On Tuesday September 10, 2019, Lainey Feingold will deliver The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law’s 2019 Lawrence Lecture on Dispute Resolution: Forget the Shark and be a Dolphin: Advancing client rights and interests with collaborative negotiating tools. Here is the description from OSU’s website.

Lainey will share the tools and strategies that have made Structured Negotiation a successful means of advancing disability rights for more than two decades. How can lawyers help their clients (and themselves!) maintain a collaborative mindset during difficult negotiations? What is the difference between an aggressive demand letter and a welcoming invitation to negotiate? Why are patience, equanimity, and trust valuable negotiating traits, and how can lawyers cultivate those qualities? How can parties share information without oppressive (and expensive) discovery rules guiding the way? Is it possible to bring expertise into a negotiation without the battle of the experts? What is the role of a mediator in a Structured Negotiation? Lainey will share stories from her cases as we explore the answers to these questions and more.

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