Five Dirty Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Keep Your Money From You

As Arizona personal injury attorneys, we have long heard the phrases “ambulance chaser” and “frivolous lawsuits.” These terms often lead to an accident victim’s reluctance in hiring a personal injury attorney.  Understandably, these stereotypes and myths often stem from annoying advertisements such as flashy billboards or corny commercials. However, the misleading negative connotations associated with personal injury attorneys and victims are driven by insurance companies who exaggerate and misrepresent the truth to avoid fully compensating accident victims. It is vital that you remain aware of the strategies insurance companies utilize to short-change honest Arizona citizens on their rightful payout. Below, we, at Torgenson Law, identify several of these tactics to raise awareness to emphasize the importance of hiring an honest and hard-working personal injury attorney in Arizona.

Denying Liability

Following an accident, one of the fastest ways for an insurance company to avoid paying an accident victim is to deny liability. In some cases, adjusters even put the blame on the personal injury victim or make them feel guilty. With no knowledge of Arizona law, many accident victims often avoid conflict and back down from their personal injury claim. Do not allow insurance adjusters bully you out of your rightful compensation. Call us at Torgenson Law for a free consultation to evaluate your claim.

Lowball Offers

If denying liability is unsuccessful, insurance adjusters may then try to settle your claim with what they will call their “best offer.” Do not fall for this trick. With this tactic, the insurance company is once again relying on your relative inexperience in valuing personal injury damages. These first offers are often well below the true value of your claim. At Torgenson Law, we are experienced Arizona personal injury lawyers that can successfully negotiate your claims to get you the compensation you deserve.

On a related note, it is no secret that many insurance companies use computer software for claim valuation. In short, adjusters input your injuries into a computer, which spits out a dollar amount that adjusters use as the basis for making their initial offers. On the other hand, we, at Torgenson Law, have the privilege of personally knowing each of our clients. We see the injuries you have suffered and the hardships and lifestyle changes associated with your injuries. Only then can one determine the true value of your physical and emotional damages.

Downplaying the Nature and Severity of Your Injuries

Insurance adjusters sometimes irrationally ignore damages that are well established in your accident related medical records. Their primary contention will be that your claimed injuries were unassociated with the accident that gave rise to the claim. An adjuster may say, “You had a preexisting condition,” or “Your injury was caused by a separate incident after the crash.” Additionally, insurance adjusters will not hesitate to unfairly accuse a personal injury victim of exaggerating his or her injuries. Again, insurance companies can and will take advantage of you if it will save them money.

Delaying Settlement

It is no secret that insurance companies are usually in no rush to compensate you for your injuries. Adjusters will find any excuse to delay settlement negotiations. Insurance companies may ask for more medical records or tell a claimant that a new adjuster will be handling the claim. Of course, there is always the infamous “two week vacation.” These excuses and delays can break the spirit of accident victims and coerce them to accept lowball settlement offers. Do not be discouraged by these tactics and find a personal injury lawyer that will strive day and night for a just and efficient resolution to your claims.

Telling You to Avoid Lawyers

To be sure, not every personal injury claim necessitates an attorney. However, as the four preceding methods illustrate, insurance companies are happy to take advantage of personal injury claimants. The last thing an adjuster wants is someone with legal knowledge to contradict and stand against his or her intimidation tactics. Also, studies done by the Insurance Research Council have shown that hiring an accident lawyer will likely add value to the ultimate outcome of your claim. So, if you suffer a personal injury, do not rely on an adjuster’s suggestion that a personal injury lawyer is unnecessary. Instead, call an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer that can truly and fairly evaluate your accident claim.


If you have suffered a personal injury, do not let insurance companies wear you down or bully you into accepting less than you deserve. Instead, call Torgenson Law at (602) 759-0012 if you need an experienced injury lawyer who can protect your rights and aggressively battle on your behalf for just compensation.

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