Photo by Dusty Barnes on Unsplash

By this incredibly handy chart of cases eleven Second Amendment petitions for cert were distributed for conference (where the vote will be taken). Yet the Court’s order list for Monday’s conference shows none were acted upon. How to read this?

My SWAG (Scientific Wild-Ass Guess) is that the majority is having trouble deciding which one(s) to pick. They took MYSRPA when it was hardly cert-worthy (an ordinance adopted by one city only) and now, having gotten it off the docket, are looking at a really big field of cases and debating which should be the one. Should they take on “may issue” permits to carry? If so, which of the five cases is best, or should they take more than one? Or should they be more cautious and take on a narrow case such as microstamping requirements? Maybe they should take into account the known quality of the attorney … but they’re all known to be good. I suspect that’s the problem, not whether to take a 2A case, but which ones or ones?