Comings and Goings 2021 edition

As legal education appears to be making a comeback, movement among people in the dispute resolution field is on the uptick.  And, here’s hoping the upcoming year(s) we’re able to find some talented folks to fill the shoes of our retiring colleagues.  And if I’ve missed anything, please let me know and I will post an updated list.

Congratulations to everyone.


Amy Cohen – Ohio State to Temple (starting July 2022 – visiting at University of New South Wales through January)

Jackie Font-Guzman – Creighton to Eastern Mennonite University (to become Exec. Dir. of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

Catherine Rogers – Penn State to Bocconi University (Milan, Italy)

Amy Schmitz – Missouri to Ohio State (January 2022)


Sarah Cole – member, American Law Institute

Doug Frenkel – Scholar in Residence, International Academy of Mediators

Jim Stark – Scholar in Residence, International Academy of Mediators

Nancy Welsh – University Professorship, Texas A&M


Mary Culbert – Loyola (Los Angeles)

Bob Dauber – Arizona State (teaching this fall)

Dwight Golann – Suffolk (and still teaching)

Doug Yarn – Georgia State


Last year we somehow failed to note that Nancy Welsh was elected to the American Law Institute – apologies to Nancy, Indisputably regrets the omission.