We are all weary of the restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced on us.  Think how wonderful it would be to go to a movie theater or a baseball game or even the neighborhood bar or restaurant. It is natural to get restless and long for what we are missing. But, recent developments strongly argue against giving up social distancing too soon.

Record Rates of New Infections

In Arizona, the rates of Covid-19 infections are going up dramatically. Just in the past week, four days set new records. Fourteen other states, plus Puerto Rico are all seeing surges in the rates of people getting sick and people dying.  Remember that we are always about two weeks behind when it comes to learning of new cases. What we are seeing now could be the result of people going out in public over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Given that hundreds of thousands of Americans joined protests marches over this past weekend, gathering in close quarters and chanting, we could see an explosion of new cases by the end of June.

The Virus Has No Exit Strategy

So, even though you are ready for this to be over, it is not over. Covid-19 has no grand strategy, no exit plan. It will just keep spreading and killing until there is a vaccine or effective treatment.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

For now, stay at home to the maximum extent you can. You owe it to yourself and to all your fellow citizens, some of whom are at high risk of dying.

We’ll Meet Again

One day, this will be over. We will meet as neighbors and friends soon.  Until that day, stay home and wear a mask if you must go out.