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The Nominating Committee for the AALS Balance in Legal Education Section is requesting nominations to serve as Executive Committee Board Member beginning January 1, 2020. We’d love to have your nomination! 

The Balance in Legal Education Section seeks to make law school a more humane experience and to better prepare law students to become effective and well-rounded practitioners. We strive for broad diversity in our membership and on the Executive Committee.  We encourage participation by our colleagues in both private and public schools and from different regions of the country.  We also seek members with a variety of years and types of experience. 

Participation as a member of the Executive Committee involves:

  • Monthly one-hour conference call meetings
  • Committee work (workload ebbs and flows, but averages 1-3 hours per month)
  • One in-person business meeting at the AALS Annual meeting, and typically one optional social event. 

Beyond that, the Executive Committee seeks to facilitate flexible participation based on each member’s interest and availability. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful engagement that is also sensitive to our members’ other time commitments. A board member’s term is typically three years, unless we are filling a vacant unexpired term. Members wishing to seek additional terms are easily accommodated. 

If you are interested in joining the Executive Committee, please complete the Nomination Form ( in order to address the following questions:

  • How would you describe your enthusiasm, energy, and time for work with the Section?
  • Can you commit up to 3 hours per month, more or less?
  • How would your work for the Section complement the work you are already doing?
  • On which of the following committees might you be interested in serving?
    • Scholarship – supporting and creating access to scholarship in this area and   creating opportunities for new scholarship
    • Nominations – recruiting nominees for the Board
    • Section Program – planning each year’s program at the Annual AALS meeting
    • Outreach – sharing information, newsletter, website, listserv, etc.
    • Other Programming – planning other conferences and events, including bi-monthly open topic calls
    • Do you have a particular project or initiative that you would want to work on?

Please feel free to nominate yourself or others.  Please note that AALS currently requires Executive Committee members to be a full-time faculty or professional staff member (with some teaching responsibilities) at an AALS member school.

To submit a nomination, please complete the following Nomination Form:  Nominations are due no later than Friday, November 5, 2019.

Questions about this Call may be addressed by either:

Carrie Sperling:  [email protected]

Nancy Oliver: [email protected]