Story here. The good guy saw another person waving a gun and shouting threats after pistol-whipping another person in his rage. The good guy, Lloyd Muldrow, subdued and disarmed the offender and held him for police. Muldrow had a handgun, with a Virginia but not a Maryland permit to carry, and police arrested him.

(The article says he was arrested for carrying within 100 feet of a public building. Bruen specifically says that while “sensitive place” limitations may be constitutional, they must be strictly limited and find an analogy in restrictions that were in place at the time of the framing. The Maryland statute, if applied not just to a government building, but to an area of 100 feet around it, and even to persons inside other buildings within that radius, would seem clearly unconstitutional).

Donations for his defense can be sent to his GiveSendGo page.