)

8) We have published all of the appellate briefs and filings so far. We will publish the Opinion when it is handed down:

Previous articles about this case:

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