Text here. Among other things, it would cover any semiautonomous rifle with a “pistol grip” or a “threaded barrel.” Note this would cover even those where the pistol grip is a portion of the shoulder stock. The M-1 Grand and Carbine would be covered, since their stocks have pistol grips. (The Garand’s clip is likely a “detachable feeding device.”) So would the Remington Model 8, first sold in 1906 (which also has a detachable buttstock, another banned feature). Among handguns, any that have a magazine outside the pistol grip (There goes the broom handle Mauser). Among shotguns, any that have a magazine (fixed or not) that can accept more than 5 rounds (with the new 1 3/4″ shells, that means all of them) and has “a pistol grip or a bird’s head grip.”

Guns “banned” by name: all “AK types” and “AR types,” including some .22 rimfire.

Also covered is any parts designed to “accelerate the rate of fire” of a semiauto.

I can’t bear to read any farther. That a majority of the House would pass this is beyond belief…