Arizona State Senate president Karen Fann has appointed Frazer Ryan senior partner and

mental health


Josh Mozell

to the Joint Legislative Psychiatric Hospital Review Council.

See appointment letter

The purpose of the 10-member Council is to review and, by December 31, 2022, make recommendations regarding:

  • Arizona’s psychiatric hospital capacity, including the bed capacity at the Arizona State Hospital and other public facilities;

  • the role of private facilities in addressing psychiatric treatment needs;

  • innovative programs to ensure public safety while providing clinically appropriate treatment in the most integrated setting;

  • legal barriers;

  • current waiting lists;

  • barriers to accessing appropriate inpatient care;

  • licensing barriers; and

  • any other issues related to inpatient psychiatric treatment.

A leader in advocating for Arizonans with mental illness, Josh Mozell serves as the president of the Association for the Chronically Mentally Ill; is a past chair of Mental Health America of Arizona and the State Bar of Arizona Executive Council on Elder Law, Mental Health & Special Needs; and is a member of the Columbia University Global Mental Health Program executive committee and the Maricopa County Human Rights Committee.