If you have been convicted of drunk driving charges, your best course of action is to get in touch with an experienced DUI (driving under the influence) attorney. The reason for recommending the experienced Arizona DUI lawyer is because drunk-driving conviction most often ends with harsh penalties, including license suspension or imprisonment for a longer time. In order to avoid being charged and facing a criminal liability of DUI, the guidance of a DUI attorney is a must.

The legal representation expertise of a DUI specialized lawyer of the Cima Law Group can help the convicted to not charge with such harsh penalties. The lawyer will guide the right legal steps or implement defensive strategies that keep the license active.

Defense Strategies Made By DUI Attorney In Phoenix To Prevent Your License Suspension

Some of the most common defenses of a DUI lawyer include the following points which lawyer tends to provide proof to support his client, i.e. the accused of a DUI case. These strong defenses are:

  • Illegal action taken by the cops for no reason
  • The accused was not the driver
  • Duress condition as someone forces an intoxicated person to drive and give a threat of force
  • Involuntary intoxication of alcohol without knowledge

Drunk driving is a very risky and life-threatening action. It can be catastrophic when someone is drunk and driving.

By putting forward strong defenses after going into the depth of the case made against the accused, the DUI attorney in Phoenix not just avoids the penalties, but can also make the accused stand as an innocent before the court.

No matter whether you are in the process of regaining your suspended license or trying hard to prevent it from being revoked due to DUI convictions, the expertise of a professional DUI attorney in Phoenix can help you the best way. You are already in a stressful time, let an experienced DUI attorney of the Cima Law Group handle the hardest part and free you up from the drunk-driving charges.