There’s too darn much ADR research.  Too darn much if you have any hope of keeping up with it.

We are blessed and cursed with an interest in a subject that deals with virtually every aspect of life and is studied in  many different disciplines.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a single database that collects all the publications.  So we are fortunate that Jim Coben and Donna Stienstra have compiled this great bibliography of empirical research on dispute resolution, published by  Mitchell Hamline’s Dispute Resolution Institute.  Here’s DRI’s description:

Since summer 2013, Professor James Coben of Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Donna Stienstra, a Senior Researcher at the Federal Judicial Center have co-edited Research Insights, a regular column in the American Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Magazine.  Twice a year the editors choose 10-12 empirical research studies relevant to ADR professionals and publish the citation and abstract.  In compiling the list of studies to choose from for publication in the column, Coben and Stienstra cast a fairly wide net looking for published research in a variety of fields, including social psychology, cognitive science, consumer research, law, economics and political science.

The compilation of ADR empirical research study abstracts and citations is organized by topic and then chronologically within the topic with most recently published entries listed first.  The compilation is updated twice a year and currently includes more than 500 entries.  Please notify James Coben if you notice a relevant empirical research study that is not included in the list.

Take a look.

Thanks to RSI for the tip.