When Should I Consult A Personal Injury Attorney?

Often friends, family and acquaintances ask me “When Should I Consult A Personal Injury Attorney?”  If someone else causes you an injury, whether in an auto accident or while you are at their house, at a minimum you should probably speak with one, most initial consultations are free.    With that said, some people try and settle their claims on their own and then realize they are in over their head, and then ask When Should I Consult A Personal Injury Attorney?  Typically if your injuries and corresponding pain and suffering are significant, you should probably consult with an attorney.  The insurance adjuster is likely will not take an unrepresented individual seriously, and not extend a fair value offer.  Also if you’re injuries are such that you will need future medical care or extensive loss of future income, an attorney can assist you in achieving a fair settlement to include those costs.  Lastly, if there is an issue as to who is at fault for the accident or there are multiple parties who played a role in causing your injuries.

The reality is handling your own injury claim can be a part time job, there are also other issues that most individuals are not aware of.  Are there any medical provider liens?  Do you have Medicare or Medicaid?  Is your employer provided healthcare insurance an ERISA plan?  Each of these present their own pitfalls and could require you to reimburse them.

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