From David Bernstein, “The Right to Armed Self-Defense in the Light of Law Enforcement Abdication.” I prefer my title, since it’s not law enforcement which is doing the abdication.

Thought: Thomas Hobbes five centuries ago laid out the first, brilliant if rough, idea of government by social compact. Men realize that life in the state of nature will be “nasty, brutish, and short.” Thus they form societies, tribes, and states, giving up some of their individual powers (i.e., power to rob and kill others) in return for everyone else giving up the same. Inherent within that (absent lynch “law”) is law and its enforcement.That is the core reason for government. Everything beyond that (fix the potholes in the road, welfare safety nets, art commissions, the Clean Air Act) is mere add-ons.

So if the core of the social compact is abandoned? It seems to me that these people want large government without law enforcement, and haven’t thought it thru as an 8 year old ought to be able. Students (and a student government’s action brought this to mind) want millions for their teachers and buildings, and liberal student grants and loans, but nothing for police to collect the money? Or do they just want police to collect and give them the taxes, but not to prevent theft and violent crime?

I know, I’m not allowing for the simple possibility that these people are idiots who shouldn’t be allowed to drive a car, let along vote in an election. I just wonder at the thought that we are paying to give them a university education so they can become idiots with a degree.