Domestic violence accusations are a serious matter; if convicted of such accusations, you could face severe criminal penalties, including imprisonment. However, one should not lose hope until the charges are proven true by the court. The only way you can overcome the accusations of domestic violence is by hiring the right domestic violence defense attorney for your case. But, when every attorney claiming to be the best when it comes to defending those with domestic violence accusations, how will you make your choice for the best and most reliable domestic violence defense lawyer?

domestic violence defense attorney

To help you, below is a list of qualities of a client-centric domestic violence attorney that you should consider when looking for an ideal lawyer for your case. Specifically, look for a lawyer who has the following traits:

  • Always available for you with needed legal support – Your reputation, career, and dignity were threatened the minute your partner filed a domestic violence case against you. You can’t let this happen longer; hence, you need to look for a responsible attorney who stands by your side throughout the case. Ensure you hire a case-dedicated law firm like Cima Law Group who stays consistently connected with their clients.
  • Understanding and non-judgemental – It is the core ethic of a professional lawyer whether he/she is a domestic violence victim attorney or defense attorney to not judge the actions of his/her client. To an accused person, it will not work in your favor and the outcome of your case if your hired lawyer does not believe in you. You want a legal professional who truly understands what difficult a time you’re facing and shows you great signs of victory with his/her legal support.
  • Experienced and a number of successful domestic violence cases – Experience and success rate define the credibility of a professional lawyer. The evidence, strategies, and statements involved in defending domestic violence charges can be complex. To combat such legal complications, you want to hire a domestic violence defense attorney who has a successful track record of handling complications involved in handling domestic violence cases.

Don’t settle with any random lawyer for your case. Seek out the best domestic violence defense attorney to represent your case. At Cima Law Group, our attorneys have gained successful experience representing those who have been accused of domestic violence crimes. Cima Law Group domestic violence specialized attorneys have all the qualities that make them ideal lawyers to represent such a case.