If you are involved in a car accident, no matter how minor the accident is, you need to first seek the guidance of an experienced car accident attorney to avoid legal complications. An experienced attorney is always committed to guiding the right direction to car accident victims and the first recommendation of the lawyer will always be to contact the insurance company to let them know what happened. Why so, simply because you don’t have any idea what another driver (who is at fault) or pedestrian is going to say to prove the point. They can say it was a hit-and-run case, and if they claim so, you will be in serious trouble than if you had first reported to the insurance company.

experienced car accident attorney

For an added advantage, you should always report the accident to the insurance company from your end. When you report, it allows the insurance company to investigate the case fairly, and minimizes the chance that someone will later claim their injuries (no-where related to the accident) was your fault. There are a few other valuable advice you can get from a team of experienced accident lawyers in Phoenix AZ to strengthen your case and seek the maximum compensation that you deserve.

How long you should wait to report your accident case to the legal authorities?

There is no minimum time fixed to wait before reporting the accidental event, but the more you delay, the adverse impact you have to face later. Thus, it is recommended to immediately report an accident after it happens without making any further delay. Of course, your first priority is to seek medical attention if you get hurt in the accident, but then you shouldn’t take more than 24 hours if possible. If you wait too long to report your accident case, the insurance company, police, and the state department of motor vehicles will wonder why you didn’t inform them earlier- and this can go against you. Remember a car accident event has nothing to hide. Unless you’re severely injured or due to any emergency you couldn’t able to inform the authorities, there is in general no excuse to wait for more than 24 hours.

If you fail to inform the authorities within the deadline, even for minor accidents, you’re allowing the people who are also involved in the accident to make false claims about the accident. The best way to avoid such legal complications to occur is to hire an experienced accident attorney in Arizona to represent the case on your behalf and handle the situation according to the legal requirement.

Seeking medical care

If you’re injured, no matter how minor injuries are how, you should seek the medical attention of the doctor. If you don’t seek timely medical care, your injuries may become worse. Also, if your injuries stay undocumented, it will be difficult for car accident lawyers in Phoenix AZ to prove that the accident caused such severe injuries. So, don’t avoid seeking medical attention even if you’re feeling absolutely fine, as you never know internal injuries caused due to the accident create health problems in the future.

The key reasons for reacting immediately (reporting to authorities and seeking medical care) rather than later because instant action defines the sense of urgency and necessity. The sooner you hire the best car accident lawyer and follow his guidance, the better you can defend your case and get the highest amount for your claim.