I was delighted to pen an op-ed with Grande Lum (in between his book tour, speaking engagements and managing a university!) in which we argue that this election also turns on how we view the role of the president as a negotiator.  I’ve spoken about this with Liz Tippet in her terrific Oregon Law Labs and wrote about this at the beginning of the Trump Presidency in the Negotiation Journal, which had an issue dedicated to Trump’s impact on negotiation.

I’ve got to say, I love some of our lines:

Much like what happens over time with a playground bully who pummels an unsuspecting child — a limited repertoire for only being a bully will backfire eventually. Leading a country is not a one-time sucker punch on the playground — it is repeated interactions with friends and foes to accomplish our national interests….

When one assumes that negotiations can be problem-solving, that counterparts can be valuable, and that fair outcomes are a goal, building trust and relationships are a key skill. Where Trump might have been able to reach some compromise — on infrastructure, on immigration, or even on health care — his inability to do more than bully has meant that no action has resulted in four years. …

Let’s not burn down the playground — let’s elect someone who is prepared to represent this nation.

And you can find the whole piece up on Medium here.    Most importantly, be sure to vote!!!