In most of the cases of domestic violence, victims feel helpless, trapped, and all alone. They may suffer the torture of an abuser for many helpless reasons- financial instability, fear of kids’ custody, or retribution if they leave. No matter how bad you have suffered, but going through domestic violence without raising your voice to the wrong action of the abuser is never acceptable in any situation. Enlisting the counsel of Cimalaw Group experienced a domestic violence victim attorney who can help you break the cycle of violence and stands to protect your right as an advocate for you and your family.

Domestic Violence Victim Attorney

Such a committed attorney makes you feel relaxed, boosts your confidence by taking you through the laws and rights of a victim of domestic violence which you are not aware of. If you’re also a victim and can’t take the decision considering your future, then you need to know that the domestic violence law of our country gives some rights to the victim and didn’t support the accused if he founds guilty to the charges imposed on him.

What acts qualify as ‘domestic violence’?

Any act was done with the wrong intention of harming or endanger the health, safety, life or well-being (mental or physical) of the victim, or tends to do so, and includes causing physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or verbal abuse.

Is domestic violence action of an accused is a legally punishable offense?

Yes, without a doubt. In fact, the law has severe punishment for this offense. Domestic violence to anyone is never acceptable in any way, neither has any excuses to support the action. Though, our law also provides a fair right to an accused of the case to justify his action by having a domestic violence defense attorney to make him prove innocent with proof. The case depends on the excellence and smartness of both the domestic violence victim and defense attorney. But yes, the side of a victim attorney is superior if he/she has enough proof.

Is domestic violence considered a serious crime only when the spouse is involved?

No, domestic violence case can be imposed on any person who is or was in a domestic relationship with the victim.

Is domestic violence a serious crime only when a woman is harmed or abused?

A woman is definitely eligible to take action under the protection of women from domestic violence if she is/was in a domestic relationship with an aggressor.

Whereas the law also has the provision which says that even a woman can be an accused against the man or another woman for committing the wrongful act of domestic violence.

If I have experienced domestic violence, what should I suppose to do?

  • Your very first step would be to approach the police for help.
  • Can seek the help of a protection officer appointed by the government to assist the victims of domestic violence cases.
  • Hired our successful domestic violence attorney to fight for your rights before the Magistrate’s court, family court, or district court.

There are many empowering laws that our domestic violence victim lawyer makes you aware of with an aim to bolster a victim from social, economic, and legal status to make her confident and less prone to abuse as well as less likely to tolerate such crime.