The Supreme Court always releases the most controversial opinions of each Term at its very end (usually the end of June, sometimes going a bit into July). The joke was that they want to release them then so they can get out of town before the mob forms. This year that’s no joke.

The Court has 13 opinions left to give. It’s been modifying its calendar (as usually happens) to add more argument release days. A few days ago, opinion releases were set for tomorrow, Thursday, and this coming Monday. As of this morning, the schedule is for opinion releases Thursday and Friday, and order releases (routine things that don’t require the Court to formally appear) for Monday. Monday can also be switched to an opinion release day if necessary.

I’m betting on a 6-3, with Thomas or Barrett writing the opinion, meaning “text, tradition, and history” will be major. Since they read opinions in reverse order of seniority, odds are it will come at the very start or the end of the day.