The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law’s Divided Community Project (DCP) in collaboration with OSU’s Mershon Center for International Security Studies released the second edition of a dispute systems design-centered guide for communities advancing racial equity initiatives.

Titled A Practical Guide to Planning Collaborative Initiatives to Advance Racial Equity (2nd ed. 2022) (available at, this second edition features learning from US-based multi-pronged and sequenced processes created to advance race equity in this country. Whether they are called truth, transformation and healing commissions or something else, these processes are designed to facilitate collaborative problem-solving over a period of years to achieve the equitable society that will afford each person the opportunity to thrive. There is no single blueprint for the kind of transformative process that seeks to provide equity and “raises all boats.” Planners will tailor the process to their communities, context and goals. This site is designed to share resources for leaders and planners dealing with the inevitable challenges that arise in an initiative to advance racial equity, and also includes DCP’s guidance (released in late 2021) for addressing controversial symbols and public spaces.

The complete guide is available at Licensed with a creative commons license, the report may be shared, reproduced, or modified with credit to the original authors.